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CLAT 2023 Analysis

18 December, 2022

CLAT 2023 Analysis

The CLAT ’23 Exam conducted by the Consortium of NLUs was conducted on 18th December, 2022. The exam was based on the 5 subjects as mentioned in the syllabus, i.e, Verbal Ability, Logical Reasoning, Quantitative Techniques, GK and Current Affairs and Legal Reasoning. The paper was moderately difficult involving passage-based questions which were lengthy and required a lot of reading time. The paper could have been managed to be completed in 120 minutes with the QT section being a bit difficult. Overall, it can be said that the paper was pretty standard with no unexpected elements and heavily focused on reading skills.

General Overview of CLAT’ 23

  • Lengthy overall but easy to manage
  • Majority questions could be answered with information given in the passage, i.e, not much extra knowledge was required
  • Passages were mostly taken from newspapers or prominent websites
  • Quantitative Techniques – Moderately difficult
  • GK & Current Affairs – Moderately difficult
  • Verbal & Logical Reasoning – Moderately difficult
  • Legal Aptitude – Easy but lengthy
  • Reading the passages and overall paper: time-consuming

Surprises in CLAT 2023

  • Quantitative Techniques – more calculations & lengthy questions
  • GK & Current Affairs – use of technical language and questions based on data & statistics
  • Verbal & Logical Reasoning – more balanced than last year
  • Legal Aptitude – No surprises


Past Years CUT – Offs


Verbal Ability Overall  Analysis: 

Overall Difficulty Level Questions Easy – Moderate
No. of Questions 30
Good Attempts 18 -20 
Good Score 17 -18


Quant Overall Analysis: 

Overall Difficulty Level Questions Medium to difficult
No. of Questions 15
Good Attempts 7 to 8
Good Score 5 to 6 Marks


Logical Reasoning Overall  Analysis

Overall Difficulty Level Questions Easy – Moderate 
No. of Questions 30 
Good Attempts 24-26
Good Score 22-24


Current Affairs Overall Analysis :

Overall Difficulty Level Questions Moderate
No. of Questions 35
Good Attempts 26-30
Good Score 22-28


Legal Aptitude Overall Analysis :

Overall Difficulty Level Questions Moderate
No. of Questions 40
Good Attempts 32-35
Good Score 30-32