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IPM BBA Live Online 2026


Base Fees: ₹44025 | GST: 18% (₹7925)

Designed for students who have completed or are appearing for class 12th in 2025.

Exams Covered: IPMAT Rohtak, JIPMAT, NPAT, SET, Christ University, and 10+ other entrance exams (except IPMAT Indore)

P.S. IPMAT Indore is covered in ‘IPM Indore Program by IMS

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Loyalty Scholarship: 30% Off - for any past IMS students enrolled for Classroom/ Live online program

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Batch Start Date: 27-4-2024
Batch Type: Weekend

Batch Start Date: 19-5-2024
Batch Type: Weekend
Timing : Sat 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM, Sun 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM

Batch Start Date: 7-7-2024
Batch Type: Weekend
Sa - 7pm : 9pm; Su - 2pm : 4pm

Batch Start Date: 9-6-2024
Batch Type: Weekend
Sa - 7PM : 9pm, Su - 2PM : 4pm

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'IPM BBA Live Online 2026' program by IMS paves your path to success in IPMAT Rohtak, JIPMAT, NPAT, SET, Christ University, and 10+ other entrance exams. With upto 80 Live Online sessions, enriched with personalized 1-to-1 mentoring, Comprehensive and Updated Study Material, 175+ topic-wise and full syllabus tests, bolstered with video solutions for 5000+ Questions across Practice Exercises and tests ensure a holistic preparation journey. Starting in class 11 also allows time for adequate practice and revision classes that help you consolidate your understanding and improve application of the the concepts learnt in concept classes. 30+ Masterclasses help you get aquainted with the advanced concepts and tricks for Past Year and replica Questions and develop test taking strategies.

The IMS Advantage

Structured Mentorship

An IMS Mentor is assigned as your coach to guide you throughout your preparation journey. Regular one-to-many mentoring sessions are conducted to address common queries about Entrance Tests and institutes, the Preparation Journey and study plan, Test-taking, and application-related queries.

2 One-on-one Mentoring sessions can be booked with experienced IMS Mentors.

Program Methodology

The program covers Concept Classes across 5 Modules.

For each of the topics covered in the modules, a student will have to go through the following steps:

– Pre-Class: Watch pre-class prep videos
– In-Class: Attend offline classes – Take class Notes and solve Class Exercise
– Post Class: Solve Practice Exercise with Video Solutions
– Benchmarking Tests [with Video Solutions]
– Two Module Tests  (with Video Solutions) after each Module is completed in class

This approach ensures regular checkpoints in preparation, effective test preparedness, and classroom learning.

Pre-Class Videos

Appx 80 hours to get you started with the concepts covered in class. This allows you to grasp the concepts better and improve participation during class.

In-Class: Theory and Class Exercise

This program provides you with the best of both worlds with the closest to classroom experience through Live Online classes with recordings of the sessions made available after the live class.

In-Class theory: The Updated IMS Courseware allows students to take class notes in the blank spaces in Modules as instructed by the mentors. This ensures that students have better retention of concepts and easier revision from the handwritten notes.
The Class Exercises are solved during class under the expert guidance of the mentors.

Post Class: Practice Exercises (With Video Solutions)

Each topic has 20+ questions in the practice exercise to help students apply the concepts learned in class.
All Practice Exercises come with Video Solutions (2000+ Questions in total) to ensure that students can solve their doubts instantly.
Video solutions help students learn the best shortcuts, tricks, and advanced applications in an easy-to-understand language.

Benchmarking Tests (with Video Solutions)

Benchmarking tests allow students to check their knowledge and application of the concepts in a limited-time online test setting.
Video Solutions are provided within all Benchmarking Tests for 2000+ Questions. This allows instant doubt-solving and learning the best tricks and methods for the questions immediately after solving the test.

Module Tests (With Video Solutions)

Module Tests are conducted after each Module is completed in class.

Module Tests are checkpoints that allow students to test their learning within each Module with subjects tested together.

There are 9 Module Tests, all with video solutions for more than 500 questions covered in the tests. This ensures that students can verify their answers and methods and, at the same time, learn the best shortcuts and tricks after completing the tests.

