IPMAT Online Coaching vs Offline Classroom Classes – Which One Should You Choose?

12 April, 2023
parthiva mewawala

The Integrated Program in Management was launched by IIM Indore in 2011 to cater to the evolving needs of a burgeoning commerce landscape; rapidly expanding markets required skilled leaders capable of navigating the new changes. IPM’s five year course nurtures students from the very beginning, giving them a strong foundation of core finance and management skills in the first three years followed by development of business management and professional skills in the next two. Admission to this prestigious program is decided through the IPMAT or Integrated Program in Management Aptitude Test. A fiercely competitive test with 30,000 students vying for just a few hundred seats, cracking it requires you to undertake comprehensive IPMAT coaching and training to strengthen your core concepts. 

Students have many coaching options to choose from but the biggest question remains – should they go for IPMAT online coaching or offline classroom coaching? 

Both the methodologies have their advantages. While offline coaching offers more interaction, online coaching affords greater study flexibility. 

In this blog, we’ve outlined the many benefits of both the approaches to help you pick the best one for your specific goals. 


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What are the advantages of IPMAT online coaching? 

Here’s why you should choose IPMAT online classes for your prep:

Study any time from anywhere

Logistical constraints can mar your IPMAT training. Many ambitious students, from smaller towns and villages, cannot access quality coaching facilities in their vicinity. Online coaching ensures that even if you live in a remote area, your IPMAT preparation won’t be hampered. 

Another consideration here is for students who travel frequently or have other academic commitments that make it harder for them to attend classes everyday. With IPMAT online coaching, you can study from anywhere at your chosen time as long as you have a laptop and internet connection. 

Added flexibility in coursework

Different students have different learning needs. Your chances of cracking the test increase if you have the flexibility to design your own knowledge pathway that meets your specific requirements. Online classes include recorded lectures, concept videos, and practice tests on different topics that you can toggle between. You can learn at your own pace, revisit hard topics, and jump between concepts as and when required. 

Combination of live and recorded sessions

Most online IPMAT coaching programs offer a blended mix of live online sessions and recorded sessions. The recorded sessions help you tackle the concepts while live sessions are geared towards problem solving and in-depth analysis of the toughest questions. This blended mode makes the course more interactive and adds immense value to your overall training. 

What are the benefits of taking IPM coaching offline? 

Here’s why offline IPMAT classes might be the right bet for you:

Highly conducive, studious environment 

Many students prefer being in an environment that has been synthetically designed to encourage academic learning. The environment in offline coaching centres, with hard-working peers and watchful teachers, tends to be more disciplined and rigorous. This is bound to encourage you to focus during classes and achieve better scores on the mock tests. 

Better course engagement 

Research has shown that live class delivery tends to be more engaging for students. They pay more attention, interact better, and can study for longer hours. During offline classes, you can also get your doubts cleared there and then, discuss hard topics with your teachers, and be more active during class. 

Stronger student-mentor relationship 

Mentors facilitate student success by guiding them, directing them, and moulding them into successful career-driven people. The faculty in offline IPMAT coaching centres also play a pivotal role in ensuring their students give their best shot in IPMAT. This bi-directional interaction only gets stronger during offline classes as both parties get the opportunity to build a working relationship with each other. 

Peer-to-Peer interaction and competition 

All IPMAT preparation courses put a lot of onus on simulated real-time mock tests because they not only recreate true testing conditions but also encourage healthy competition between students. This competition is a strong driver of better performance. But the degree of peer-to-peer interaction required to build a holistic yet competitive environment is only possible in offline IPM coaching. 


The value of the Integrated Program in Management lies in its transverse pedagogy that cuts across subjects and streams to inculcate necessary business management skills in its students. But getting a seat in IPM Indore, IPM Rohtak, IPM Jammu, or IPM Bodh Gaya is no easy feat. At IMS, we’ve developed intensive IPMAT coaching programs, customised into two variants – IPM BBA classroom program for 2024 & 2025 and IPM BBA live online program 2024 & 2025. While the online program boasts of 75 live classes, 13 workshops, 80+ hours of videos, 3000+ practice questions, and 60 full-length tests, the classroom program offers over a 100 coaching classes, six 1-on-1 mentoring sessions, video solutions, 60 IPMAT mock tests, and dedicated WAT, GD, and PI training sessions. 

If you need more help choosing a program that suits your needs, then contact us today