Top 10 BBA Colleges in Mumbai

01 November, 2023
parthiva mewawala

Mumbai, the financial capital of India, is a city that not only offers a bustling corporate environment but also hosts some of the country’s most prestigious educational institutions. For aspiring business leaders, pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) or Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS) in Mumbai is a promising endeavour. The students look up to an undergraduate management programme as a repertory for MBA as well as entrepreneurial training. The BMS/BBA curriculum is contemporary, and its emphasis on practical aspects of management and theory is well appreciated. In this blog post, we’ll explore the top BBA colleges in Mumbai, where students can access world-class education, expert faculty, and the perfect launchpad for their careers.


The top 10 BBA colleges in Mumbai


  1. Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS): 

NMIMS offers courses in BBA, B.Sc. Finance, B.Com(Honours), B.Sc. Economics, B.A. Liberal Arts, BBA Branding and Advertising, BBA International Business and Business Management and Marketing. 


NMIMS is one of the top BBA colleges in Mumbai. The BBA program at NMIMS is highly sought after and known for its rigour, quality, and holistic approach to business studies. It is offered by NMIMS (Deemed-to-be-University).  Students have the flexibility to choose from various specialisations within the BBA program, such as Marketing and  Finance. This allows them to tailor their education to their specific interests and career goals. Pedagogy at NMIMS focuses on providing global perspectives,  developing critical and analytical thinking abilities and interpersonal skill development, creating social sensitivity, and developing entrepreneurship acumen. The strong industry connections of NMIMS facilitate campus placements and job opportunities for students.

Admissions to NMIMS take place through a highly competitive entrance exam called NPAT.  NPAT tests students on subjects of Mathematics, English and Logical reasoning. With 750 seats to offer, NMIMS is one of the top choices for students in Mumbai and elsewhere for BBA. Fees per year for the Mumbai (Vileparle) campus are to the tune of 3-3.5lakhs per annum. 


2. Narsee Monjee College of Commerce and Economics (NM College): 


Right across the street from NMIMS is NM College (Affiliated with the University of Mumbai), which offers Bachelors in Management Studies(BMS), Bachelors in Accounting and Finance(BAF), Bachelors in Commerce (Financial Markets) (BFM), B.Com, B.Com (Honours), B.Com (Economics), and B.Com (Economics and Analytics). As one of the top BBA colleges in Mumbai, NM College boasts a comprehensive curriculum that covers a broad spectrum of subjects, including finance, marketing, human resource management, economics, business law, and more. This diverse range of courses provides students with a holistic perspective of the business world and enables them to make informed decisions in various managerial roles.


NM College has implemented  NEP 2020, under which the undergraduate programs will have a duration of three years for the regular degree and four years for the honours degree. Students will have the option of enrolling for the fourth year of the program on successful completion of the three-year program subject to defined criteria. 


From the Academic Year 2023-24, admissions to the BMS program for Class XII appeared/passed candidates will be done based on their CUET-UG score and 12th Class Marks in equal weightage of 50:50. The candidate needs to have a minimum of 60% in their 12th marks (aggregate of ALL subjects) to be eligible for the admission into any of the programs. Candidates seeking to secure admissions must register on the CUET Samarth Portal, pay the fees and appear for the ‘General Test category’ (Code 501) in the CUET examination. With only 120 seats to offer, it gets really competitive at NM BMS for a seat. Fees for NM BMS are around 50-55k per annum. 


3. Jai Hind College:

Jai Hind College offers courses in Bachelors in Banking and Insurance (BBI), Bachelors in Accounting and Finance (BAF), Bachelors in Commerce (Financial Markets) (BFM), Bachelors in Management Studies (BMS)  and Bachelors in Arts (Advertising and Journalism). 


With a legacy of 24 years, Jai Hind has been at the forefront, evolving and developing in every sphere of BMS. The course comprises 40 courses, inclusive of the Research Dissertation, which the student has to pursue in the final year of the program. With the recent grant of academic autonomy, a 60-40 marking system has been implemented wherein 40 marks require fieldwork experience, internal work, and communication as part of a continuous assessment system. The remaining 60 marks apply to application-based learning and a semester-end examination. 


