GMAT Syllabus 2024 – Exam pattern, types of questions, most important topics

10 April, 2024
parthiva mewawala

The GMAT exam, conducted by the Graduate Management Admission Council, is the world’s premier management entrance exam, accepted by thousands of schools around the world and taken by lakhs of aspirants all year round. This exam evaluates candidates’ knowledge and thinking capacity related to prerequisites and essentials of management and business success. Keeping that in mind, the GMAT 2024 syllabus has been designed to include sections like verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, and data insights to make it more relevant to today’s industry needs.

gmat syllabus 2024

GMAT Syllabus 2024

The GMAT Focus Edition syllabus for 2024 has been reduced to ensure only the most relevant skills are tested. With a shorter format, crisper line of questioning, and lesser time, the new age GMAT Focus Edition syllabus and exam pattern are as follows:


GMAT Focus Edition syllabus – Quantitative reasoning

This section of the GMAT exam syllabus includes 21 multiple-choice questions on algebra and arithmetic fundamentals. The duration to complete this section is 45 minutes.

In the new GMAT syllabus, questions on geometry have been entirely eliminated and the data sufficiency ones have been moved to the Data Insights section. This rejig in the quant section has resulted in a systematic shift towards algebra and arithmetic skills. Students are now primarily tested on how well they can understand problems, extract and rehash provided data, and reach solutions within the stipulated timeframe.

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Here are the most important topics to cover in this section:


Multiples and FactorsMonomials, polynomials
Number PropertiesFunctions
DecimalsQuadratic equations
PercentageInequalities and basic statistics
Power and RootsAlgebraic expressions and equations
AveragePermutation and combination
Set Theory 
Mixtures and allegations 
Ratio and proportion 
Descriptive Statistics 
Pipes, cisterns, and work time 
Speed, time, distance 
Simple and Compounded Interest 


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GMAT Focus Edition syllabus – Verbal reasoning 

This section of the GMAT Syllabus comprises 23 multiple-choice questions on critical reasoning and reading comprehension. The duration to complete the verbal section is 45 minutes.

There are three different types of questions asked in this section: 

  1. Reading Comprehension: 

The questions of this type are based on a passage of around 350 words. The multiple-choice questions are based on the passage with 5 answer choices each. A grasp of the subject matter is not required, but a critical or analytical understanding of the passage is.

Each passage is designed to assess your ability to draw logical connections between seemingly disparate points, understand logical structure, analyse and infer information, and comparatively evaluate ideas. The types of questions include:


Type of questionSkill tested
Main pointHow well you can understand and filter out the main idea
Supporting ideaCan you align the relationship between different sets of information presented in the passage?
InferenceAre you able to infer information and draw logical conclusions from the data provided?
FunctionCan you understand the importance and role of all the different components of the passage?
ApplicationAre you able to understand the logical and rhetorical relationship between concepts and ideas?
Style and toneHow well you can fathom the exact attitude of the writer towards the idea and assess the impact of his writing on the reader?


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2. Critical Reasoning: 

This type of question includes a short passage and five possible answers. The aspirant has to read through the passage and identify the relevant information provided. The primary skills tested in this section are your ability to deconstruct and analyse arguments on the basis of the information provided. 

The passages in this section are usually under 100 words and require you to logically analyse the argument provided and connect it to the type of questions asked to zero in on the right answer. 


GMAT Focus Edition syllabus – Data insights 

The increased importance of data literacy in today’s business and economic environment is the primary reason behind the introduction of this new section. Data insights will encompass data sufficiency as well as other questions framed to check how well candidates can analyse, translate, and filter data to reach meaningful conclusions. In short, data analysis, verbal reasoning, as well as mathematical skills are tested in this section.

With 45 minutes to answer 20 questions, candidates can also use the on-screen calculator for this section. There are five types of questions that you should expect in this section:


Type of questionSkill tested
Data sufficiencyIs the data presented enough to solve the problem?
Graphic interpretationAnalyse and interpret graphical visualisations of various data forms.
Table analysisAnalyse and interpret tabular representation of various data forms.
Two-part analysisHow do you work with problems that have more than one factor or limitation to take into account?
Multi-source reasoningWean relevant insights from multiple, separate data sources to come to a logical solution.


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GMAT Syllabus 2024 – GMAT paper pattern overview

 Below is the time breakdown for the GMAT exam according to the new Focus Edition format. 

  • 2 hours 15 minutes
  • Verbal reasoning = 45 minutes
  • Quantitative reasoning = 45 minutes
  • Data insights = 45 minutes

Total questions – 64 questions

Verbal reasoning (23 questions)

Quantitative reasoning (21 questions)

Data insights ( 20 questions)


GMAT Syllabus 2024 FAQs

  1. What is the maximum number of attempts allowed on the GMAT?

After 16 days from the previous attempt, candidates can reappear. Each year, there is an allowance of five attempts. One can only reappear once a year for the CAT since it is only conducted once a year. 


  1. Can I skip any GMAT section?

You cannot skip any of the GMAT sections. You can only complete a section if you answer all questions or you run out of time.


  1. What is the GMAT exam pattern?

The GMAT exam has four sections, and here is the current exam pattern:

1. Quantitative: 45 minutes to solve 21 multiple-choice questions
2. Verbal: 45 minutes to solve 23 multiple-choice questions
3. DI: 45 minutes to solve 20 multiple-choice questions


  1. Is GMAT Quant easier than CAT? 

GMAT Quant requires less preparation than CAT. A candidate proficient in QA-related topics like arithmetic, algebra, and geometry will be able to answer GMAT quantitative questions.


  1. Is CAT preparation sufficient for the GMAT?

The aspirants must prepare separately for the GMAT for at least 2-3 months since the marking scheme, GMAT exam pattern, and question types differ from CAT. 


6. Can I take the GMAT exam in a way that I want? 

You can select the order you want to complete the GMAT sections before you begin your exam.