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10 April, 2024
Artika Shan
gre registration

The GRE registration 2024 and form filling will be available online at the official website of ETS. The GRE registration 2024 for the GRE General Test will be available throughout the years. However, the dates for the GRE subject test will be in September, October, and April. The GRE registration dates are offered year-round on a first come, first served basis. The candidates should book early to receive their preferred date and location of the test.  The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is an important step in the graduate school or business school application process for candidates. It is a multiple-choice, computer-based, and standardized exam that is required for admission to graduate programs and graduate business programs (MBA) globally. 

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GRE Registration 2024
Online Registration
The applicant should create an ETS GRE account for GRE online registration. The applicant’s GRE registration number differentiates from other test takers. 

Below are the steps for GRE exam booking online to create a new ETS Account:
1. Go to the official website
2. Select Create an Account
3. Fill all the required information. Apart from this, the name submitted in the ETS Account should match the name on the passport.
4. Select the username and password. Besides, this also selects the security question and enters an answer that can be easily remembered.
5. Review the information filled in and if required make corrections. Click on the back and make the edits.
6. If no edits are required, click on submit.
7. The account is created now.
8. Select the two GRE 2024 registration dates before your preferred dates.
9. Pay the GRE exam fee.
10. The aspirant can make payment through credit or debit cards branded with the logo Discover, American Express, JCB, Discover, Visa Card, or Master Card.
11. Paypal and e-check services are also available.

GRE Offline Registration
GRE Registration 2024  will be available offline through MAIL and phone through ETS. Below are a few pointers to consider while offline registration: 
1. Candidates worldwide can call on the RCC number.
2. The candidates should register two business days before their preferred test date.
3. Next, pay the GRE exam fee.
4. The candidates can make use of debit cards or credit cards branded with the logo of Discover, America Express, JCB, Master Card, or Visa Card for payment.
5. PayPal and E-check services are acceptable.

GRE Registration Home-Edition
GRE Registration 2024  at home is similar to registration for the GRE online. To register for the GRE, the candidate must click on the option to take the test at home. If a candidate wishes for the GRE Registration 2024 at home, then they must provide the following equipment and adhere to the guidelines below.
1. Desktop or Computer: Versions 10 or  8. Tablet or Mobile is not accepted.
2. Mac OS X® 10.5 or higher (10.13 High Sierra is advised).
3. Chrome or Firefox Browse
4. Internal or external headphones, earphones, or headsets are not allowed
5. Successful installation of ETS Secure Test Browse
6. An internal or external microphone that is not linked to the headset
7. It can be a built-in camera or a separate webcam
8. Candidates should be in a room where nobody enters

GRE Registration ID requirements 
The following are the conditions of the GRE ID requirements for aspirants.
1. The original documents are allowed and no photocopies or copies of documents should be displayed on the mobile phone or any other digital device.

2. Electronic identification cards are not accepted and only physical ID is allowed.
3. While testing outside India, a passport with name, photograph, and signature is to be presented.
4. ETS after April 2023 for the Indian test takers to accept a valid passport as a primary ID now.

GRE Registration Fee Payment method
The Graduate Record Examination exam allows different payment methods for the GRE fee. Below is the preferred GRE Registration 2024 payment method:
1. Computer-Delivered Test:
The points given below can be considered while appearing for the computer-delivered tests:

a. The applicants can make payments through credit or debit cards of American Express, Master Card, Visa card, etc.
b. Paypal and e-check service is accepted.
c. The certified check or voucher, money order.
d. E-check and PayPal service is accepted.
e. Applicants have the option of paying as well, but the service must be drawn against US banks only.
f.  Certified check or voucher, money order.

GRE Registration Fees
GRE Application form fee:
It is necessary for candidates who wish to register for both the GRE General test and the GRE subject test to pay a GRE application fee. For candidates planning to appear for the GRE General Test, there is a registration fee of INR 22, 500, while for those planning to register for the GRE subject test, there is a registration fee of INR 14,500.

