CLAT 2024 Exam Analysis: Check Section-wise Analysis, Expected Cut Off, Question Asked, Difficulty Level

30 November, 2023
Pintu Das

Get.Set.Law expert mentors have now provided an analysis of CLAT 2024. According to the most recent official updates, CLAT 2024 has concluded and was successfully held on December 3, 2023, in a single slot from 2:00 to 4:00 PM. If you were part of this exam, it’s crucial to review the CLAT 2023 Exam Analysis to understand the questions asked in each section, the difficulty level, and the anticipated cutoffs. The article on CLAT Exam Analysis 2024 includes insights into the difficulty level of the exam, section-wise reviews, expected cutoffs, good attempts, and other relevant information.

CLAT 2024 saw an upsurge in the number of applications from last CLAT 2023 with around 60,000 students writing CLAT 2024. Based on our CLAT Analysis 2024, the overall difficulty level was assessed as Extremely Easy. Notably, the Legal Reasoning and English Language section was found to be the easiest, while the Quantitative section posed the moderate level questions. CLAT, a national-level Law exam organized by the Consortium of NLUs, is targeted at individuals aspiring to study Law at NLUs. For a comprehensive understanding of CLAT Analysis 2024, including difficulty levels, section-wise reviews, and more, continue reading.

CLAT which commenced in 2008, has experienced numerous ups and downs in recent years, with the most significant being the pattern change in 2020. Following this alteration, many consider it an examination more focused on evaluating verbal skills. The current CLAT 2024 adheres to the pattern established in 2020, and the entire paper is structured accordingly.

Presently, there are 26 NLUs in India, of which 24 admit candidates based on their CLAT scores. NLU Delhi conducts AILET, and the newest addition, NLU Meghalaya, is yet to announce its admission procedure.

The CLAT exam on December 3, 2023, commenced with students arriving at the center from 12:30 PM onwards. Entry to the hall was permitted at 1:30 PM, and after completing exam formalities, the test began promptly at 2:00 PM with a long bell. Students were allowed to carry their admit card, ID proof, blue/black ballpoint pen, water bottle, or analog watch. Any digital watches, calculators, etc., were strictly prohibited.

Things to carry for CLAT 2024 exam

Students were allowed to carry the following:

  • Admit card
  • ID proof
  • Blue/black ballpoint pen
  • Water bottle
  • Analog watch

Note: Any digital watches, calculators, etc., are strictly prohibited.

At 3:00 PM, a bell signaled one hour remaining in the exam, followed by a short bell at 3:50 PM indicating the last 10 minutes. At precisely 4:00 PM, with a long bell, the exam concluded, and students submitted their answer sheets to the invigilator.

Students came out of the center with an extremely relaxed feel. While some students found the exam to be moderate, others were happy to find certain sections of the exam easy and doable in nature. Overall it’s an amazing paper resulting in high cut-offs.

CLAT 2024 Exam overview

SectionNo. of QuestionsNumber of PassagesIdeal AttemptsLevel of Difficulty
English Language24420+Easy
Current Affairs including General Knowledge28524+Easy
Legal Reasoning32528+Easy
Logical Reasoning24420+Easy- Medium
Quantitative Techniques1228+Easy
Following are the key highlights of CLAT 2024
  • Overall the exam was extremely easy
  • Passages were not lengthy and could be easily comprehended
  • Students could derive to answers easily
  • 90+ attempts to be considered as good attempts and surely will take the cut off for tier 1 NLUs very high.

CLAT 2024 Section Wise Analysis

English Language
No. of QuestionsLevel of DifficultyNo. of QuestionsLevel of DifficultyNo. of QuestionsLevel of Difficulty
English Language CLAT 2024 analysis:
  1. Very easy and delightful reading material of general reading interest
  2. Easy option elimination
  3. No technical questions
  4. Literary passages required nuanced understanding of context
  5. Familiarity with English literature will pay off


Current Affairs including General Knowledge
Current Affairs including General Knowledge
No. of QuestionsLevel of DifficultyNo. of QuestionsLevel of DifficultyNo. of QuestionsLevel of Difficulty
Current Affairs CLAT 2024 analysis:
  1. Overall section was easy.
  2. Majority of the topics were straightforward & quite predictable.
  3. There was an equal proportion of both static & current affairs questions.
  4. Unique interpretation of the change of syllabus was put via a passage based on history.
  5. The questions asked were such that they could be answered via reading the passage.
Legal Reasoning
Legal Reasoning
No. of QuestionsLevel of DifficultyNo. of QuestionsLevel of DifficultyNo. of QuestionsLevel of Difficulty

Legal Reasoning CLAT 2024 analysis
  • Overall easy paper.
  • Focus was on contemporary law and core law subjects such as Constitutional & Contract laws were missing.
  • The majority of the passages were of moderate length.
  • Majority of the questions are short and direct.


Logical Reasoning

Logical Reasoning
No. of QuestionsLevel of DifficultyNo. of QuestionsLevel of DifficultyNo. of QuestionsLevel of Difficulty
30Medium30Medium24Easy- Medium
Logical Reasoning CLAT 2024 analysis:
  1. On the expected lines except the introduction of some questions related to decision making
  2. Most questions revolved around author’s opinion
  3. Some passages leaning towards literature


Quantitative Techniques
Quantitative Techniques
No. of QuestionsLevel of DifficultyNo. of QuestionsLevel of DifficultyNo. of QuestionsLevel of Difficulty
Quantitative Techniques CLAT 2024 analysis:
  1. There were 2 sets each comprising of 6 questions. So, the total number of questions were reduced to 12 compared to 15 questions in the last year.
  2. In the first set, the data was with respect to the percentage distribution of the number of vehicles sold in 4 different states and the respective ratios of the number of diesel, petrol and electric vehicles in each of these states was given.
  3. The second set had a percentage distribution of three categories of employees across the Rural and Urban population of a region.
  4. Questions in these 2 sets were based on percentage change, ratios, averages..etc

Expected Cut – Off  & Total Seats for CLAT 2024 :


UniversitiesTotal SeatsExpected ranks (General Category)
NLSIU, Bangalore300120
NALSAR, Hyderabad132175
NLIU, Bhopal B.A.LL.B134280-320
NLIU, Bhopal B.Sc. LL.B68500-550
WBNUJS, Kolkata108230-250
NLU, Jodhpur120330-360
HNLU, Raipur170700-750
GNLU, Gandhinagar225400-420
MNLU, Mumbai100440-500
RMLNLU Lucknow169700-750
RGNLU, Patiala1801200-1300
CNLU, Patna B.A. LL.B691350-1500
CNLU, Patna B.B.A. LL.B691350-1500
NUALS Kochi1321250-1400
NLUO Odisha159900-1050
NUSRL Ranchi1201300-1400
NLUJA Assam891600-1800
DSNLU Vizag1201500-1600
TNNLU Trichy B.A.LL.B601800-2000
TNNLU Trichy – B.Com. LL.B601900-2100
MNLU Nagpur B.A.LL.B1202000-2100
MNLU Nagpur B.B.A.LL.B.602100-2300
MNLU Aurangabad B.A. LL.B602500-2700
MNLU Aurangabad B.B.A. LL.B602400-2500
HPNLU Shimla B.A. LL.B602800-3000
HPNLU Shimla B.B.A. LL.B602800-3000
DNLU Jabalpur1202300-2500
DBRANLU Sonepat1201900-2100
GNLU Silvassa661800-1900
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