How to Prepare for GATE Exam – Common Challenges and How to Overcome Them

21 January, 2024
parthiva mewawala

Cracking the GATE exam can open up many academic as well as career opportunities for engineering graduates – PSU jobs and Master’s courses in the top IITs, IISc and NITs. But clearing the exam is easier said than done. In this blog, we’ve discussed how to prepare for GATE while overcoming the most common challenges aspirants face. By following the tips here, you can begin your GATE preparation journey on the right note and put yourself in the best position to succeed.

How to prepare for GATE Exam – The biggest challenges to overcome

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Challenge No. 1 – Starting late

Engineering students realise the importance of the GATE exam only when they reach the 7th semester of engineering just before most campus placement drives begin. Due to this, students do not get enough time to prepare for campus interviews and technical tests. Instead, students should begin preparing for technical GATE subjects from the 4th semester itself. With a headstart, they can score better in GATE and equip themselves to deal with the technical rounds of campus placements.


Challenge No. 2 – Understanding the concepts properly

Many GATE aspirants find it difficult to understand complicated concepts and calculations. To overcome this difficulty, try breaking complicated subjects down into simple and small concepts and understanding them sequentially. GATE-oriented books and video lectures also play a big role in enhancing the conceptual grasp of students. If these concepts are taught by mentors who have already qualified GATE with a good rank, aspirants won’t just understand them better but also imbibe the tricks required to solve harder questions.


Challenge No. 3 – Lack of Proper Practice

The GATE exam requires practice but sparing enough time for practice is another question altogether. GATE aspirants should find at least two hours daily to read up on concepts, watch lectures, and practice questions. Moreover, their practice should be properly documented in a notebook divided into chapters, lessons, topics, and levels of difficulty. The notebook will provide easy access to assorted notes during revision. Another point that students can look into is enlisting for an online test series from a reputed academy. The tests create the ideal environment to check the student’s ability to apply concepts to applications within the stipulated deadline. Additionally, they offer national-level benchmarking and paint a clearer picture of how well the student is faring as compared to their peers.

IMS GATE Academy offers a comprehensive test series consisting of 12 full-length mocks with questions designed by IIT/NIT/IISc alumni along with video solution to each mock question. 30 subject tests and 85 chapter tests with integrated doubt solving sessions make it one of the best GATE test series in the country.

Challenge No. 4 – Lack of Proper Study Plan

The lack of a proper study plan can derail even the most arduous GATE aspirant’s preparations. The concentration levels of each individual are different. Based on their innate schedule and circadian cycle, students should devise their own study plans. Fixed slots for reading and practising, fixed slots for revising, and fixed slots for mock tests make the path to cracking GATE clearer. The idea is to stick to this routine with discipline and fervour. If there are any obstacles, students should interact with their mentors to get relevant breakthroughs.

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Challenge No. 5 – Time Management

Time management can be made more efficient with the POMODORO technique. For every 40 minutes of dedicated study, 5-10 minutes should be used to take a break. This doesn’t just maintain concentration levels but also keeps students alert and attentive.


Challenge No. 6 – Lack of Proper Mentoring

Many candidates may find it difficult to stay motivated throughout their GATE preparation, particularly if the exam date is far out. To get through this obstacle, reaffirm your objectives and the causes behind your exam preparation. Celebrate even the little victories and surround yourself with loving family and friends. It helps to stop worrying about how to prepare for GATE and instead focusing on the journey. During the entire journey of GATE preparation, an aspirant should always be in contact with a mentor – someone to help them plan the correct reading and revision strategy for them.


Challenge No. 7 – Lack of proper revision

Although revision is a crucial step in the preparation process, many candidates either find it to be a futile exercise or an exhausting one. What needs to be kept in mind is that revision can be made more compelling with arranged notes and solutions. Students should go back to their records and notebooks to revise. To pinpoint your weak areas and work on them, practice solving the previous year’s GATE exam questions and take practice tests.

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In conclusion, the question – of how to prepare for GATE – can have different answers. But what matters most is remaining consistent and committed to your books. This is where the IMS GATE Academy’s Classroom program comes in. With over 750 hours of dedicated GATE prep under the guidance of some of the most qualified mentors in the country, the IMS GATE program equips you with all the knowledge and skills necessary to break into the higher ranks. The program also comes with 12 one-on-one strategy sessions, 12 all-India mock tests, and thousands of practice questions with detailed solutions. To know more about this program, just fill up the form here

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