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Top Institutes for Under-Graduate Programs

28 February, 2023

Finalizing a course and a university/College is a crucial decision for undergraduate students, and which university and course to apply to remains a daunting question. To make life easier here is a list of universities/colleges offering courses and their fees.
This comprehensive information will help you with your decision.

Top Institutes for Integrated Program in Management

Pioneered by IIM Indore, the integrated program in management (IPM), is now offered by 5 IIMs across the country. The course is structured as a 3-year undergraduate degree (BA/BBA) with an option to exit the program after 3 years or get admitted into the coveted flagship MBA program offered by the respective IIM.

Reasons for pursuing IPM:
• Secure the opportunity to study in the hallowed portals of an IIM
• IPM candidates get to sit for placements along with the two-year PGP students
• Pursue social and corporate internships
• Develop a strong foundation in fundamentals of business management

The average Salary offered  At IIM Indore is Rs 25.01 LPA  (Based on the 2022 Placement report)

Institute Course Seat Intake Location  Exam Fees per annum in lacs
IIM Indore IPM 150 Indore IPMAT Indore 6 lacs
IIM Rohtak IPM 180 Rohtak IPMAT Rohtak 5.5 lacs
IIM Ranchi IPM 120 Ranchi IPMAT (Indore) 5.75 lacs
IIM Jammu IPM 120 Jammu JIPMAT 4.85 lacs
IIM Bodhgaya IPM 120 Bodhgaya JIPMAT 4.5 lacs
IIFT IPM 50 Kakinada IPMAT (Indore) 4 lacs
NALSAR University IPM 66 Hyderabad IPMAT (Indore)/ IPMAT Rohtak/JIPMAT/JEE Mains/CLAT 3.67 lacs
Nirma Univerisity Integrated BBA+MBA 180 Ahmedabad IPMAT (Indore)/12th Boards for Guj. Domicile 3 lacs
O P Jindal Global University Integrated BBA+MBA Sonipat JSAT/SAT/ACT 3.5 lacs
IFMR (Krea University) Integrated BBA (H)+MBA Sri City Krea Aptitude Test 7 lacs
TAPMI IPM Karnataka IPMAT (Indore)/JIPMAT/JEE Mains/CLAT/MET 5 lacs


Universities/Colleges for BBA (Bachelor in Business Administration) /BMS ( Bachelor in Management Studies) 

BBA is one of the best undergraduate management programs that combine business-related courses and general courses. This course teaches skills and provides in-depth knowledge of the business world and all the aspects of running a business.

Reasons to Pursue Management:
• Strong foundation in management
• Better Job Opportunities
• Develop business acumen
• Social and corporate internships
• Exposure to international business
• Assignment Based evaluations

The Average placement offered post-BBA/BMS Rs 5-7 LPA

Institute Course Seat Intake Location  Exam Fees per annum in lacs
Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business studies BMS 345 Delhi North Campus CUET
Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University BBA 6435 Delhi CUET 57 k
NMIMS University BBA 600
Navi Mumbai
NPAT 2.5-5 lacs
Symbiosis University BBA
SET 3-5 lacs
Christ University BBA Bengaluru Christ Ent test 2-5 lacs
Jai Hind College BMS 150 Mumbai JHC-CEE 30K
NM College BMS 120 Mumbai MiNCET 51K
Mithibai College BMS 120 Mumbai MiNCET 30K
St Xavier’s College BMS 120 Mumbai St Xavier’s ET 42K
HR College BMS 80 Mumbai Class 12th Boards 20K
The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda BBA 240 Baroda MSUET 50K
O P Jindal University BBA (Hons), BBA (H) Fin Markets Noida JSAT 4 – 5.5 lacs
Mahindra University  BBA Hons 30 Hyderabad  Class 12th Boards 2-5 lacs
Shiv Nadar University  BMS 120 Delhi SNUSAT & APT 3 lacs
HR College BMS 80 Mumbai Class 12th Boards 20K
Jamia Millia Islamia University BBA 44 Delhi CUET
TAPMI BBA (Hons) 12o Bengaluru IPMAT (Indore)/
3.75 lacs 
PDEU – School of Liberal Studies BBA (H) Mkt,
HR & Fin
340 Gandhinagar SOP Based 2.15 lacs
FLAME University BBA Pune F.E.A.T 11 lacs
Ahmedabad University  BBA (Hons) Ahmedabad Class 12th Boards 4.65 lacs 


Universities/Colleges for Economics 

Economics is the study of demand and supply and its correlation with human behaviour aimed at finding
solutions to help improve people’s lives. It has stakes in many other fields, including political science, geography,
mathematics, sociology, psychology, engineering, law, medicine and business.

