MAH CET Exam Pattern 2024 – Marking Scheme, Topics and Types of Questions

12 January, 2024
parthiva mewawala

The MAH CET exam is a state-wide standardised exam conducted by Maharashtra for admissions to the most prestigious management institutes in the state. MAH CET shortlists students seeking management degrees such as MBA and MMS from the state’s top colleges. Well-known institutions such as JBIMS, SIMSREE, and PUMBA accept MAH CET scores for their programs. But the competition to get into the best programs is intense. Even though the difficulty level of the paper is much lower than that of CAT or XAT, the high number of applicants for only a few hundred coveted seats makes this test very hard to crack.

For instance, admission to JBIMS requires a score of 99.99 percentile, and SIMSREE needs 99.97 percentile. Scoring 170+ is the only way of ensuring a seat. That’s why it’s so important to keep your preparation extremely focused. The first step to doing that is acquainting yourself with the MAH CET exam pattern.

In this blog, we’ve outlined the MAH CET exam 2024 highlights, exam pattern, types of questions, and syllabus. Use this as a reference to jumpstart your MAH CET exam 2024 preparation.

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MAH CET exam pattern 2024

The MAH CET exam is primarily an aptitude test designed to test candidates’ logical, critical, and analytical reasoning. It is divided into four sections – Logical reasoning, abstract reasoning, quantitative aptitude, and verbal ability and reading comprehension -making up a total of 200 questions. Each section is assigned a different number of questions, each worth one mark. Unattempted questions, as well as wrong answers, are given zero. There is no negative marking.

You will have 150 minutes to attempt all the questions and mark your answers, leaving you less than a minute on average to complete them all. Unlike other leading management entrance tests, there are no sectional time limits, and you can attempt the questions in any order you want. 

Additionally, you must remember that you have five options to choose from. With very little time to attempt the whole paper, the skills of substitution and approximation are essential. It would be best to learn to eliminate choices to reach the correct answer much faster.

Exam PatternDetails
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Abstract Reasoning
  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension
Number of questions200
Number of answer choicesFive options
MBA CET total marks200
Exam duration150 minutes (2.5 hours)
Mode of examinationOnline
Medium of examinationEnglish
MAH CET marking scheme
  • One mark for the correct attempt
  • Zero mark for incorrect attempt and unattempted question
  • No negative marking

Subject-wise question distribution

The MAH CET exam pattern 2024 is peculiar because it has an uneven distribution of questions. Logical reasoning has 75 questions accounting for nearly 40% of the total weightage. Abstract reasoning has only 25 questions, accounting for only 12.5% of the total marks. The other two sections, verbal ability and quantitative aptitude have 50 questions each.

SectionsNumber of QuestionsMaximum Marks
Logical Reasoning7575
Abstract Reasoning2525
Verbal Ability/ Reading Comprehension5050
Quantitative Aptitude5050

Based on the MAH CET exam pattern, you must focus your energies on logical reasoning practice. Couple it with quant and verbal, and you are on your way to a 150+ score.

MAH CET paper pattern – syllabus, topics, and types of questions

It is essential to practise the exact types of questions that will be asked in the test. With very little time to cover the expanse of topics, targeted practice is the only way to guarantee success. We’ve compiled the topics and questions, section-wise, below for your reference.

Logical and Abstract Reasoning

PuzzlesParallel / Linear / Circular Arrangement
Ranking BasedSyllogisms
Direction-BasedSymbol-Based Comparison
Conditional CodingBlood Relation
SeriesClocks & Calendars
Critical ReasoningStrong & Weak Argument
Course of ActionCause & Effect
Statement & AssumptionsStatement & Conclusion
Pie ChartsBar Charts
Line GraphTables
CaseletsRatio- Based
Venn DiagramMiscellaneous


Missing FigureFill in the Blanks
SeriesOdd-one out

Quantitative Aptitude

Ratio & ProportionProfit & Loss
SI & CIQuadratic Equations
Mixture & AllegationLinear Equations
Number SystemGeometry
MensurationTime, Speed & Distance
Time & WorkPermutation & Combination
Coordinate ComparisonCoordinate Geometry
Data SufficiencyData Interpretation
Pie ChartsBar Charts
Line GraphTables
CaseletsRatio- Based
Venn DiagramMiscellaneous


Verbal Ability

Reading ComprehensionPara Jumbles
Para CompletionVocabulary
AnalogyError Correction
Sentence CompletionFill in the Blanks
Statement ArgumentsCritical Reasoning
Probable StarterCloze Passage
Fact Inference JudgementsOdd one out


MAH CET 2024 – What will a good attempt look like?

Based on past papers’ analyses, we can determine the number of questions you must answer correctly. We can also conclude the ideal amount of time you should need to spend on each question to maximise your chances of attempting the most possible. 

MBA CET SectionsDifficulty LevelGood AttemptsQuestion-time Analysis
Abstract ReasoningModerate18-20/25Ten questions will take less than a minute, and 25 will need 90 seconds each.
Logical ReasoningModerate and Lengthy48-55/75Forty of the easier ones can be answered in 40-60 seconds each. The remaining 35 will need 2 minutes each.
Quantitative AptitudeModerate to Difficult35-40/5015 to 20 questions are meant to be solved in 50 seconds each. The remaining 30 might require up to 2 minutes.
Verbal AbilityModerate to Difficult35-40/50Thirty questions can quickly be answered in 45 seconds each, but the remaining can take more than 2 minutes.
OverallModerate and Lengthy136-155/200With great accuracy, time management, and strategically selective answering, it is easy to score 150 marks.

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Your goal should be to breach the 150 mark to have any hope of cracking the top three colleges – JBIMS, SIMSREE, and Welingkar. Understanding the MAH CET exam pattern properly is the first step towards that. You need to create a proper plan to help you mark the easier topics to score on and the types of questions you should skip. If you try to attempt each question, you’ll take a lot of time and miss out on critical marks. To build the perfect MAH CET exam 2024 strategy, you should talk to our experienced mentors by filling out the form here