XAT Score Vs Percentile 2024: How to Calculate XAT Marks & Percentile

24 January, 2024
Radhika Joshi

To qualify for the selection process of XAT 2024, a candidate’s performance will be evaluated based on their XAT Score Vs Percentile 2024. This evaluation will largely depend on the XAT cut-off score, the minimum score or percentile a candidate must achieve to move forward in the selection process.

This cut-off score is a significant criterion that determines the eligibility of candidates for admission to various management programs offered by different institutes across India. Obtaining a score above the cut-off is crucial for aspirants to advance to the subsequent rounds of the selection process and secure a spot in their desired management program.

XAT Score Vs Percentile 2024 Overview


The XAT score and percentile measures a candidate’s performance in the Xavier Aptitude Test (XAT) exam. The XAT score represents the total marks obtained by the candidate, whereas the XAT percentile indicates the candidate’s rank in comparison to all other test-takers. It reflects the percentage of candidates who scored equal to or below the candidate’s score.


Here is the compiled list of scores vs percentile:


XAT Score vs Percentile 2024


                         XAT Expected marks vs. percentile 2024

XAT 2024 Score

XAT 2024 Percentile



From the given data, one can observe that the relationship between score and percentile is clearly demonstrated in XAT 2024. For example, a score of 38.75 will give you a percentile of 99.75, which shows excellent performance. The percentile goes down as the score falls, reflecting how a candidate is relatively placed among other candidates who took the test. This chart of score vs percentile is helpful for students preparing for XAT to understand what percentiles their scores are likely to represent and help them evaluate how competitive their application would be for an MBA degree.


How To Calculate XAT Marks? 

To find out the XAT marks, add up your scores in all four sections: Verbal and Logical Ability, Decision Making, Quantitative Ability, Data Interpretation, and General Knowledge. If you correctly answer a question, you will receive a +1 mark. If you respond incorrectly, you will lose 0.25 marks. Furthermore, XAT also deducts 0.1 marks for every unattempted question if the number of skipped questions crosses 8. The XAT percentile indicates how well you performed in comparison to others. It indicates the percentage of persons who scored the same or lower as you.


How To Calculate XAT Percentile? 


To calculate the XAT percentile, the following formula is used:


XAT Percentile=Number of candidates−Rank of a candidate / Number of candidates×100


For example, if an applicant achieves a rank of 100 out of 10,000 students in the XAT, their percentile is 99.9%. The percentile is the percentage of candidates who scored the same as or lower than a given candidate. For example, if a candidate scores in the 90th percentile, they outperformed 90% of all other candidates who took the exam.


Factors that Affect the XAT Percentile 


Several factors are considered to figure out the XAT percentile. The first criterion is how difficult the entire examination is and how tough each section is. Other considerations include the total number of candidates who took the exam, the percentile in previous years, and how they normalize XAT scores.


Your XAT percentile depends on how hard each part of the test is. Another crucial factor is the number of people who take this test. The percentile tells you how well you performed compared to others who sat for it.


The XAT score is your total marks obtained, while the XAT percentile helps to determine where you rank in comparison to other candidates who took that test.


If you want a high percentile, maybe 99 or even more, in XAT, you must get 40 or more points. You need 35 or more points for a 95 percentile. For a 90 percentile, one needs at least 25 points, while an 85 percentile needs a minimum of 24 points on the XAT scorecard.


Final Words: XAT Score VS Percentile 2024


The XAT Score Vs Percentile 2024 is crucial for those who want admission to prestigious management programs. The XAT cut-off score is an entrance to the next level of selection. Getting the score above the cut-off is important to move on in the selection process and gain admission. The XAT percentile is a candidate’s relative position with respect to others, which assists in interpreting results. Determination involves accounting for the difficulty level, total number of test takers, and normalization procedures. The relationship between the XAT score vs percentile 2024 should be understood by candidates aspiring for top spots in management programs through the XAT examination.


XAT Score Vs Percentile 2024 FAQs


How does the XAT score correlate with the percentile?

Your XAT score depends on how many questions you answer correctly or incorrectly. The percentile indicates how well you performed in comparison to others.


What is the significance of the XAT percentile in MBA admissions?

MBA colleges analyze your percentile to determine where you rank in comparison to the rest of the applicants. It helps them decide who will be admitted.


Does achieving a high XAT score guarantee a 100th percentile?

Not always. Even if you answer most of the questions correctly, your percentile depends on how well others did. Some people might perform even better.


How can I determine the MBA colleges I can apply to based on my XAT percentile?

Check past data to determine what scores were required for various colleges. Each college’s criteria vary, so check them out.


Are there separate section-wise percentiles in XAT, and do they impact college admissions?

Yes, XAT provides percentile values for each part. While your overall percentile is essential, several universities additionally consider how well you have done in specific sections.