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Choosing the right IPM coaching – The first step to cracking the IPM entrance exam

12 April, 2023 By Parthiva Mewawala, IMS India

With multiple  options to choose from, students are hard pressed to find the right IPM coaching centre for their academic needs and goals. 


We’ve compiled a list of four factors that are central to your decision making for a good IPMAT coaching institute.

What factors to assess when looking for the right IPM coaching? 


The role of the faculty in student success has been doctrined over the years. But what makes a good IPMAT faculty great? 


Many institutes hire ex-CAT people to teach IPMAT subjects due to the many similarities between the two tests. But they underestimate the impact of managing the minor variations that eventually make the difference between getting a seat or not. You need to ensure that the person teaching you isn’t just experienced but is also intimately familiar with the IPMAT exam and variants 

Course material

The course material should be comprehensive yet concise; it should accurately map out the syllabus, question types, and difficulty levels of the question paper to the students’ preparedness. 


Each concept should receive exhaustive coverage in live mentor-led classes that are supplemented with written as well as video material to improve memory retention. 


Don’t forget to check the quality and quantity of practice questions provided by them. Also, look for dedicated doubt solving sessions that encourage you to interact with your mentors and drill in concepts. 

Mock exams

Even with the most stringent preparation, cracking the IPMAT without giving regular mock tests is very hard. IPMAT mock exams enable you to assess your preparedness levels, track your progress, and get acquainted with the exam pattern. 


The IPM coaching centre you choose should provide you with several full-length IPM mock tests that closely mimic the level of questions found on the actual IPMAT. Many centres also offer video solutions to all the mocks, making the practice of mock test analysis easier. 

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Very few IPMAT coaching institutes offer guided one-on-one mentorship sessions with experts to address queries related to testing strategy, prep, B-school choices, and career paths etc. Mentors guide and hone your strategies according to your end goals while offering unflinching support for your academic growth. But these sessions are integral to your performance and your coaching centre should offer these. 


IPMAT also has a GDPI requirement for admission. Ensure your coaching institute conducts mentor-led sessions on how to shine during group discussions and ace personal interviews. 


While the decision to choose the right IPM coaching classes is critical, it’s always best to go with a centre that’s well-known for its pedagogy and results. The IMS IPM BBA Classroom Program for 2024 and 2025 checks all the boxes mentioned above – experienced mentors, guided individual sessions, 60+ mock tests, 100+ classes, 80+ hours of concept videos, GDPI training, and the IMS guarantee hallmark. Talk to our consultants today and get started on your journey to the top IIMs of India.