MTech Admission Process 2024:  For IIT and NIT

30 March, 2024
Radhika Joshi


Are you thinking about applying for a Master of Technology (M.Tech) program at one of India’s top IITs, or NIT? It’s a significant step towards boosting your engineering career. These IITs/IISc and NITs are famous for their quality education and research, and getting into their M.Tech programs can open up exciting opportunities for you. Let’s break down the MTech Admission process in these institutes.


MTech Admission for IITs


MTech Admission- Step 1: Check If You’re Eligible

Before you start the application process, make sure you meet the requirements. Here’s what you typically need:

  • Nationality: The candidate must be an Indian national
  • Education: The candidate should have a Bachelor’s degree in engineering or technology from an AICTE-recognized university.
  • GATE Score: Most MTech programs at IITs and IISc require a good Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) score.


MTech Admission- Step 2: Applying Online

  • Registration
    Start by registering online on the COAP portal, i.e., the Common Offer Acceptance Portal. To register in this portal, a few details are required, like the candidate’s name and date of birth, the GATE registration number, the GATE paper, and the GATE score. 


After filling out the COAP registration form, a COAP registration ID will be generated. This COAP registration ID will be used to apply to IITs. There will be no registration fees for COAP. This completes the first part of the registration process.


Using the COAP registration ID, candidates have to register separately in the IITs. Application forms for every IIT can be found on their website. Candidate has to apply separately for interested choices of the IITs. While applying for IITs, the candidates must have the COAP registration ID. 


  • Choice filling

All the 24 IITs will list their available specialisation for MTech in the COAP. Candidates can fill out their preferences in the same portal. 


Mtech Admission Step 3: Selection Process

Participating IITs will upload their available MTech seats during some predetermined dates, and the registered candidates can choose any available offers during each round. A candidate can select a maximum of one from all available offers in each round. Candidates will have the following THREE options in each main round.


Option 1- ‘Accept and Freeze’: This option should be selected if a candidate is willing to accept one of the available offers and does not like to be considered for upgrading to higher preferences, if any, in the subsequent round(s) of admission. Candidates selecting this option WILL NOT be considered in the subsequent round(s) of admission to any of the participating academic institutes. After clicking the ‘Accept and Freeze’ option, the candidate should click the submit button to confirm the submission of his/her decision. 


After selecting an offer of admission with the “Accept and Freeze” option, the candidate should visit the concerned IIT’s MTech Admission portal for subsequent admission. The candidate should complete the admission procedure within the due date specified by the admitting institute.


Option 2- ‘Retain and Wait’: This option should be selected if a candidate indicates his/her partial acceptance to any one of the available offers and also would like to be considered for upgrading to the candidate’s higher preferences, if any, in the subsequent round(s) of offers. 


Candidates selecting this option WILL NOT be considered for the other rejected offers in the current round. However, the existing ‘Retain and Wait’ offer will be released if any higher preferred offer is made in the next round. However, a candidate can choose “Retain and Wait” on the same offer (same institute and same program) only twice. 


Nevertheless, the candidate will be considered for other higher preferences in the subsequent round(s) of admission offered in the participating academic Institutes. After clicking the ‘Retain and Wait’ option, the candidate should click Submit to confirm the submission of the decision.


Option 3- ‘Reject and Wait’: This option should be selected if the candidate is unwilling to accept any of the offer(s) of admission in the current round. Nevertheless, the candidate will be considered for other higher preferences in the subsequent round(s) of admission offered in any participating academic Institutes. 


Please note the same offer will not appear in the subsequent rounds as you have rejected it. After clicking the ‘Reject and Wait’ option, the candidate should click Submit to confirm the submission of the decision.


Candidates should visit the COAP Portal during each round of offers until the candidate decides to “Accept and Freeze”. If a candidate does not access the COAP or does not make a decision during a particular round of offers, then all offers made during that round will be considered “Rejected” by the candidate. 


Nevertheless, if the candidate has given higher preferences, the candidate will be considered for higher preferences, if any, in the subsequent round(s) of offers.


In the Decisive Round of offers (last round of main rounds and all additional rounds), registered candidates will be provided with only two options: “Accept and Freeze” or “Reject”.


