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IPM-BBA Comprehensive 2024

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IPM-BBA Comprehensive 2024

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IPM-BBA Comprehensive 2024: Test series to crack several IPM & BBA entrance exams such as IPMAT Indore, IPMAT Rohtak, NPAT, SET, CUET etc. in 2024.

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    15 IPMAT Indore (with Video Solutions)

    1. 15 Full-length Mock Tests: Ample practice opportunities to simulate the actual exam environment.
    2. Video Solutions: Comprehensive explanations and strategies are provided through video solutions for each mock test.
    3. Timed Tests: Mimic the time constraints of the real exam to help you manage time efficiently.
    4. Performance Analytics: In-depth analysis of your test performance to identify areas for improvement.

    90 Full length mocks

    Get access to 20 full-length mocks for
    (IPM-BBA, IPMAT Indore & Rohtak, JIPMAT) & 70+ Full-Length Mocks for 16 other exams Get Familiar with Exam Patterns, Learn Time Management and Improving Accuracy

    Benchmarking Tests (with Video Solutions)

    Benchmarking tests allow students to check their knowledge and application of the concepts in a limited-time online test setting.
    Video Solutions are provided within all Benchmarking Tests for 2000+ Questions. This allows instant doubt-solving and learning the best tricks and methods for the questions immediately after solving the test.

    Past years Papers with Video Solution

    Solving previous year’s papers for IPMAT Indore and JIPMAT will help you become familiar with the exam pattern, including the types of questions asked, the distribution of marks, and the time constraints. This can reduce anxiety and improve time management during the actual exam.
    Comprehensive explanations and strategies in video Solutions are provided through video solutions for each mock test.

    31 Masterclasses (Recorded)

    These masterclasses are designed to help students cover the journey from the 90th to the 99th percentile mark. It is a series of 31 Intensive masterclasses to help you understand the advanced concepts and applications.

    GK Zone

    One-stop solution for all your GK needs. Get access to Weekly Current Affairs, General Knowledge, and Exam-wise Compendium to ensure that you maximize your GK score in each exam.

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    • 5 Hrs Concept videos
    • 3 Recorded Sessions
    • 300+ Practice Questions
    • 2 Full-Length Tests
    • 3 Topic wise tests
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