NLU Admit Guarantee Program’s Promise

05 October, 2023

Can an admit to NLU be guaranteed? No, Obviously not. Then, what is the IMS NLU Admit Guarantee Program?
Established in 1977, IMS has helped millions of students succeed in cracking aptitude-based entrance exams.
This guarantee program emanates from our unique pedagogy honed by more than 45 years of teaching
experience, which gives us the confidence to give every student a pledge of 100% Success in CLAT-UG
entrance. We believe that if the student follows our training methodology, attends all our classes (barring a
few when they are sick or in some exigency), completes the assignments sincerely and on time, and takes all the
mock tests, then they will undoubtedly secure a final admit in at least one of participating NLUs in CLAT-UG. It is
this confidence that makes us promise that if the student does not receive final admission to any participating
NLU, then we will refund the entire fee the student/parents/legal guardian paid*. (Terms and Conditions

NLU Admit Guarantee Program’s Academic Norms

To be eligible for the refund under the Guarantee program, the student/parents/legal guardian must follow
certain norms. The academic ones are listed below:

1. Class Attendance: Maintain a minimum of 80% attendance for the entire duration of the program.
Total classes: 160 (excluding revision workshops)
2. Practice Exercises (home assignments): Complete and submit at least 80% of practice exercises given
in the courseware (all five modules + Part B). Total practice exercises (given as home assignment): 125
3. Mock Tests and Analysis: Appear in at least 80% of all National-level CLAT mock tests (SimCLATs) and
their respective analysis sessions. Total number of SimCLATs (only Proctored): 30

NLU Admit Guarantee Program’s Terms and Conditions

1. The Guarantee Program entitles the student to a full refund of the course fee if the student fails to receive
a final admit in any participating NLU.

2. Students should register for the CLAT-UG Exam as per the Year of Enrolment and apply for all the
participating NLUs in the preference list.

3. The 100% Refund Guarantee is applicable only for classroom programs conducted at Pitampura, East
Delhi, Kailash Colony, Rajouri Garden, Dwarka, Noida, Connaught Place, Faridabad and Ghaziabad
centres in Delhi NCR Region.

4. Students must maintain an attendance of 80% or above, irrespective of any constraints.

5. IMS shall take all reasonable efforts to ensure that Scheduled lectures do not clash with Schools/
College timings. However, this shall not be a ground for a refund. A student missing a class due to
unavoidable circumstances may avail of a backup class after prior intimation to the centre, subject to

6. The student shall not miss the classes even if the venue of classes/sessions has changed due to
unavoidable circumstances.

7. Poor health or medical conditions will not be a criterion for relaxation in the norms of the guarantee

8. Students must Complete and submit 80% of the Practice exercises given in the IMS courseware.

9. Lack of understanding of a topic will not be accepted as an excuse for non-submission of any practice

10. Students must attempt 80% of All India Mock Tests conducted and attend their respective analysis

11. IMS NLU admit guarantee will become invalid if the student:

 Does not pay the entire program fees
 Fails to pay the registration fee or fails to fill out the counselling form before the designated end date when invited for CLAT-UG counselling
 Does not attend all common counselling rounds
 This does not apply to all NLUs separately for counselling against vacant seats (after the common
counselling rounds are over)
 Does not pay registration/deposit money whenever asked by an NLU
 Does not accept the seat provided by any NLU during any of the counselling/admission
against vacant seat rounds
 Leaves the program midway for any reason whatsoever

12. Student shall make a written request to IMS Head Office not later than 45 days from the date on which
the last list of admissions against vacant seats has been published by all participating NLUs on their
respective website in the target year.

13. If the student fails to submit their claim within the requisite time frame as mentioned above with all
the reports (class attendance, assignment submission and SimCLATs attendance) along with the copy
of the Guarantee Certificate, their claim will automatically become invalid.

14. Defaults in payments of any Fee or taxes would debar them from claiming any refund under this

15. In the event of any dispute between the parties regarding the interpretation of clauses of this
contract or any claim etc., arising out of taking admission in IMS, IMS’s decision will be final and
binding and the student/parents/legal guardian shall comply with such decision


Follow the above norms not because they will help you get a refund but because they will help you secure a
seat in an NLU. So proceed with a positive mindset, and success will be yours!