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Global MBA Program – From Waitlisted to Admit

20 February, 2023
SA Team

From Waitlisted to Admit: Strategies for Getting into a Global MBA Program

Being waitlisted for a Global MBA program can be a frustrating and uncertain experience. However, it is important to remember that being waitlisted means that the admissions committee sees potential in your application but is unable to offer you a place immediately. With the right approach, being waitlisted can still result in acceptance to your desired program. Here are some strategies to consider if you are waitlisted for a Global MBA program:

Keep in touch with the admissions team

After being waitlisted, it is important to keep in touch with the admissions team. This can help to demonstrate your continued interest in the program and show that you are committed to attending if offered a spot. You can send an email to the admissions team to reiterate your interest and ask about any updates on your application status.

Submit new information

If you have any new achievements or information that could strengthen your application, consider sharing it with the admissions team. This could include new test scores, promotions at work, or additional relevant coursework. However, avoid submitting information that does not add value to your application or is repetitive.

Write a letter of continued interest

Writing a letter of continued interest can help demonstrate your commitment to the program and can provide more context to your application. In the letter, you can highlight why you are a good fit for the program and provide more details on your career goals and how the program can help you achieve them.

Consider retaking the GMAT or GRE

If your test scores were a weak point in your application, consider retaking the GMAT or GRE to improve your chances of acceptance. This can be a good opportunity to show the admissions team that you are committed to improving your application and that you are taking steps to strengthen it.

Keep your options open

While waiting for a decision from the Global MBA program, consider applying to other programs or pursuing other opportunities. This can help ensure that you have a backup plan in case you are not accepted. Additionally, if you are accepted into another program, you can use it as leverage to try to secure a spot in the Global MBA program.

Overall, being waitlisted for a Global MBA program is not the end of the road. With the right approach, you can still have a chance at being accepted. Remember to stay positive and proactive, and continue to demonstrate your interest and commitment to the program.

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