2. Paper-Delivered Test:
Below are points that should be considered while giving a paper-delivered test:
1. The applicants can use any type of credit card or debit card branded with the logo of American Express, JCB, Master Card, or Visa Card.
2. The PayPal or e-check service can be drawn against US banks only.
3. The applicants can select Pay To while completing their form and then make the payment under the company name: Educational Testing Service, Company Code: GREPROGRAM NJ, Country: The USA in which the candidate should include his original Western Union Quick Pay Receipt.

3. Subject Test
Below are points that should be considered while giving the subject test:
1. The aspirants can make payments through credit or debit cards of JCB, American Express, Discover, Master Card, or Visa card.
2. The PayPal and e-check services should be drawn against the US banks only.
3. Money order or certified check or voucher.
4. Western Union quick pay service: In this service, the candidates can choose to pay while completing their form. Later, they can pay the fee under the Company Name: Educational Testing Service, Company Code: REPROGRAM NJ, Country: USA in which the candidate should include his original Western Union Quick Pay Receipt.

GRE Registration fee payment modes
According to ETS,  the candidates can pay the GRE registration fee in the following ways:
1. Paypal
2. e-check
3. Debit or Credit cards (Discover, American Express, MasterCard, Visa, Rupay, etc)
4. Money order or voucher. 

GRE Registration Refund Policies
Below are a few GRE Registration refund policies to be implemented while doing GRE registration:
1. Candidates who do not have adequate funds will be charged a cancellation fee of US $20.
2. Candidates who do not have adequate funds to pay the registration fee will have their scores withheld and will be charged an additional service fee of US$20.
3. A refund facility for additional services is not possible.
4. The refunds are made in US dollars.
5. If there is any non-payment of fees, the services will be withheld.

GRE Exam Registration: Rescheduling and Cancellation

1. Rescheduling your GRE Test:
The candidates planning to reschedule their GRE test registration not later than four days before their test date or their test fee will be refunded. There is a fee to reschedule the test. The candidates can reschedule their GRE online by logging into their ETS Account or by calling regional customer support. Appointments cannot be rescheduled more than one year after the original appointment date. There is no exchange of fees and registrations between GRE General and GRE Subject tests.

2. Cancelling your GRE:
The candidates who are planning to cancel their GRE registration not later than four days before their test will get a refund equivalent to half of the test fee

3. GRE Exam Registration checklist
Candidates who plan to take the GRE should be aware of the GRE registration checklist. As a result, test takers will be more informed and the registration process will be smoother.

The GRE registration checklist includes:
1. The candidates should be aware of the GRE fee they are required to pay at the end of the GRE process.
        a. GRE General Test exam fee: INR 22,500
        b. GRE Subject Test exam fee: INR 14,500
2. The GRE test takers should be familiar with the GRE Reschedule and GRE cancellation policies of the exam set by ETS.
3. The candidates should have the required ID in original as part of the registration process and take it to the test center on the day of the exam. The candidates who are booking the GRE test from India should have only valid Indian passports. The first and last names must match the GRE application forms and passports.
4. Candidates should decide when to take the GRE. It is important to book early to secure your preferred date and location for the GRE general test, which is available year-round
5. When scheduling tests, allow enough time for score reporting to meet the admission deadline for the schools you are applying to
6. Create an ETS account.
7. The candidate should also determine which graduate institutions or fellowship sponsors he or she wishes to share their scores with at the time of registration. Up to four recipients may receive this scholarship, which includes the GRE test fee.

GRE Slot Booking 
To register, the applicant will need a debit or credit card and a passport. Before registering for the GRE, aspirants should be aware of the following key points.
1. Your ETS application should match your ID, and a valid Indian passport. Provide the same name as on your passport. Discrepancies may prevent an aspirant from entering the testing centre
2. Since July 2021, ETS will accept Aadhar cards as identification for candidates without a valid Indian passport due to the pandemic. As soon as the pandemic has subsided, this decision will be revoked
3. Check which test-taking format is available in your location and whether you are comfortable with that format or not.
4. Read the policies of the examination before registration.

