GMAT Registration 2024 – Application Form, Exam Date, How to Fill, Fees

29 September, 2023
Artika Shan

GMAT registration can be done online by visiting the official website of the Graduate  Management Admission Council (GMAC), which designs and administers the GMAT. The candidate will be provided with a list of dates, times, and testing centers near them.
GMAC  administers the Graduate Management Admission Test. The test is a multiple-choice, computer-adaptive test intended to assess skills in logical reasoning, critical thinking, and analytical writing. With more than 2,500 business schools accepting it as an admission requirement, it is the most widely accepted exam for MBA admissions.

How to Register for the GMAT
The GMAT exam is an online entrance exam, and registration for the exam is conducted entirely online. However, creating a profile for the GMAT exam registration is the first step in the GMAT registration process. Below are the steps to register for the GMAT exam.

Step 1: Create a GMAT exam profile on the official website.
Step 2: Create login credentials to register for the GMAT exam.
Step 3: Candidates are asked by GMAC whether they would like to receive additional information regarding the financial aid and recruitment procedures of the business schools and GMAC’s offers and promotions. However, it is optional for candidates to provide these details during the registration process for the GMAT exam.
Step 4: Candidates can also apply to colleges through the GMASS during the GMAT exam registration.
Step 5: Upon logging into the GMAT exam registration, the candidate will be prompted to provide personal information that requires similar information to the login information. This includes the email address and the name. Additionally, address and communication details are required. Included in this information are phone numbers and language preferences.
Step 6: The next step is that candidates must fill in their profile details, which include their date of birth, gender, native language, work experience, and undergraduate program. Last but not least, the profile details include the candidate’s career aspirations. However, the GMASS-associated colleges will use these details to contact you.
Step 7: The above steps will let the candidate create their MBA profile for the GMAT exam registration. 

Select a GMAT Testing Center
After you have planned to take the GMAT at a testing center, find the location that is convenient for you. The candidate has to also gather information about whether the site has available seats before registering. Meanwhile, every testing center operates on its own schedule and can accept varying numbers of test takers. However, to find the testing center near you, the candidate should visit 

GMAT Registration Fees
Anyone planning to take the GMAT should pay attention to the registration fees. There are different fees depending on the country where the test is being given.  Moreover, rescheduling or canceling the exam will incur additional fees.

GMAT  registration Fees in India 

To register for the GMAT in India, the candidate has to pay a registration fee of $275, i.e.; approx Rs 22,000. Within 24 hours of the scheduled time, appointments cannot be rescheduled or canceled. However, the candidate will lose the entire exam fee if he or she fails to reschedule the exam before the time.

The table below exhibits details of the GMAT Fees and changes in India which also include registration, rescheduling, and cancellation fees. 

Fee Category Test Center Fee Online Exam Fee 
GMAT Exam FeesUS$275US$300
Enhanced Score Report (purchased at the time of registration)US$30Not Available
Additional Score ReportUS$35 eachUS$35 each
Cancel score (via My Account page after the exam)US$25Not Applicable
Reinstate scoreUS$50Not Applicable
AWA Essay RescoringUS$45US$45

GMAT registration Fees in the UK 

In the UK, the GMAT registration fee is $250. There is a £50 cancellation fee if you cancel 14 days or less before the appointment, and £75 if you cancel 15-60 days before the appointment. However, £100 is charged, if you cancel more than 60 days before the appointment. According to the number of days before the appointment, rescheduling fees range from £50 to £150.

GMAT Registration Fees in the USA
Registration, rescheduling, and cancellation fees for the GMAT exam are the same in the USA and India. Meanwhile, taking the test in the USA costs $275. 

GMAT Fees in European countries
In several European countries, the GMAT fee is $275 and is charged in euros or pounds. 

GMAT Fees in Non-European Countries
In non-European countries, the GMAT exam fees are US$285, with an additional US$30 charge for an Enhanced Score report. Meanwhile, the fees are subject to change. For more information, the candidate should refer to the official GMAT website.

GMAT Cancellation Fee
The cancellation fee is adjusted based on the proximity of the cancellation to the appointment date. In the event that a candidate cancels their appointment more than 60 days before the appointment, they will receive a refund of US$110. However, they will also receive a refund of US$55 if they cancel 14 days or less before their GMAT appointment.

GMAT Rescheduling Fee
The fees for rescheduling depend on how close to the appointment date is the candidate making changes. However, if the candidate is rescheduling the exam and it is more than 60 days before their appointment, they will be charged a fee of US$55. Meanwhile, if they are making changes to their appointment 15 or 60 days before the appointment, they will be charged a fee of US$110. And, if the candidate is making changes to their appointment 14 days or less before the appointment date, the rescheduling fee is US $165. 

GMAT registration in other ways
1. GMAT Registration through Fax or Mail:
GMAT allows registration through fax or mail. If the candidate decides to go through these mediums, they have to download the GMAT test form available on the official website. But, when selecting mail or fax options, it is necessary to keep in mind that it usually takes 8 weeks for GMAC to receive the candidate’s GMAT application form. Hence, the candidate has to plan when registering for their GMAT exam.
2. GMAT Registration through phone
The candidate can call the GMAC India office between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. (working hours) at 00-1244945270. However, if you are registering by calling the office, then you have to pay an extra $10.
3. Registering for GMAT Online:
GMAC allows the candidates to take the exam from the comfort of their homes.
Below are a few steps to register for the online version of the GMAT exam.
1. The candidate must visit the official website and log into the GMAT account. However, the option to register for the GMAT online exam will be displayed to them.4
2. The candidate then has to select the preferred date and time and fill in all the details.
3. After paying the fees, the candidate will be able to complete the GMAT online registration process.