Important Dates for COAP 2024


Tentative Schedule of Main Round of Offers

Round NoTime window for candidates to view offers and make a decisionAccept & FreezeRetain & waitReject & wait
Round 1May 13 (10:00 AM) to May 15 (09:00 AM)YesYesYes
Round 2May 20 (10:00 AM) to May 22 (09:00 AM)YesYesYes
Round 3May 27 (10:00 AM) to May 29 (09:00 AM)YesYes/ No*Yes
Round 4June 02 (10:00 AM) to June 04 (09:00 AM)YesYes/ No*Yes
Round 5June 08 (10:00 AM) to June 10 (09:00 AM)YesNoYes


Tentative Schedule for Additional Rounds of Offers

Round NoTime window for candidates to view offers and make a


Accept &


Retain &


Round – 6June 15 (10:00 AM) to June 17 (09:00 AM)YesNoYes
Round – 7June 21 (10:00 AM) to June 23 (09:00 AM)YesNoYes
Round – 8June 27 (10:00 AM) to June 29 (09:00 AM)YesNoYes
Round – 9July 03 (10:00 AM) to July 05 (09:00 AM)YesNoYes
Round – 10July 09 (10:00 AM) to July 11 (09:00 AM)YesNoYes*


Seat Allotment: Finally, seats are allotted to candidates based on their rank in the merit list and available seats.


MTech Admission Process for NITs


Learn about the MTech Admission process through this article. National Institutes of Technology (NITs) programs are conducted through the CCMT portal, i.e., Centralized Counselling for M.Tech. These are the premier institutions in the country that impart world-class technical education.

The Counselling process of Regular Rounds consists of three stages :

  • Online Registration, Payment of Registration Fee, Choice Filling and Locking of


  • Three Rounds of Counselling: Seat Allotment, Depositing Seat Acceptance Fee,

Uploading Documents, Submitting Willingness, and Online Document Verification

  • Online Document Verification and Admission at the Finally Allotted Institute

In addition to the above regular rounds, two Special Rounds (SR) will be conducted to fill up the vacant seats, if any. The counselling process of Special Rounds will also consist of three stages, as mentioned above for regular rounds, with a difference that instead of deposition of seat acceptance fee after allotment of seat, the candidate will be required to deposit the participation fee at the time of registration.


Mtech Admission Process- Eligibility for M.Tech. Programs in NITs

  1. The candidate must have a valid GATE Score.
  2. In qualifying degree, the candidates should have passed and secured at least 6.5 CGPA (on a 10-point scale) or 60% for GEN/GEN-EWS/OBC, whereas 6.0 CGPA (on a 10-point scale) or 55% in the case of SC/ST/PwD candidates.


CCMT 2024 Online Registration

The online registration process for CCMT Counselling 2024 will commence soon on its official portal—candidates willing to take admission to MTech NIT programs are required to register for the CCMT portal in 2024. 


Steps to Register for CCMT 2024

  •  Visit the official website of CCMT 2024, i.e., and click on the Online Registration
  • Enter the basic details like Email ID, Phone Number, Name, and Date of Birth and select the course/program to which you wish to get admission.
  •  Log in with your email ID and date of birth, and a new window will open for CCMT Application Form 2024.
  • Fill out all the essential details, such as Name, father’s Name, Address, Academic details, Contact Information, etc. in the application form.
  • Then upload scanned copies of the photograph and signature in the prescribed size and format.
  •  Now proceed with Online Payment. Pay the required amount based on your category.
  • Submit the application form after verifying all the mentioned details and take a hard copy for future reference.


Registration fees for different categories of candidates will be updated soon.


Three Regular Rounds of Counselling

Three rounds of seat allotment and documentation verification will be conducted by CCMT, followed by physical reporting at the allotted institute.


  • First Round of Counselling

The choices submitted by the candidates during registration will be processed, and a seat will be allotted based on merit. On allotment of a seat and payment of the seat acceptance fee, the candidates are required to exercise one of the following willingness online through their login:

  1. Float: if they wish to be considered in the next round for all of their better-preferred choices (i.e. across the Institutes)
  2. Slide: if they wish to be considered in the next round for their better-preferred choices only within the Institute allotted to them
  3. Freeze: if they are satisfied with the currently allotted seat and not interested in their better-preferred choices in the subsequent round(s).


After the allotment results are out, candidates must pay the Seat Acceptance Fee to download their Provisional Seat Allotment Letter (PSAL) from their CCMT login. Candidates who fail to pay the fee within the stipulated time may lose their claim on the allotted seat.


Online Document Verification

The document verification will be done by the verifying officers of the participating institutes only in the online mode. In case of a doubt/query regarding the documents, the Document Verifying Officer will raise a query with the candidate, against which the candidate can respond through her/his login. 


