IPMAT Preparation Strategy 2024 – How to Prepare for Quantitative Aptitude for IPMAT Indore

18 January, 2024
parthiva mewawala

All the students who prepare for IPMAT Indore also prepare for IPMAT Rohtak and JIPMAT examinations. Today, we will discuss the preparation plan for the quantitative section of the IPMAT Indore examination and how to boost your IPMAT preparation for the quantitative section of this exam, which carries significant weight. It requires a well-organised approach, regardless of your comfort level with Maths.

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Many students often have questions about the role of Mathematics in their IPMAT preparation 2024: 

  • Can I crack IPMAT Indore if I am not good at Maths?
  • Can a non-Maths student crack IPMAT Indore?

The answer to both the question is – Yes, indeed. Maintaining a positive and consistent approach to your IPMAT preparation, following the below-mentioned IPMAT preparation tips, and customising your preparation strategy to your strengths and weaknesses will increase your chances of performing well in the quantitative section. 

The 2022 and 2023 IPMAT had 45 Quantitative Aptitude questions across two sections (50% of the paper). Therefore, a solid grasp of mathematics is essential to excel in this exam. The Quantitative Aptitude holds substantial importance in the IPMAT, with 30 multiple-choice and 15 short-answer questions. Both sections have 40 minutes each, and each question carries 4 marks. QA (MCQ) section has a 1 mark penalty for every wrong answer, while QA (SA) has no penalty for wrong answers. 


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What topics do I need to cover during my IPMAT preparation?

It is crucial to allocate ample time for quantitative aptitude during your IPMAT preparation. Building a strong foundation is key. Ensure you clearly understand the basics before delving into more complex topics. This will make studying challenging topics easier.

The syllabus Quantitative Aptitude for IPMAT Indore is as follows: 

NumbersNumber system, Divisibility Rule, HCF & LCM, Remainder Theorem
ArithmeticPercentages, Profit and Loss, Simple Interest and Compound Interest, Ratio Proportion, Averages, Mixtures and Allegations, Time and work and Time Speed Distance
Algebra Linear Equation, Quadratic Equation, Surds and Indices, Logarithm
GeometryLines, Angles and triangles, Polygon, Circles, Mensuration, Co-ordinate Geometry, Height and distance, and Trigonometry
Modern MathsSet Theory, Permutation & Combination, Probability, Binomial Expansion, Functions, Inequalities, Matrices & Determinant


IPMAT Preparation Strategy – How to Prepare for IPMAT Quantitative Aptitude?

To kickstart your IPMAT preparation 2024, evaluate your strengths and weaknesses. Categorise yourself into one of two types:

  1. Type 1: If you are already strong in Quantitative Ability and have a background in mathematics up to the 12th grade, you can aim to maximise your score in this section. Aim to score 25-30 questions on Quantitative Aptitude, with 90% accuracy.

2. Type 2: If you are not as comfortable with Quantitative Ability, having studied math up to the 9th or 10th grade, don’t underestimate yourself, but at the same time, take this section seriously. You must ensure you clear the sectional cut-off of both sections, which might mean aiming for a score of 135-140+ in Verbal Ability. 

Remembering that the IPMAT sections are time-bound, which means effective time management is essential. You may not have the luxury of attempting every question, so focus on the ones that align with your strengths.

To start your preparation, you should have done the Analysis of the last 2 years’ IPMAT actual exam paper. You can find the video analysis of IPMAT 2022 and IPMAT 2023 on the IMS IPM BBA YouTube channel.

What is the weightage of different quant topics in the IPMAT exam?

The weightage of various Quantitative topics in both years is as follows: 

Area Number of questions
IPMAT 2022IPMAT 2023
Numbers, Factors, Remainder, HCF-LCM54
Percentages, Profit Loss, SICI, Ratios, Averages, Time and Work, TSD710
Geometry, Trigonometry, Co-ordinate56
Logarithm, Surds Indices33
Linear, Quadratic Equation, Inequalities25
Functions, Progression, Binomial107
Set Theory, PnC, Probability44
Matrices & Determinant41


IPMAT Indore Preparation Tips – How to take your IPMAT preparation to the next level?

Type 2 Student

Now, let us assume you are a Type 2 student. From the above past years’ papers’ analysis, you can identify that topics from Numbers and Arithmetic are something that you had done in class X and in the last two years, there were 12-14 questions from Numbers and Arithmetic. Also, there were 5 questions from LR/DI each year. Thus, there were 17-19 questions that you can target in the first round of your preparation and be thorough with all the question types from these areas.

Once you are done with these topics, you should strengthen your case to not only clear the cut-off but also to boost the marks in the QA section. So, you can consider topics such as Linear and Quadratic Equations, Surd and Indices, Set Theory, and Progression. Later, you can consider topics such as Logarithm, Permutation Combination and Probability or any other topic from your strength area. 

Type 1 Student

If you are a Type 1 student, you should focus on advanced topics such as Matrices and Determinants, Functions and Graphs, Inequalities, and Trigonometry and be thorough with them. Once you finish all the topics, you should start solving multi-concept application-based questions under the time limit to improve your solving speed. 

Once you know which category you fall into and how much time you have for the exam, make a month-wise timetable 

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What are the best books for IPMAT preparation 2024?

  • IMS study material 
  • 11th and 12th NCERT textbooks
  • Class XI and XII Mathematics by R.D. Sharma (for difficult questions)

You should regularly take mock tests under timed conditions to simulate the exam experience. Once you write the mock, you should analyse your performance and adjust your strategy as needed. 

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Remember Kaizen !! 

Kaizen means continuous improvement. This is the key to crack IPMAT Indore.

Your IPMAT preparation strategy should revolve around dedication and hard work geared towards constant improvement.

All The Best !!