Who should pursue Economics?

  • Students having Mathematical aptitude
  • Students who wish to pursue post-graduation in finance or economics
  • Students who are curious about the Social Sciences

The Average placement offered post-Economics Degree is Rs 5-7 LPA

Institute Course Seat Intake Location  Exam Fees per annum in lacs
Delhi University Delhi B.A. Eco (Hons) Delhi CUET
Guru Gobind Singh IPU B.A. Eco (Hons) 120 Delhi CUET
Ashoka University B.A. Eco (Hons) Sonipat Ashoka Apt Test 11 lacs
NMIMS University B.Sc Eco 300 Mumbai
Navi Mumbai
NPAT 2.5 lacs
Symbiosis University B.Sc. Eco (Hons) 130 Pune SET 2.6 lacs 
Jai Hind College B.A. Eco Mumbai JHC-CEE 30k
St. Xaviers B.A. Eco Mumbai Class 12th Boards 22K
FLAME University B.Sc. Eco (Hons) Pune FEAT/SAT 11 lacs
IIT-Mumbai B.Sc Eco 20 Mumbai IIT JEE 8 lacs 
Ahmedabad University  B.A. Eco (Hons) Ahmedabad SAT/SOP Based 2 lacs
IIT-Kanpur B.A. Eco (Hons) 52 Kanpur JEE Mains 5 lacs
Christ University  B.A. Eco (Hons) Bengaluru Christ Ent. Test 85K
Krea University  B.A. Eco Andhra Pradesh Krea Aptitude test 11 lacs
Loyola College B.A. Eco Chennai Class 12th Boards 12k
Azim Premji University  B.A. Eco Bengaluru NET/SAT 2.5 lacs
Madras Christian College B.A. Eco Chennai Class 12th Boards 1.20 lacs
Presidency College  B.A. Eco 42 Kolkata Class 12th Boards 18k
St. Xaviers College  B.Sc. Eco (Hons) Kolkata Class 12th Boards 3 lacs
XIM University  B.Sc. Eco (Hons) Bhubaneswar Class 12th Boards 5 lacs
MIT WPU B. Sc. Eco Pune MIT-WPU CET  2 lacs


Universities/Colleges for Finance

Finance is the management of money. It comprises components such as budgeting, investing, borrowing, taxation, and personal financial management.

Who should pursue Finance?

  • Individuals having strong analytical & numerical ability
  • Wish to build their foundation in the finance domain such as financial markets

The Average placement offered post-Finance Degree is Rs 6-8 LPA

Institute Course Seat Intake Location  Exam Fees per annum in lacs
O P Jindal University B.A.(H) Fin &
BBA (H) Fin Markets
30 Noida JSAT 4 lacs
NM College  BAF/BFM Mumbai MiNCET 50k
Jai hind College BAF/BFM 384 Mumbai MiNCET 22k
St. Xaviers College BFM 240 Mumbai Class 12th Boards 36k
NMIMS University B.Sc Finance 360 Mumbai
NPAT 3.1 lacs
Loyola College BFM Chennai Class 12th Boards 77k
Christ University  BAF/BFM Bengaluru Christ Ent. Test 2.1 lacs
Mahindra University  B.A – Eco & Finance  30 Hyderabad SNUSAT & APT 2.25 lacs
Ashoka Univeristy  B. Sc (Hons) Eco & Finance Sonipat Ashoka Aptitude test 11 lacs


Universities/Colleges for Liberal Studies

Liberal Studies simply is the study of subjects such as history, literature, writing, philosophy, sociology, psychology, creative arts, etc. Designed to encourage flexible thinking. Liberal studies program equips students with the skills to be critical and creative thinkers, researchers, and communicators in almost any field.

