Why Do You Need GMAT Coaching to Score 730+? – Understand the reasons why

10 February, 2024
parthiva mewawala

Did you know that only 4% of all test-takers manage to score 730 and above? The elusive barrier of 730 isn’t easy to cross without a strategic approach to GMAT prep. While many candidates do prefer studying on their own, the looming question remains – is self study enough or do we need GMAT coaching to score 730+?

If you’re opting for self study, a GMAT study plan will help you streamline your approach. But self study alone might not prove to be enough for a multitude of reasons. We’ve listed out a few of them along with the corresponding benefits of taking up GMAT coaching. 

Why GMAT coaching is vital to GMAT success?

Reason 1: Despite having good marks in English in school, your attempts at GMAT verbal fall flat. 

The Indian English curriculum was designed to teach the language to non-native speakers. The curriculum is solid but puts unequivocal focus on grammar. The glaring lack of literature-based comprehension and writing programs puts Indian students at a disadvantage. Moreover, since English isn’t the first language, students find it harder to digest and internalise the hundreds of grammar rules required to ace an English language test. 

The GMAT verbal had three parts – sentence correction, reading comprehension, and critical reasoning. There are time-tested strategies that experienced mentors teach students in GMAT coaching. Without these strategies, you’ll be at a disadvantage on the day of the test. 

Reason 2: You are good at maths but can’t seem to finish the quant section on time. 

High school mathematics covers enough ground to make the quant section easy for many students. The goal of this section is to verify your ability to understand, decipher, and employ mathematical reasoning to get to the right answer. And this is where many test-takers end up losing time. While they may come to the right answer, their slow speed either forces them to rush through the last few questions or leave them altogether. 

In GMAT classes, you’ll learn how to manage your time by reading and analysing the essence of the question along with faster methods to get to the answer. 

Reason 3: Your first GMAT attempt did not fare as well as you thought. 

You worked really hard, finished all the suggested study material, practised hundreds of questions, and gave several GMAT mock tests. You did well but not as good as you hoped. Before you begin to question your skills, take a step back and analyse what went wrong. Was it a lack of strategy, time management, or topical knowledge? 

The first step to doing better the next time is to go through each wrong question, analyse your mistake, look up the right method and solution, and then practise it. But this approach can become stunted without access to a large amount of study material, practice questions, and expert guidance. GMAT coaching provides all three. 

Reason 4: Your daily schedule is way too hectic to find dedicated time for GMAT prep. 

This is by far the most urgent reason to sign up for GMAT classes. GMAT is a tough test that demands concerted efforts. Without investing the time and energy GMAT prep deserves, there’s no way to score well. GMAT coaching takes away a lot of the guesswork and planning and lets you focus whatever little time you can spare on prep. 

Choose a GMAT classroom program if you want better accountability. On the other hand, you can take up online GMAT coaching to remain flexible and adaptable. 

GMAT coaching can prove to be the edge you need to score better than 730. At IMS, we provide both GMAT classroom and GMAT online programs that have been comprehensively designed to inculcate the right skills and practices in you to ace the test. Talk to our consultants today to see how IMS can help you get your dream score.