GRE® Score Reporting

02 November, 2022
SA Team

On the day of the GRE®, you can send your scores to 4 recipients for free. Using the ScoreSelect® option for each of your four free score reports, you can decide to send scores from your Most Recent test administration or from All the times you have taken the General Test in the last five years. Additional score reports can be ordered online on at USD 27 per score report.


At the end of the test, you will be given the opportunity to Report or Cancel your scores. If you choose Report Scores, you will see your unofficial scores for the Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning measures at the test centre. You cannot cancel your score for one section of the test and have the scores for the remaining sections reported. Although you have the option of cancelling your scores, consider very carefully before doing so because the score reporting choices available with the ScoreSelect® option allow you to report only the scores you feel reflect your personal best.


If you cancel your scores, neither you nor any schools will ever see them and they will not be part of your reportable history. Cancelled scores are not added to your permanent record. If you wish to take the test again, you must reregister and submit another test payment. If you select to report your scores, you will view your unofficial scores on the screen and the score will become a part of your reportable history.