What are the Top Colleges Accepting IELTS Scores in Abroad?

10 April, 2024
Artika Shan

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is the most commonly used English proficiency test worldwide to study, employment, and migration. IELTS results are accepted by the Governments of Australia, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Canada.  IELTS scores are one of the most important selection criteria for universities around the world. The majority of universities located in English-speaking countries require candidates to demonstrate proficiency in the English language. Below, we’ve compiled a list of the top colleges accepting IELTS scores.


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Importance of IELTS coaching and IELTS score 

IELTS coaching centre aids aspirants in preparing for modules including, reading, writing, listening, and speaking. The purpose of coaching in IELTS is to help students gain a deeper understanding of the modules and to prepare them for the strategies they will need to use when attempting the test. Students who plan to study abroad, despite some English education, face the language barrier. A good IELTS coaching institute with experienced coaches ensures that the learners score well on the test. 

Aspirants with an IELTS score of 7.5 or above have a great chance of getting into top universities worldwide. Getting a 7.5 on the IELTS test will make an aspirant eligible for the best program in Canada, the USA, Switzerland, Australia, Netherlands, and Norway. Studying abroad is difficult for Indian students with some English education despite the language barrier. Let’s take a look at the IELTS requirements for top universities around the world.

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Top Colleges Accepting IELTS scores of 7 and above

  • The Australian National University 

Teaching, research, and classes at the Australian National University are ranked number one. The university accepts IELTs with a 7 or 7.5 band and other exams. 

  • University College London 

 The University College London is a leading public research university offering over 400  degree programs and enrolling students from 150+ countries every year. IELTS band scores of 7 or 7.5 are common at this university.

  • Carnegie Mellon University 

Established in 1900, Carnegie Mellon University is a leading private university in Pennsylvania known for interdisciplinary collaboration. Many courses at this university accept 7 or 7.5 bands. 

  • University of Wisconsin-Madison 

The University of Wisconsin-Madison is a renowned university in the USA that offers top courses in information systems, engineering, biochemistry, actuarial science, accounting, etc. This university may admit students with a grade point average of 7 or below..

  • University of Amsterdam 

Students can choose from 200+ degree programs at the University of Amsterdam, a European public research university. The IELTS are open to students with a score of more than 7 bands.

  • University of Notre Dam

Notre Dam University offers 300+ study programs, including finance, engineering, science, medicine, and information technology. The university accepts IELTS band scores of 7 or higher.

Countries accepting IELTS scores

United States of America (USA):

In the USA, over 3,000 universities and colleges accept IELTS as proof of English language proficiency. 6.0 to 7.0 is the minimum band requirement.  Depending on the university and the major, the band requirement may vary. The aspirants need to improve their IELTS scores to apply for a US visa.

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Citizenship and Immigration Canada in Canada (CIC) approves IELTS. Whether one wants to move to Canada for a job, study or reside, then one must take the exam. To prove their proficiency in English, the aspirants must score at least 6 on the IELTS exam.


Germany is not English-speaking, so most universities do not require a 7.0 to enrol. 6.0 is the minimum grade point average for undergraduate courses, and 6.0-6.5 for postgraduate courses.


The UK Visa and Immigration Authority (UKVI) recognizes IELTS Academic, General Training, and Life Skills The aspirant must have at least 6.5 in each category and 7 overall. With a 5.5 IELTS score, they may also be eligible to apply for a visa to the United Kingdom.

New Zealand:

New Zealand visa permits are for skilled immigrants. IELTS overall band score should be 6.5. Each module’s band score should be 5.5.


The IELTS test is an integral part of Australia’s point-based immigration system. Australian IELTS tests are valid for two years from the date of administration, and the aspirant should achieve at least 5.5 in each module. 

The IELTS test is required for admission to most universities and for visa applications to emigrate to foreign countries. Applicants for visas are also selected using it. Get in touch with our admission consultants for more information about IELTS and how IMS can help you get into the top colleges that accept IELTS scores.