GRE Exam Day Tips
GRE Exam day is a very important day for the test takers all the days of preparation and hard work will culminate in a good performance on the GRE day. Below are some of the important exam day tips that candidates should follow to do well in their exam.
1. The candidates should sleep early as this will enable them to get a good night’s sleep and feel fresh the next day of the exam.
2. Visit the test center a day before that will help you save time and you will know when to arrive on time.
3. Ask your friend to drop by the center, and engage in a random chat with him which will act as a necessary distraction that will help you not think about the exam.
4. Ensure that you have all the necessary items the night before the exam and do not begin packing just before leaving.
5. Do some physical exercise or yoga on the morning of the test day.

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FAQs for GRE Registration 2024
1. How do I fill out the GRE form?
The GRE process can be filled in eight simple steps:
1. Visit the ETS website.
2. Create your account.
3. Fill up your personal information
4. Set your username and password
5. Register for your appointment
6. Select your GRE exam date and time
7. Verify your details
8. Pay the GRE registration fees.

2. How early do I need to register for the GRE?
For in-person tests, you should register at least three to four months in advance to ensure your preferred test center, time, and date.

3. Which documents are required for GRE registration 2024?
The below documents are generally accepted as supplemental IDs:
1. Student ID card
2. Government-issued ID card (including, but not limited to, those listed under Primary ID documents).
3. Confirmation of identity letter from your educational institution. The validity of such letters is limited to one year from the date of issuance

4. Can I retake the GRE within 21 days using a different account?
GRE retakes are allowed within 21 days of the last GRE test date. Additionally, you can take the GRE exam up to five times a year.

5. Can one take the GRE General and GRE Subject tests more than once?
Candidates can retake the computer-based GRE General test once every 30 days and up to five times within a continuous rolling 12-month period. GRE subject tests can be taken as often as they are offered.  If one feels their scores do not reflect their true abilities, it can be taken again.

6. Who is eligible to appear for the GRE General Test and is there any age limit?
The GRE General test is available to all prospective graduate and business school applicants around the world. As the GRE is a common measure for comparing candidates’ abilities and potential, applicants from all academic and cultural backgrounds are eligible to take it. Age is not a limiting factor. If, however, a college or university requires the GRE general test, anyone interested in pursuing an advanced degree abroad may opt to take the GRE general test. 

7. Can I take the GRE General Test at home?
If you meet the three requirements – availability at your location, a computer with the required equipment, and a good test environment, you may take the GRE General Test at home.

8. Does one need a Passport for taking the GRE at home?
The candidates should present a valid passport with their name, photograph, and signature as their primary ID.

9. Do I need to pay the registration fee every time I take the GRE test? 
Yes. The candidates should note that registration fees will allow them to appear for one GRE exam. Meanwhile, every new attempt will require them to pay a new registration fee of US $228. However, it is not necessary to create a new account and should operate from one test-taker account.

GRE is a standardized test for master’s, doctoral, and fellowship programs at leading universities around the world.  1,000 graduate schools in the US alone accept the GRE. Moreover, students should create an account to register for the GRE by filling out the required information. Besides, it is recommended that the students remain cautious while creating their profiles and entering their personal information as all the information entered by them is used during the submission of scores or the admission process.

Meanwhile, they can also register for the computer-based GRE by calling the appropriate Regional Registration Center. Furthermore, those who wish to take the paper-based GRE can also register themselves by downloading and completing the Registration Form for the Paper-delivered GRE and mailing it with the payment to the address on the form.

It is mandatory that the GRE test-takers thoroughly read and understand the GRE Syllabus for effective preparation for the GRE exam and read the blog 8 Ways to increase your GRE Score to achieve a high score on the exam.