This interaction between the Document Verifying Officer and the candidate can occur multiple times till the issue is resolved. The candidate will be compulsorily required to submit her/his clarifications/documents in response to the queries raised by the Document Verifying Officer in the stipulated period, failing which he will be treated as Not-Reported, and hence her/his seat will be cancelled and (s)he will not be considered for seat allotment in subsequent rounds. If the seat is cancelled in Regular Rounds, the candidate may participate in Special Rounds if they fulfil the eligibility requirements.


Issue of Online Document Verification Certificate (ODVC)

As an outcome of the online verification of documents, an ODVC will be generated, which will be available for download in the candidate’s login. The ODVC will indicate the candidate’s personal details, details of the Institution and programme allotted, details of seat acceptance fee, the willingness (Float or Slide or Freeze) exercised by the candidate for subsequent rounds of allotment, and STATUS of document verification. The candidate should check all the entries in the ODVC and download it to produce the signed copy at the time of physical reporting at the finally allotted institute.


Based on documents uploaded by the candidate for online document verification and fulfilment of queries raised by the document verifying officer, the STATUS of ODVC may be:

  • Documents Verified Online for minimum eligibility
  • Seat cancelled and eligible for subsequent rounds
  • Seat cancelled and not eligible for subsequent rounds


Change of Willingness or Withdrawal

After document verification, the candidates can exercise one of the following options during the period given in the schedule on the website, if required:

  1. Change of Willingness (One more type of Willingness, “Surrender and Participate in the Next Round”, is provided here in addition to “Float”, “Slide”, and “Freeze”)


  • Withdrawal

This activity is optional; hence, if a candidate does not exercise any of these options at this stage, the `WILLINGNESS’ submitted earlier will be carried forward for subsequent rounds of allotment. Once ‘Withdrawal’ is exercised by a candidate (s), he will not be allowed to change the Willingness; however, vice-versa is permitted.


After successful online document verification, if the candidate wishes to surrender the currently allotted seat at this stage but wishes to participate in subsequent rounds, s/he may select this Willingness, which means the candidate REJECTS the offered seat in the current round and wishes to join in the next round.


Such a candidate will be considered in the next round for her/his choices above the currently allotted seat (which she/he has surrendered). Irrespective of the candidate being allotted / not allotted any seat in the next round, s/he will have no claim on the seat allotted in the current round, which s/he has surrendered. If no seat is allotted in the next round, the candidate will lose the already allotted seat in the current round.


  • Second Round of Counselling

In this round, the authority does not allow fresh registration and choice filling. Even registered candidates cannot add or change their choices. The authority will allot seats based on merit. They will consider options for allotment according to the rules below:


  1. Float: All the choices above the choice allotted in the previous round will be processed. If no higher choice is allotted based on merit, the seat allotted in the previous round will be retained.


      2. Slide: All the choices (of the Institute allotted in the previous round) above the choice allotted in the previous round will be processed. If no higher choice is allotted based on merit, then the seat allotted in the previous round will be retained.


    3. Surrender & Participate in the Next Round: All the choices above the choice allotted in the previous round will be processed. If the candidate does not receive a seat based on higher merit, they will continue in the counseling process without an allotment, and they will not have any claim on the seat that was surrendered.


     4. Freeze: There will not be any change in seat allocation; however, such candidates will be processed only for category upgrades.


If the allotted seat is a better-preferred choice for a candidate who had specified her/his willingness as Float/Slide in the previous round, then she/he will forfeit the claim on the seat allotted to her/him in the earlier rounds.


After accepting the allotted seat, the candidate has to submit the documents for online verification and Seat acceptance fees. The candidate can also practice Change of willingness or Withdrawal at this stage.


  • Third Round of Counselling

The procedure will be the same as the second counselling round.


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MTech Admission Process: Conclusion


If you want to pursue engineering and get admission to a top institute like IIT or NIT, then the MTech admission process is an important step towards achieving that goal. It’s essential to understand the eligibility criteria, registration, and selection processes to secure admission to the program of your choice. The COAP portal is available to facilitate communication between candidates and IITs. The CCMT portal simplifies the admission process for NITs, ensuring transparency and efficiency. Students have multiple rounds of counselling to secure a seat in their preferred institute. Keep track of important dates and guidelines to make informed decisions throughout the admission process. Good luck with your MTech admission journey!