How Important Are GRE Mock Tests to Scoring 320+?

10 April, 2024
parthiva mewawala

A good GRE score is paramount to the overall quality of your application. While there are no minimum score requirements for most colleges, the competitive nature of the world’s best programs needs you to put your best foot forward – and a 320+ GRE score will let you do just that. But tackling the computer-adaptive test without good practice will leave you shorthanded on exam day. 

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A structured approach to GRE prep doesn’t end at just GRE coaching – it also includes GRE mock tests that mirror the questions, difficulty levels, and conditions of the actual test. 

The goal of the GRE practice tests is to accurately gauge your performance levels and how you can pull it up further towards your target score of 320+.

Here’s why you must take at least five mock tests before sitting for your GRE.

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Five advantages of giving GRE mock tests 

Understanding the exam pattern

The test is divided into three sections covering verbal, quant, and analytical writing. Each section is broken down into tasks and questions that envelop many topics. You need to be intimately acquainted with the pattern, syllabus, and type of questions on the GRE to score well. Regular mocks will allow you to effectively analyse and ingrain all the aspects of the exam, giving you the confidence to score well. 

Identifying your weaknesses (and your strengths) 

GRE practice tests reflect the true level of your preparedness. They give you a bird’s eye view of the sections you’re struggling with and the ones you’re acing. This knowledge can help you focus your energy on the parts of the GRE syllabus that need improvement to round out your score and reach the target of 320+.

Getting used to the adaptive nature of the test

The GRE is a computer-adaptive test that changes the difficulty level of the subsequent sections based on your performance on the previous one. If you answer well, the next section will be harder. But harder questions also allow you to get a better score than your peers. This format takes a while to grasp, and a few mocks will ensure you’re on the right track. 

Working on your time management skills

Answering 40 Verbal Reasoning questions in just 60 minutes while being thorough is challenging. If your time management isn’t on point, you’ll risk having to skip a few questions and lower your score. Time yourself strictly for each section, analyse which ones took the longest, understand why, and formulate a better test-taking strategy that allows you to be faster. 

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Keeping a tab on your progress

Candidates spend months toiling on their GRE prep to score 320+. But how do you check if your current GRE study plan is working? How do you map your progress to your end goal? GRE practice tests are a great tool to chart out the headway you’ve made in the sections you’ve been struggling with. It’s a ready reckoner for your GRE goals that gives you tangible visibility into your efforts. 

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Using your GRE mock tests to accurately understand your projected score is only possible if you give several of them. One mock test alone cannot reflect your actual ability. Averaging out the scores you’ve gotten across multiple tests is a better approach. At IMS, we’ve developed a GRE classroom program that offers 2000+ practice questions and ten full-length mocks. Giving the tests regularly will ensure you’re prepared to do well on your actual GRE. Talk to our consultants today to see how our GRE program will help you score 320+ on the exam.