Booking GMAT exam slot
To ensure their preferred time slot and test center, candidates should book their GMAT test at least one or two months in advance. However, the number of applicants for the GMAT continues to grow, so it is imperative that they book in advance. Candidates who plan to apply in November should consider booking their slot three to six months in advance. However, the applicants should also keep in mind that preparing their application documents will also take some time. Therefore, this factor should also be taken into account.

Getting the GMAT exam fee waiver
Applicants who are economically disadvantaged and wish to take the GMAT exam may benefit from GMAT fee waivers. However, interested candidates may access the required information on the website to apply for the fee waiver.  In order to request a fee waiver, applicants must click on the submit button and log into their GMAC account after reading the information provided.

Recommended time frame to schedule the GMAT exam
The candidate can register online for the GMAT up to six months before their preferred test date. Meanwhile, registering two to three months before the desired date is fair enough in advance to ensure that the testing time works for you. As a result of the busy location, more people will register for the exam. In the event that the candidate registers too far in advance, he or she will run the risk of not being able to schedule the appointment if their plans change. You may have to pay a substantial fee for rescheduling your test appointment, depending on how many days before the appointment you rescheduled.

Rescheduling GMAT exam

The candidate who aims to reschedule their GMAT exam has to pay the rescheduling fee and complete the required procedures online. 

The below table will aid the candidate in understanding the rescheduling fee that they have to pay. 

No of DaysRescheduling Fee
Between 1 to 14 days of your exam date$150
Between 15 to 60 days prior to your exam date$100
More than 60 days prior to your exam date$50

For rescheduling the exam, the candidates have to:
1. Log into the account
2. Select the exam you wish to reschedule
3. Select the date you wish to reschedule
4. Review your request
5. Confirm the newly scheduled exam date
6. Make additional payment 

Canceling the GMAT exam dates
GMAC allows the candidates to cancel the scheduled exam dates. Yet, the candidate has to pay a cancellation fee for this. The charges will vary based on the date the candidate chooses for the cancellation. 

The below table shows the cancellation charges.

No of Days Cancellation Fee 
Between 1 to 14 days of your exam date $200 ($50 refund)
Between 15 to 60 days before the exam date $175 ($75 refund)
More than 60 days prior to your exam date$150 ($100 refund)

Key pointers to consider
1. The GMAT exam can be taken at any time during the year except for public holidays.
2. Register for the GMAT exam by visiting the official website and completing the login procedures.
3. GMAT can also be taken online from the comfort of home.
4. Candidates can reschedule the GMAT exam by paying the additional fee 

Recent updates
The candidates appearing for the GMAT online exam will get more choices and flexibility to attempt the exam. However, the  candidates can avail of the following choices:
The application process for GMAT Focus Edition will commence on 29th August.
2. GMAC has introduced a new topic called Data Insights.
3. The exam pattern and old syllabus will continue till the end of the third quarter of this year.
4. GMAC announced the acceptance of Aadhar card for the GMAT online exam as a valid ID proof.
5. GMAT AWA is added to the GMAT online pattern to show analytical writing skills.
6. The candidates can select the preferred location first. 

FAQs – GMAT Registration
1. In what ways can I register for the GMAT?
The candidate can register for the GMAT online at through phone using postal mail or by fax.

2. What is the overall cost of registration for the GMAT 2024 exam?
The total cost of registering for the GMAT exam is $250 which comes to Rs 18,300. However, there may also be a slight variation as the fees you pay in India are subject to foreign exchange rates at the time of registration.

3. What is the last date for GMAT registration?
You may register for the GMAT exam between six months and 24 hours prior to the desired date. It is difficult to find an available time slot at the last minute. Hence, it is recommended, however, that you register at least two to three months prior to the planned test date.

4. Where is the GMAT registration form available?
Visit to register for the GMAT and provide your name, email address, phone number, nationality, and other information.

5. Who is eligible for the GMAT registration fee waiver?
GMAT registration fee waivers are intended for individuals who are economically disadvantaged and cannot afford to take the GMAT exam. Up to ten fee waivers can be requested per year by the director or similar position on behalf of the test taker. Fee waivers are available to programs that accept GMAT scores. Additionally, the requested codes will be sent via secure mail. On, test takers can register for the GMAT exam using the fee waiver code.

6. How to register for the GMAT?
The candidate has four options to register for the GMAT:
1. Online at (The easiest option)
2. Phone (Calling GMAC)
3. Postal Mail
4. Fax

7. Does retaking the GMAT require fee payment?
To retake the GMAT exam, you will have to register again. You will also have to pay the registration fees for retaking the exam.

8. How should I check my GMAT registration payment status?
Simply log into your account at to check the status of your GMAT registration payment.

9. How many times can the candidate take the GMAT after paying the fees?
The person can take the GMAT a total of eight times in their lifetime. The maximum number of tests one can take in a year are five. Apart from this, the candidate has to keep in mind, that if he/she decides to retake the test, then they will need to pay the the registration cost. 

10. How can I edit the information on the GMAT website?
You may need to contact GMAC customer support depending on what information you wish to edit.

The GMAT exam has an online registration form like most entrance exams, similar to the CAT exam. The candidates who are planning to take the GMAT exam have to fill out the GMAT exam registration form, pay the GMAT exam fees, and select the GMAT exam date to complete the procedural details. This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to register for the GMAT exam. This way you will be positioned to complete the GMAT registration without any hassle. GMAT is conducted by the Graduate Management Aptitude Council. It is open to candidates around the world. However, the candidate’s eligibility should be considered before registering for GMAT. Read the GMAT Syllabus and  GMAT Preparation tips for enhanced learning if you wish to succeed on the GMAT exam.