Who should pursue Liberal Studies?

  • Students who desire to acquire a broader knowledge through the cross-functional study of subjects
  • Individuals who have analytical and creative-thinking skills
  • Good at communication

The average placement offered post-Liberal Studies Degree is Rs 7.50 LPA

Institute Course Seat Intake Location  Exam Fees per annum in lacs
Ashoka University B.A Hons; B.Sc. Hons 650 Sonipat Ashoka Aptitude Test 11 lacs
Shiv Nadar University B.A Hons; B.Sc. Hons 135 Noida SNUSAT & APT 1.5 lacs 
O.P Jindal University B.A Hons Liberal Arts  180 Sonipat JSAT 6 lacs 
Thapar School of Liberal Arts B.A Hons Liberal Arts  90 Patiala SOP Based 2.5 lacs 
FLAME University B.A Hons; B.Sc. Hons 240 Pune FEAT 11 lacs
Symbiosis School of Liberal Studies B.A Hons; B.Sc. Hons 100 Pune SET 4.5 lacs
NMIMS University B.A Hons Liberal Arts
B.Sc. Hons Liberal Arts 
120 Mumbai NPAT 4.75 lacs
MIT – WPU B.A Hons Liberal Arts  30 Pune Profile Assessment 3.5 lacs 
PDEU – School of Liberal Studies B.A Hons  340 Gandhinagar SOP Based 1.35 lacs 
Christ University B.A Hons Liberal Arts Bengaluru Christ Ent. Test 4.25 lacs 
Azim Premji University B.A Hons; B.Sc. Hons Bengaluru National Entrance Test 3 lacs
Krea University B.A Hons; B.Sc. Hons 250 Andhra Pradesh Krea Aptitude Test 11 lacs 
Bennett University B.A Hons Liberal Arts  60 Greater Noida Class 12th Boards 7.2 lacs


Universities/Colleges for Mass Communication

The study of mass communication is the art and science of structuring and distributing information creatively to large populations across the globe. Students studying journalism & mass communication learn how to manage platforms like radio, television channels, the internet, and digital media.

Who should pursue Mass Communication?

  • Students who have a flair
  • Creative writing
  • Media & Journalism
  • Public speaking
  • Decent oral/written communication skills

The average placement offered post-Mass Communication Degree is Rs 4-5 LPA

Institute Course Seat Intake Location  Exam Fees per annum in lacs
IP College (Women) B.A. (Hons) Multimedia 34 Dwarka CUET 1.15 lacs
Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University B.A. Journalism & Mass
2070 Delhi CUET 70k
Bennett University B.A. Journalism & Mass
Noida 5.5 lacs
O. P Jindal University  B.A. (Hons.) Journalism
& Media Studies/B.A.
(Hons) Film & New Media
Sonipat JSAT 3.5 lacs
Ashoka University B.A. (Hons) English &
media studies
Sonipat Ashoka Aptitude Test 11 lacs
LSR College for Women B.A. (Hons) Journalism 57 Delhi CUET 23k
Jai Hind College Bachelor Mass Media 150 Mumbai JHC-CEE 23k
St Xavier’s College B.A. Journalism & Mass
120 Mumbai XET 41k
Mithibai College Bachelor Mass Media 60 Mumbai MiNCET 40k
FLAME University  B.A. (Mass Comm) Pune FEAT 11 lacs
Symbiosis University  B.A. (Mass Comm) 120 Pune SET 3.5 lacs
Christ University B.A. (Comm & Media) Bengaluru Christ Ent. Test 75k
Manipal University B.A. (Comm & Media) Manipal 1.10 lacs
Presidency College  B.Sc. (Mass Comm) Kolkata Class 12th Boards
St. Xaviers College B.Sc. (Mass Comm &
Kolkata Class 12th Boards
XIM University B.Sc. (Mass Comm) Bhubaneshwar 70k