CMAT Answer Key 2024 – Download Answer Key PDF and Response Sheet Here

23 May, 2024
parthiva mewawala

The official CMAT answer key and student response sheets were released by the NTA on its official website on 23 May 2024. You can use the response sheet and compare it to the answer key to get a fair idea of your raw score. The answer key and response sheet can be downloaded easily from the official website——by logging in using your credentials. Students can also raise objections against the official answer key until 25th May 2024.


CMAT Answer Key

The CMAT Exam was conducted on May 15th, 2024. Over 60,000 students were expected to sit for the exam. With over 1300 colleges accepting CMAT scores, including top ones such as JBIMS, SIMSREE, Welingkar, Great Lakes, and PUMBA, it has become one of the most popular management entrance exams in the country. The CMAT result is usually declared 15 days after the exam, after which students can start applying to colleges. Before the final result is announced, the NTA will release the answer key and response sheet for students to verify.

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Students can also choose to challenge the provisional CMAT answer key by raising their objections on the official website. In this blog, we’ve covered all the information you need to download the answer key and the response sheet and log in your objections, if any.


CMAT answer key 2024 – How to download the answer key?


The CMAT 2024 answer key can be downloaded easily from the official website by following these steps:


  1. Open the official website on your device – Ensure you have a compatible browser.
  2. Use your credentials (application number and password) to log into the portal.
  3. Once you’ve logged in, you’ll be able to access your CMAT answer key and response sheet.
  4. Download the documents in PDF format and save them on your device.


The answer key will only be available for download for a limited period of time. Students need to download it within this timeframe. It will contain all your recorded responses along with the correct answers marked for each question. You can match the two sheets to calculate your raw score. Keep in mind that your raw score might not be the same as your final score. Based on the difference in the difficulty levels of the two sessions of the exam, a normalisation process will be followed.


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How to raise objections against the provisional CMAT answer key?


Much like downloading the answer key, students can raise their objections online by filling out a basic form, uploading supporting documents, and paying a small fee. We’ve listed the steps below:


  1. Visit the official website
  2. Login with your Application Number and Date of Birth. Enter the Security PIN as displayed and press submit. 
  3. Click on the button that says “View Question Paper” for your marked responses. To view or challenge the answer key, click on the link “Click to View /Challenge Answer Key”. 
  4. You will find the correct answers in sequential order. The answers under the column ‘Correct Option(s)’ are the correct ones as per the NTA. 
  5. To challenge this option, use any one or more of the options given in the next four columns by ticking the check box. 
  6. After selecting your preferred option, scroll down and click on ‘Save your Claims’ to move to the next screen. 
  7. You will see a display of all the questions you have challenged. 
  8. In case you have supporting documents to upload, select ‘Choose File’ and upload all documents in a single pdf file. 
  9. Click on ‘Save your Claims and pay fee’. 
  10. After saving the claims, you will find a screen displaying your challenges. 
  11. Pay the fee by clicking on ‘Pay Fee’. The claims will be saved finally and held eligible only after successful payment of the required fee. 
  12. Select the mode of payment and pay a non-refundable processing fee of Rs. 200/- for each question challenged. Make payment through Debit/Credit Card/Net Banking.


Pointers to keep in mind while challenging the CMAT answer key


You need to keep a few things in mind when you seek to challenge the provisional answer key:


  1. The Rs. 200 being charged per objection is non-refundable, even if your objection is deemed viable.
  2. You can only pay online using your credit card, debit card, or net banking.
  3. Once the deadline has passed, no objection will be entertained.
  4. All the challenges submitted by the students will be ascertained by a select panel of experts.
  5. If the objection is found to hold merit, the answer key will be accordingly altered.
  6. The altered answer key will then be made public in due time as the final answer key.
  7. Lastly, no individual challengers will individually be informed of whether their claims have been accepted or not.


How to calculate your CMAT score and CMAT percentile using the official CMAT answer key and response sheet?


It is very easy to calculate your raw score using the answer key and response sheet:


  1. Match your responses with the correct answers according to the key.
  2. For every correct answer, award yourself a +4.
  3. For every incorrect one, give yourself a -1.
  4. For unattempted questions, you get a 0.
  5. Now add up all your correct answers and deduct the incorrect ones to reach your raw score.


Remember that your raw score can further change based on the changes made in the final answer key. Moreover, the normalised score will also differ from the raw score.


While the table attached below can give you a general idea of your percentile, it is best to avoid speculation and wait for the final CMAT result to be out.


CMAT score vs CMAT percentile


CMAT PercentileCMAT score 2023CMAT score 2022


The CMAT answer key will be released before the end of May 2024 for students to check and raise objections to. For more details, continue to follow this space as well as the official CMAT website.