This simple adage captures the essence of our employees being with us. The team at IMS is here because it identifies itself with the IMS's vision - that of 'mentoring' the youth of this country to dream, 'motivating' them towards greater hopes and aspirations and 'guiding' them on the right track to realize those ambitions.

We have a fun-based work culture combined with the management following an open door policy and approachability, which differentiates us from the others.

Independence of thoughts, actions and initiatives are greatly appreciated at IMS. We encourage creativity and excellence. This is reinforced by the positive attitude of our employees - an attitude that helps maintain an optimum 'Work - Life Balance'.

We know that every interaction a student has with us is vital. Hence, we esteem these interactions that builds the foundation for the student to embark on the right career track. Faced with a choice between a student's interest and the company's interest, it is always the former that gets priority. It is this dedication that makes IMS stand apart from other organizations.

Do you have the PASSION to make a positive difference in a young person's life and to our society? If your answer is Yes, send us your profile to and we shall get in touch with you in case of a suitable vacancy.

As our credo effectively sums it up, we aim for 'Excellence Through Innovation, Empathy, and Ethical Values And Teamwork'.


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