IPMAT IIM Indore 2023 – Analysis

17 June, 2023
UG Team

The IPMAT IIM Indore analysis is based on the first-hand experience of students who appeared for the entrance test. The Analysis will provide useful insights about the exam, such as the types of questions asked, the number of good attempts, difficulty level, and expected cutoff. 

The user interface was friendly, and no students complained about difficulties during the test. As expected, there were three sections with a time limit of 40 minutes per section. The paper pattern was unchanged as compared to IPMAT Indore 2022.

IPMAT 2023 Paper Pattern

SectionNumber of questionsMarksMarking Scheme
Quantitative Aptitude (SA)1560+4, 0
Quantitative Aptitude (MCQ)30120+4, -1
Verbal Ability45180+4, -1

Overall Analysis:
IPMAT Indore 2023 has only sectional cut-offs and no overall cut-offs. If a student clears each sectional cut-off, they will get an interview call for IPM Indore 2023.

The QA(SA) Section was slightly more difficult as compared to last year. But the cut-off is expected to remain the same as 2022. QA(MCQ) section was almost equally difficult but the cut-off can be expected to increase by about 2-3 marks as compared to 2022. The Verbal Ability Section was even easier than 2022 and hence the cut-offs are expected to increase by around 12 marks. 

Quantitative Aptitude (SA)

The QA (Short Answer) Section is unique to IPMAT Indore where the students do not have the answer options and they have to enter the final numeric answer in a text box. 

Usually, it is possible to spot 5-6 easy questions in this section. However, this year, there were very few straight-forward questions as reported by the students. Questions were slightly lengthy and required application of multiple concepts in single questions.

Overall, this section can be considered to be Moderate to Advanced difficulty and a good attempt would be around 9 questions and with an accuracy of 85-90%, a good score would be around 32 marks. The cut-off would be around 20 marks which can be achieved by getting 5 questions correct. 

Quantitative Aptitude (MCQ)

QA (MCQ) Section is the second section of IPMAT Indore and again tests Maths, but with MCQ answer options. This section was relatively easier than the previous section. Many students were able to crack the DI/LR set included in this Section and were able to get 5 easy answers. Apart from that, there were 4-5 questions which were direct concept or formula based. Other questions were application based and also involved multiple concepts applied in a single question. Matrices and Determinants questions was direct but calculative. 

Overall, this section can be assigned Moderate difficulty. A good attempt would be around 19 questions and with an accuracy of 85-90%, a good score would be around 60 marks. The cut-off would be around 46 marks which can be achieved by getting 12-13 questions correct and very few incorrect. 

Verbal Ability

The Verbal Ability Section was much easier than expected. Students across the board found the RC passages to be easy to read and were able to attempt at least 9-10 out of 12 Questions across the 2 RCs. 2-3 Idioms and phrases based questions could be a little challenging if one hadn’t come across them earlier. Other question types were easier to handle and most students were able to attempt almost all the questions. Students found the parajumble questions to be specifically easier because of the presence of only 4 short sentences to be arranged into a paragraph. 

Hence, this section can be rated as Easy to Moderate. A good attempt would be around 40 questions and with an accuracy of 85-90% one could get a good score of around 140 Marks. The expected cut-off would be around 124 marks which can be achieved by getting 33-34 questions correct and a few incorrect questions. 

Overall Analysis

The overall difficulty of the test was Moderate, and the expected cut-off is as follows:

CategoryQuantitative Aptitude (SA)Quantitative Aptitude (MCQ)Verbal Ability



The shortlisted students will be called for a Personal Interview round. 

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