GATE 2024 Last Minute Preparation Tips – 11 Best Strategies to Ace GATE 2024

29 January, 2024
parthiva mewawala

As the GATE 2024 examination is coming closer, candidates are undoubtedly feeling a mix of excitement and anxiety. These last few days before the exam are crucial, as the practice done in these last days can directly influence the result. That’s why an effective last-minute preparation plan can significantly impact performance. This blog will explore essential GATE 2024 last minute preparation tips to help you navigate this final stretch successfully.

What are the 11 best GATE 2024 last minute preparation tips?

  • Start with a Detailed Revision Schedule

GATE covers a vast syllabus, and it’s essential to have a well-structured revision plan. Break down the remaining days per the marks weightage of the subject and allocate time for each. The table below categorises subjects based on their marks weightage across the top 6 streams. 

Subject PriorityCECSECEEMEIN
First PriorityMaths, Aptitude, Geotech, Environment, TransportationMaths, Aptitude, Data structure, COA, TOC, Operating Systems, DMGTMaths, Aptitude, Network Theory, Signals and Systems, Control systems, CommunicationMaths, Aptitude, Network, Power Electronics, Power Systems, Electrical MachinesMaths, Aptitude, Manufacturing Engineering, Thermodynamics and Application, SOMMaths, Aptitude, Control Systems, Network Theory, Digital electronics and Signal and Systems
Second PrioritySOM, Structure, Hydrology and Irrigation, Fluid Mechanics, SurveyingComputer Networks, DBMS, AlgorithmsAnalog Electronics, Digital Electronics, Electronic Devices and CircuitsSignal and Systems, Control System, Analog ElectronicsTOM, Fluid Mechanics, Heat TransferAnalog electronics, Measurement, Sensors and Transducers
Third PriorityRCC, CMM, Steel, Open channel Flow, Engineering MechanicsCompiler design, Digital LogicEMFTMeasurement, EMFT, Digital ElectronicsIndustrial Engineering, Engineering Mechanics and Machine DesignOptical Instrumentation, Communications systems, Electrical machines and EMFT


Make sure to revise all the subjects thoroughly, focusing on your weaker areas. This schedule will act as a roadmap for your last-minute preparation for GATE 2024.

  • Prioritise Important Topics

Identify the frequently asked concepts using GATE Previous Year Question Bank and prioritise them in your revision. GATE examiners often prefer to frame questions from these frequently asked concepts over other concepts. Allocate more time to revise these critical concepts to maximise your chances of scoring well.

  • Improve your Switch Button with Previous Year’s Papers

While preparing for the exam, students usually read one or two subjects daily. Due to this, their mind is trained to give 2 or 3 mixed-subject tests properly. Over the years, it was observed that students are comfortably scoring well in mixed subject tests, which contain questions from 2 or 3 subjects, but they face a lot of hardship to get a good score in full-length tests. 

The main reason is their switch button is not trained properly. The switch button indicates how easily a student can recall the formulas and concepts for different questions in the full-length test. This switch button can be improved by taking full GATE previous year papers like a test. 

GATE question papers from previous years are invaluable resources and form one of the most critical GATE 2024 last minute preparation tips. They provide insight into the exam pattern, question types, and difficulty level. Devote time to solving these papers to get familiar with the exam format and identify areas where you need more practice.

  • Focus on Formulas and Concepts

GATE is known for testing candidates’ understanding of fundamental concepts and their applications. Almost all the concepts are associated with formulas and facts. Failing to recall the formula in the exam is one of the main reasons candidates do not score well. Quick recalling of formulas and facts reduces the question-solving time drastically. 

In these last days before the GATE exam, dedicate 2 hours daily to revising formulas and facts from each subject using short notes or formula sheets. Repetition is key, so go through these formulas regularly.

  • Learning through Mock test

In these last days, practising full-length mock tests is the key. Use these full-length mock tests as a tool for identifying mistakes and weak areas of the subject. Practice solving full-length mock tests within the stipulated time. This will not only help improve your time management skills but also build your stamina for the actual exam. Use a virtual calculator to get accustomed to its functions while attempting these tests.

If a candidate is appearing for a 3-hour mock test, then the next 2 hours should be spent analysing the same test. Check your concept application and formula recalling in these tests. Go through solutions in-depth, and figure out your mistakes. Keep a target of scoring +10 marks from every previous test attempted.

For some questions, short tricks and facts are mentioned in the solution. Try to learn them while analysing the test. Try not to repeat your mistakes, which will help you to score well on the exam.

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  • Review Mistakes and Weak Areas

Analyse your performance in mock tests and previous practice sessions. Identify recurring mistakes and weak areas. Spend extra time revising and practising in these specific areas to strengthen your understanding. This targeted approach will contribute significantly to your overall preparation.

  • Time management in the Mock Test

GATE contains 65 questions asked for 100 marks in 3 hours (180 mins). Of these, 30 questions are of 1 mark, and 35 are of 2 marks. So, while attempting the test, you can use a 3-cycle approach. 

In the first cycle, the candidate has to go through all 65 questions but solve only 1 mark and easy theoretical 2 marks questions. This first cycle should be completed within 30 to 45 minutes. 

In the second cycle, the candidate can target all the 2 mark questions, for which they can utilise 90 to 120 mins. As the candidates have already gone through all the questions once in the first cycle, they can quickly relate to the concept of 2-mark questions, which drastically improves the question-solving time.  In the third cycle of 30 minutes, the candidate has to check for calculation mistakes and if any question is marked for review.

GATE 2024 last-minute preparation tips focus not just on studying but also on practical exam situations. After all, your test-day strategy can play a big role in helping you score well. 

  • Stay Healthy and Well-Rested

In this hectic journey of the last few days before the GATE, it’s crucial to prioritise your well-being. Ensure you sleep well, eat healthily, and take short breaks to rejuvenate your mind. A healthy body and mind are better equipped to handle the stress of GATE prep. Our GATE 2024 last minute preparation tips will only be of help if you maintain your health; otherwise, you risk losing out on the rewards of all your hard work.

  • Group Study for Discussion

Engaging in group study sessions can be beneficial during the GATE 2024 last-minute preparations. Discussing concepts with peers can offer new perspectives and insights. Explaining topics to others can also enhance your understanding. However, ensure that these group sessions are focused and do not deviate into unrelated discussions.

  • Use Online Resources Wisely

Online platforms offer many study materials, video lectures, and forums for discussion. Leverage these resources wisely in the last few days. Refer to reputed educational websites for any doubts or clarifications. Engaging in online discussions can provide valuable insights and broaden your understanding of different topics.

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  • Stay Positive and Confident

Maintaining a positive mindset is crucial during the last-minute preparation journey. Trust your preparation and believe in your abilities. Avoid unnecessary stress and anxiety. Confidence in your knowledge and preparation will contribute significantly to your performance on the exam day.

In the final days leading up to the GATE 2024 exam, a combination of focused revision, strategic planning, and maintaining a healthy mindset will make a substantial difference. GATE 2024 last-minute preparation tips are not just about studying harder but also about studying smarter. By incorporating these strategies into your routine, you can confidently approach the exam and maximise your chances of success. Remember, consistency is key, and a well-rounded approach will help you ace the GATE 2024 examination. 

Best of luck!