MAH MBA CET Answer Key 2024 – Release date and direct PDF download link

30 March, 2024
parthiva mewawala

The MAH MBA CET answer key 2024 will be available for download on April 1st 2024, on the official website. Along with the answer key, the official question paper and the candidate response sheets will also be released. You can log on to – – and download the PDF copies of the same easily.  


Unlike most years, the CET conducting body has decided to release the MAH MBA CET answer key this year. Announced on March 26th 2024, by the Maharashtra State CET Cell, the answer key will be available for download on the official website on April 1st 2024. Students will also be able to download the official question papers and their response sheets from the website. The CET cell has also given students time till 3rd April 2024 to raise any objections and grievances against the answer key. 


The answer key and response sheets will come in handy for students looking to compute their raw scores before the actual results come out. Based on their probable scores and past years’ cutoffs, they can start shortlisting colleges and prepare for the CAP process ahead.



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How to download the MAH MBA CET answer key 2024?


Just follow the steps outlined below to download the MBA CET answer key, question paper, and response sheet:


  1. Visit the official website – – and log in using your credentials.
  2. Once you log in to the student portal, you’ll be able to see the link to download the MAH MBA CET answer key.
  3. Click on the link to download the answer key in PDF format.


It’s that easy. Once you have the answer key, you can compare the answers to the responses you had filled in and estimate your score.


Here is all the information that is expected to be available on the answer key:


  1. Your name and registration number
  2. Your exam date and session
  3. Section-wise questions, options, and official answers
  4. Your chosen response to every question


How to raise objections against the MBA CET answer key 2024?


Another development this year has been the introduction of an objection window wherein students can raise their grievances against the answer key via the official website. The process of objecting has been kept free as per the latest notification. To log your objections, all you need to do is log into the website and navigate to the objection tracking window.


  1. Go to the website.
  2. Log into the student portal using your credentials.
  3. Once you have logged in, you’ll be able to access the Objection Tracking tab.
  4. On the tab, enter your objection details and upload the supporting documents.
  5. Click on the submit button to send it in.
  6. You’ll be able to track the progress of your objection from the same tab.


How to calculate your score using the MAH MBA CET answer key?


One of the most significant advantages of having access to the official answer key is that it enables you to calculate your score before the result. Based on that, you can begin to shortlist the colleges for which you stand a chance. 


To calculate your score, all you need to do is keep the marking scheme in mind:


  1. You get +1 for every correct answer.
  2. You get 0 for every unattempted question.
  3. Since there is no negative marking, you only get a 0 for all incorrect answers.


A good score is considered north of 145, especially if you’re targeting top colleges such as JBIMS, SIMSREE, Welingkar, and PUMBA.


Also, keep in mind that the score you calculate using the MBA CET answer key will only be your raw score. The official MAH MBA CET result 2024 will contain your normalised scores, accounting for variations in difficulty levels across the different sessions. 


Much like all the other major management entrance tests, the MAH CET exam also follows the standard normalisation process to ensure all students are assessed using the same standards and scale.


For instance, in MAH MBA CET 2024, the Day 2 paper was considered significantly more challenging than the Day 1 paper.


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With the MAH MBA CET answer key 2024 available for download on April 1st, 2024, it’ll become easier for students to predict their scores. Moreover, this process adds a new layer of transparency to MAH CET scoring. It is an important step in the right direction.