Full Syllabus SimTests [Mock Tests]

SimTests are tests designed to simulate actual exams.

SimIPM-BBA – 5 (with video Solutions
SimIPMAT Rohtak – 10 (with video solutions)
SimJIPMAT – 5 SimTests
JIPMAT Actual Past paper – 2 (with video solutions)
SimNPAT – 10 (with video solutions)
NPAT Actual Past paper – 1 (with Video Solutions)
SimSET – 7, SimChrist – 5, SimXET (BMS) – 3; SimXET (BMM) – 3, SimJHC-CEE – 3, SimIPU-CET – BBA/BCA/Mass. Comm./B.Com – 5/3/3/3″”
CUET 15,
28 Other SimTests for 7 other tests

Concept & Practice Classes

Between 75 & 125, Concept & Practice Classes shall be conducted for understanding the concept & revision of the topics covered in concept classes.

Students can use it for self-practice in case exercises for the chapters are not solved in class


22 Masterclasses will be conducted after board exams to cover advanced tricks and methods for solving actual exam and replica questions. Last-mile strategy Workshops and Live Mock Solving Sessions will also be covered.

Updated Comprehensive Courseware

The courseware includes critical Theory, Class Exercises and Practice Exercises to ensure you are well-prepared for entrance tests. Video Solutions for the Practice exercises are provided on the student portal.

Dedicated Telegram Group

Batch-wise Telegram group for Peer Interaction & Doubt-solving.

You can post your academic queries, and your IMS Mentors/peer group will address them. Having a study group is one of the best ways to stay on track with your Entrance Test Prep!

myIMS Channel for Strategy & Information Videos

Prepare for your entrance exams with IMS Channel. Get Informational and strategy videos to assist you in form-filing and developing a strategy for each exam. Attend Online Classes and watch informational videos all on one platform!

GK Zone

A one-stop solution for all your GK needs. Get access to Weekly Current Affairs, General Knowledge, and Exam-wise Compendium to ensure that you maximize your GK score in each exam.


Our mobile app offers everything you need to prepare on the go—watch learning videos, book myPlan slots, solve practice questions, read the latest blog posts, and check your latest scores and percentiles. Not being near your laptop can never be an excuse not to prepare!

IMS Guarantee Program

Training programs are so superior that they come with a Guarantee!

Repeat Coaching @ @70% Fees: If you don’t attend the institute of your choice. (Applicable to LIVE programs).

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May Batch Details

  • 19May
    Durga Busseti, Gaurav Survase, Rohan Dixit
    Sat: 7 pm to 9 pm, Sun: 2 pm - 4 pm

Instructor Profile

Durga Sankar

An engineering graduate with extensive knowledge of tests, colleges, career planning and likewise, Durga Sankar is the National Chief Mentor at IMS and has mentored more than 18000 students over the last 17 years for various management entrance tests. Over the past decade, he has been extensively involved in training students for IPM-BBA and has helped thousands of students to achieve their goals. Known to be passionate about Math, he has scored 99+ percentile multiple times on various tests

Jigyasa Mehendiratta

An MBA by qualification but an academician at heart Jigyasa Mehendiratta has been in the test prep industry for more than a decade now. She has also authored a book on Vocabulary –‘ Word Wise’ which got published in 2020. She is always willing to mentor students. In the last ten years, she has mentored for products like – CAT, CLAT, IPM-BBA, IELTS, and TOEFL. Students find her class easy to understand, informative, and entertaining at the same time.

Shrikant Gosavi

He has more than 9 years of experience in Aptitude Training. He has trained students for various aptitude tests and National Level Competitive Exams such as CAT, SNAP, NMAT, NPAT, IPMAT, JIPMAT, and law entrance tests such as CLAT, AILET, SLAT, etc. He is known for his easy-to-apply shortcut methods and calculation techniques.

Vikas Singh

Vikash is a language enthusiast, who shares a pragmatic approach to look at the Verbal section for various exams like CAT/CMAT/IPMAT/GRE/GMAT/TOEFL/IELTS. He has an aptness to understand the level of students and prodigies to suggest the best possible remedy. He is definitely the most approachable mentor.

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