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IMS Test Availability Schedule – CAT

08 March, 2023

The Test Availability Schedule for IMS CAT 2023 Programs is updated here.

Given below is a glimpse of all the tests to be released month-wise:

April May June July August September October November December January February March
SimCAT 1 Proctored SimCAT 2 Proctored SiimCAT  3 & 4 Proctored SimCAT 5 & 6 Proctored SimCAT 7 to 9 Proctored SimCAT 10 to 13 Proctored SimCAT 14 to 16 Proctored SimCAT 17 & 18 Proctored TISS-NET 101-105 PGDBA 101-105
SimCAT TH 101-105 Pre-SimCAT 3 SimCAT TH 106-110 SimCAT TH 111-119 SimCAT TH 120-122 MICAT 101-105 IBSAT 101-105 MH-CET 101-105
Pre-SimCAT 1 & 2 ATMA 101-105 NMAT 101-110 SNAP 101-103 SNAP 104-110 CMAT 101-105
MAT 101-105 XAT 101-105


Check below for detailed schedule


Proctored & Pre-SimCATs:

Proctored / Pre SimCAT# Window Period Start Date Window Period End Date
Pre SimCAT 1 7-Apr-23 11-Apr-23
Pre SimCAT 2 21-Apr-23 24-Apr-23
SimCAT 1 Proctored 28-Apr-23 1-May-23
Pre SimCAT 3 12-May-23 15-May-23
SimCAT 2 Proctored 26-May-23 29-May-23
SimCAT 3 Proctored 9-Jun-23 12-Jun-23
SimCAT 4 Proctored 23-Jun-23 26-Jun-23
SimCAT 5 Proctored 7-Jul-23 10-Jul-23
SimCAT 6 Proctored 21-Jul-23 24-Jul-23
SimCAT 7 Proctored 4-Aug-23 7-Aug-23
SimCAT 8 Proctored 18-Aug-23 21-Aug-23
SimCAT 9 Proctored 25-Aug-23 28-Aug-23
SimCAT 10 Proctored 8-Sep-23 11-Sep-23
SimCAT 11 Proctored 15-Sep-23 19-Sep-23
SimCAT 12 Proctored 22-Sep-23 25-Sep-23
SimCAT 13 Proctored 29-Sep-23 2-Oct-23
SimCAT 14 Proctored 13-Oct-23 16-Oct-23
SimCAT 15 Proctored 20-Oct-23 24-Oct-23
SimCAT 16 Proctored 27-Oct-23 30-Oct-23
SimCAT 17 Proctored 3-Nov-23 6-Nov-23
SimCAT 18 Proctored 17-Nov-23 20-Nov-23


  • PreSimCATs – Strictly in the CAT pattern, these easier tests are designed make you familiar with the test taking dynamics and benchmarks prior to entering the SimCAT series.
  • For each upcoming Proctored SimCAT /Pre SimCAT, prior slot booking is mandatory for taking the test during the window period. Students need to book their slot on myIMS portal.
  • Student has to take the Proctored SimCAT / Pre SiMCAT during the pre-defined window period in order to be eligible for All India Ranking, Percentile and detailed Analytics report
  • If a student misses to take the Proctored SimCAT / Pre SimCAT within the window period, the test shall be available on their myIMS portal as an Unproctored (Take-home) test after the window period is over. However, for all Unproctored (Take-home) tests only Percentile and detailed Analytics report shall be given.

Take-Home SimCATs:

SimCAT# Availability Date
SIMCAT Take Homes 1-22 Available


  • All take-homes will have Percentile and detailed Analytics  report
  • Percentiles for Take Homes will be made available once a statistically significant number of students have taken the tests

Sectional Tests:

Component Availability Date
Section Tests 1-10 (VA-RC,DI-LR,QA) Available


  • Section Tests will be released in increasing levels of difficulty. Overall level of difficulty of Section Tests 1-3 will be Easy, 4-6 will be Moderate and 7-10 will be Difficult.

e-Maximizer Workshops:

Workshop Number  Workshop Name Availability Date
1 Numbers 1 Available
2 Numbers 2
3 Data Interpretation -1
4 Geometry -1
5 RC Advanced
6 Geometry -2
7 CR Fundamentals
8 Equations & Functions
9 Data Interpretation -2
10 Sets, Counting & Puzzles
11 Logical Reasoning
12 Arithmetic
13 Verbal Reasoning



Check ADMAT Availability Schedule here



  • The Schedule is subject to change. Stay tuned for regular updates.
  • Test /Workshop availability is subject to eligibility as per the IMS program enrolled for.
  • The Tests & Workshops will be deactivated on 31st March following the Exam year enrolled for.