Jai Hind College actively encourages students to participate in a variety of extracurricular activities that enhance their overall development. The college hosts clubs and societies related to business, entrepreneurship, and management. These clubs often organise events, seminars, and workshops, providing students with opportunities to network with professionals and gain practical insights.


Admission to the Jai Hind BMS course is based on an equal (50:50) weightage to Class XII marks and scores of the Jai Hind College – Common Entrance Exam (JHC-CEE).  This Common Entrance Test tests students on English, Mathematics, Logical Reasoning and Current Affairs. If a student prepares for NPAT, they can easily attempt JHC-CEE. With around 120 seats and modest fees of around Rs 35000, Jai Hind is an unbeatable choice for the BMS program. 

Jai Hind BBA (Special Program)

Jai Hind also offers a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) – a unique programme designed in collaboration with Tata Consultancy Services (TCS). It isn’t just one of the top BBA colleges in Mumbai, it is also one of the top BBA colleges in India. This program facilitates students to conveniently pursue careers in sectors like Banking, Insurance, Financial Services, and Retail. Admissions to this course also follow the same process as that of the BMS course through JHC-CEE and class XII marks. 


4. St. Xaviers College: 

Even if you have not visited this college personally, there is a high chance that you have seen it already in movies like ‘Main Hoon Na’, ‘Jaane tu ya Jaane na’, and many more. The Mumbai Heritage Conservation Committee has recognised the Indo-Gothic architecture of the college as a Heritage Structure. 

Xaviers College offers courses viz Bachelors in Management Studies (BMS), Bachelors in Arts -Mass Communication and Journalism (BA-MCJ), The BMS course at St. Xaviers College was started in 2001-02 and has a long legacy of offering quality and cutting-edge education. Known for its academic rigour and commitment to producing well-rounded graduates, the college has a rich history of excellence in education. St. Xaviers admits students to its BMS programme through 60:40 weightage to Xaviers Entrance Test (XET)  and Class XII marks, respectively.  


This Entrance Test tests students on Mathematics, English, Logical Reasoning and General Knowledge. The level of difficulty of questions in XET is much lower than in NPAT or other Management Entrance exams. St. Xaviers has 120 seats for BMS, of which roughly 50% are reserved for Catholic students. St. Xaviers BMS is an excellent combination of quality education with affordable fees of around 60k per annum. 


5. HR College: 

HR College has a rich legacy dating back to its establishment in 1960. It has been one of the top BBA colleges in Mumbai ever since its inception. Over the decades, it has earned a reputation for academic excellence and a commitment to nurturing young minds. The BMS course has been a cornerstone of this legacy, producing numerous successful professionals who have made their mark in the corporate world. HR College is known for its vibrant cultural festivals and extracurricular activities. One of the most prominent cultural festivals at HR College is “Kaleidoscope.” It is a multidisciplinary festival that includes competitions, workshops, and performances in music, dance, drama, and fine arts. 


Admissions to HR college’s BMS course are based purely on class XII marks. Cut-offs for this course can go as high as 95% in class XII. Fees for the BMS course at HR College are in the range of 50-60k per annum. 


6. KC College:

Sharing just a 4ft wall with HR College is KC College. Affiliated to the same parent body, H(S)NC University, Mumbai, KC College’s BMS course is also worth exploring. With 120 seats on offer, KC does have 50% linguistic reservation for Sindhi speaking community. This course does have a great deal of extracurricular activities, with ‘Kiran’ being their Annual Cultural festival. KC BMS has a fee of around Rs 50,000 per annum, and a score anywhere to the south of 92% in class XII will have little chance of getting in.     


