5 Reasons Why 5-years IPM Programs Offered by IIMs are Gaining Momentum

12 July, 2021

While 3-yr BBA/BMS programs offered by private, deemed and state universities were always favourite graduation options for students after class 12th, 5-yr integrated programs in management (IPM) offered by multiple IIMs are rapidly gaining popularity. There are multiple reasons for this phenomenon.

  1. Strong backing of IIM brand makes IPM programs more aspirational than BBA/BMS programs offered by many institutes. Diverse profile of students from across the country, learning opportunity with like minded peers who have similar academic & career aspirations, excellent infrastructure like well equipped campus & state-of-the-art library facility, access to the best permenant & visiting faculty with industry experience & great summer internship/final placement options are the key reasons to make IIMs an aspirational brand.
  2. Number of IIMs offering IPM programs has gone up. At present, IIM Indore, Rohtak, Ranchi, Jammu & Bodh Gaya offer IPM programs. This has increased their geographic spread and students have more options in the proximity to choose from. Increased intake has also inspired more students to apply to them.
  3. Difficulty level of IPM entrance exams vary from each other. Hence, it has not remained a monopoly of very bright students. At the same time, increasing number of science students are showing interest in IPM programs as an early start to MBA journey, without taking engineering/BSc route.
  4. IPM programs offer an exit option after 3 yrs with a BBA/BBM/BA (Foundation in management) degree, which provides students an option to pursue post graduation in management from even better ranked b-schools in India or abroad. Thus, students get an opportunity to upgrade their academic profile.
  5. Cost of education of IPM programs has become comparable with that of private & deemed university programs, thereby bringing pricing parity. Most students would prefer to study with a better brand, if cost is comparable Serious BMS/BBA aspirants anyways keep 3-4 exam options open, since preparation doesn’t largely vary across exams. Due to the above key reasons, IPM programs are coming into consideration set of more and more students.