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IMS CIE Success Story

23 July, 2021

“Two things I loved the most about IMS were GMAT guidance, which involved proper step by step process to how I need to start studying, then the regular mocks and then assessing the scores and improvising on the weak points and thereby giving the final test. I think that was the best way to prepare for the exam.

Second was the mock interviews during my application process. It was taken by several professionals and I think it gave me the best preparation to be ready for the final interview.”
Chintana Alwa

  1. Education Background – CA, B.Com
  2. Name of IMS Program – IMS GMAT Comprehensive
  3. GMAT Score – 700
  4. Admit School – Univesity of Rochester Simon Business School
  5. Scholarship – $50,000
  6. Work Experience – 2.5 years

Watch Chintana talk about her IMS journey