7. Mithibai College: 

Under the flagship of Shri Vileparle Kelavani Mandal, MIthibai College is another household name (apart from NM College) for degree courses, especially BMS, in and around Mumbai. Located just a block away from NM College and NMIMS University, Mithibai College is situated in the educational hub of suburban Mumbai. It has grown to become one of the top BBA colleges in Mumbai. The BMS program provides students with the opportunity to study subjects in fields such as Marketing, Finance, Human Resource Management, and International Business.


Like NM College, Mithibai has also implemented NEP 2020, under which the undergraduate programs will have a duration of three years for the regular degree and four years for the honours degree. Mithibai College provides a vibrant student life. One of the most prominent cultural festivals at Mithibai College is “Kshitij.” It is a multifaceted event that includes competitions, performances, and workshops in music, dance, drama, and fine arts. The college encourages students to participate in clubs and societies related to business, entrepreneurship, and management.


Mithibai BMS received the highest number of applications (6700) for the 21-22 batch, with Jai Hind and NM being second and third, respectively. Mithibai BMS has 120 seats and fees of around Rs 40k-50k per annum. 


8. Usha Pravin Gandhi College: 

UPG is the youngest member of the elite club of SVKM colleges. Like NM and Mithibai, UPG’s BMS is also one of the most sought-after colleges under the aegis of the University of Mumbai. Borrowing from the rich legacy of SVKM and hence NM and Mithibai, UPG’s BMS course is worth reckoning. UPG has 120 seats on offer and admits students purely on class XII merit scores. The cut-offs generally are to the north of 90%. Along with implementing the robust syllabus of MU for BMS, UPG also has a host of other events, clubs and societies for students to develop all-around personalities.      


9. Podar College: 

With a legacy of more than 50 years, Podar College is a notable brand in the western suburbs of the island city. Owing to this long legacy, Podar College’s BMS program maintains a strong network of alumni who continue to contribute to the success of their alma mater. Podar BMS is synonymous with a plethora of extracurricular activities and student-run clubs. The college has 120 seats for the BMS course, and anything less than 90% in your class XII won’t get you in it. Podar admits students based purely on class XII scores. Students can choose from Finance, Marketing, and HR electives.   


10. Somaiya Vidyavihar University (SVU):

Ranked 10th in our list of the top 10 BBA colleges in Mumbai, Somaiya Vidyavihar University’s 60-acre campus in the eastern suburbs of Mumbai is second only to IIT Bombay in the city. Studying in a campus this huge can only be experienced and not read or written about. S.K. Somaiya College, under the SVU umbrella, offers a BBA(honours) course. In adherence with NEP, a student can opt to pursue this programme as a 3-year regular degree, as a 4-year Honours degree, or as a 4-year Honours with Research degree. This program helps nurture budding students to discover their innate abilities and strengths while working on their weaknesses. The students can take up various job roles as Consultants and Business Analysts in Banking, Finance, Insurance, Retail, Digital Media, Logistics, and Human Resources. Interestingly, this course has two phases of admissions: 


Interim admission, i.e. phase 1 of the admission process, is the phase before the declaration of the 12th or equivalent exam result.


Interim admission is the provision to secure a seat based on 10th and 11th-class final examination results if the applicant is selected as per the admission merit process and completes the required payment of fees. The selection criteria will be based on merit as per the weighted average i.e.70:30 proportion of 10th and 11th class final result scores, respectively.


Phase 2 of admissions is the otherwise regular admissions that happen after and on the basis of the 12th results. This course has a fee of Rs 2,50,000 per annum. 


The top 10 BBA colleges in Mumbai include some of the biggest and most prestigious names in the whole country. Admission to these programs is extremely competitive and requires focused preparation and strategic guidance from experienced mentors. At IMS, we’ve designed the IPM BBA Classroom and the IPM BBA Live Online programs for students looking to crack leading BBA entrance tests such as NPAT, CUET, and SET, apart from 10+ other exams. These programs boast 80+ hours of live teaching, 80+ hours of videos, 175+ tests, and more than 5000 practice questions with video solutions. Fill out the form here to talk to one of our mentors and begin your preparation for the top BBA colleges in Mumbai.