CMAT Mock Test – Free CMAT Mock Tests for Practice

20 April, 2024
parthiva mewawala

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The best part is you’ll also get access to the following content for free along with the mock tests:

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Use this CMAT mock test to define your strengths and weaknesses and refine your exam-day strategy. However, just one mock test might not do the trick for many students. With the exam right around the corner, students should aim to give at least 10 mocks in proper exam settings with strict time constraints to truly acquaint themselves with the exam pattern and check their prowess under pressure. Signing up for the SimCMAT Xclusive 2024 is the right choice for such students. It is a comprehensive set of 15 CMAT mock tests that closely mimic the actual level of the paper. Moreover, you get access to detailed video solutions for each question, analytics, and a progress tracker.


Sign up for the  CMAT test series here – SimCMAT Xclusive 2024


Importance of writing the CMAT mock test


The CMAT exam is scheduled for May 15th, 2024. A highly competitive exam, you require more than 99.90%ile to have a chance of getting into the top programs at JBIMS, Welingkar, SIMSREE, PUMBA, GIM Goa, and Great Lakes. Without a perfect strategy to back up your prep, you risk losing marks and drastically lowering your score. And the best way to craft the right strategy and practice it is by giving as many CMAT mock tests as possible. Here is why giving mock tests should be a crucial part of your approach:

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  1. Candidates can expect to effectively navigate the CMAT exam with complete knowledge of its intricacies, such as the most popular types of questions asked, the typical difficulty level of the questions, the topics covered, and the variation in weightage across topics. The best way to ingrain this information is to give at least 10 mock tests in perfect exam-like conditions.Read More – CMAT Exam Pattern 2024
  2. The CMAT exam has 5 sections with 20 questions in each. Unlike the MAH MBA CET, it has a negative marking of -1 for each incorrect answer. With 99.99%ile hovering around 360 marks, you have little room for error if your target college is JBIMS or SIMSREE. That means you need to know the exact questions you should skip, based on an assessment of your strengths and weaknesses, to maximise your score. Giving your CMAT mock test will ensure you are well aware of the questions you are good at and those you aren’t.
  3. The CMAT is primarily an accuracy test. Unlike the CET, students have ample time to attempt each question, although this does raise the bar for all students. Unlike other papers, students must score 99.99%ile to stand a chance at the top programs. Even one silly mistake can drop your percentile below the required mark. Hence, extensive practice under pressure is necessary.

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How to make the most of your CMAT mock test?


The CMAT free mock test and the test series will ensure you are on the right track to do well. But just giving the mock test isn’t enough. You need to be deliberate in your approach. Here is how to make the mock of your CMAT mock tests:


  1. Don’t forget to conduct a detailed analysis of your performance in each mock test. When you sign up for the SimCMAT Xclusive 2024 test series, you get access to test analytics that break down your performance section-wise and help you build a performance enhancement plan. Use the data to double down on the parts you need to work on and the ones you’re doing well. While analysing your answers, make it a point to understand the reasoning behind each answer. The why matters more than the answer itself.
  2. Learn to build the right strategy based on your target college and corresponding score. If your target is PUMBA or SIMSREE, you should be looking at a score of 300+. 300 marks boils down to 75 correct answers. With no sectional cutoffs, you can choose to attempt more questions from your most vital sections and fewer from your weaker ones. Don’t guess mindlessly, lest you end up losing marks.
  3. Lastly, give each CMAT mock test under stringent testing conditions. Stick to the time limit, follow exam-day rules, and sit for the whole 180 minutes. Not only will you get used to the intense pressure of the exam environment, but you will also find ways to perform better.

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The importance of mock tests cannot be understated. Sign up for your free mock test – CMAT @ Zero Fee to see where you stand. For more help, check out the test series – SimCMAT Xclusive 2024 test series. Coupled with the right exam-day strategy, you won’t be far from scoring 99.90%ile.