IPMAT Rohtak Syllabus 2024 – Section-wise Details of IIM Rohtak Syllabus

19 April, 2024
Radhika Joshi

In the process of acing the IPMAT Rohtak journey, you need first to have a thorough understanding of the syllabus so that you can prepare better and revise in the best way possible; the IPMAT Rohtak Syllabus consists of different subjects that demand your attentive strategic and early preparation due to its comprehensiveness. This article will guide you through the important topics and be a handy resource for you to understand the different sections.

ipmat rohtak syllabus

From this comprehensive article, learn in detail about the syllabus for each examination section to prepare well and score what you have already planned!


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IPMAT Rohtak Syllabus for IPMAT 2024 – Section Wise


While you strive to make the effective study plan you need, we are here to help you efficiently prepare for the IPMAT Rohtak exam. To help you understand in detail, we have compiled a list of important topics that you must focus on. The given topics are divided into different sections and are an integral part of the IPMAT Rohtak syllabus. We advise you to go through these topics carefully and then develop a strong preparation plan accordingly to achieve the best scores.


Not only this, but we understand it is confusing to understand precisely what to study and what not to, so we have also provided a table below that outlines the important topics for each section. These details will help you get a better understanding of taking the exam and allow you to manage your time significantly during the exam day.


SectionNumber of Questions
Quantitative Ability40
Logical Reasoning40
Verbal Ability40


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IPMAT Rohtak Syllabus 2024: Quantitative Ability

To successfully score well in the quantitative ability section, it is crucial for candidates to concentrate on the important topics listed in the table below. This table provides valuable insights that will help you gain knowledge of topics that are likely to appear in the section and can help you prepare accordingly.

Number systemsCommon graphs & chartsData InterpretationMixtures and Allegations
Distance, Time, and WorkAveragesQuantitative reasoningGeometry
Profit & LossSimple EquationsPercentagesQuadratic Equations
Binomial TheoremMensurationPermutation & CombinationRatio & Proportion
TrigonometrySet TheoryProblems on AgesLogarithms


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IPMAT Rohtak Syllabus 2024:Verbal Ability 

While you have the confidence to achieve your desired score in the IPMAT 2024 exam, it signifies that you must have a clear understanding of the detailed verbal ability syllabus. The verbal Ability Syllabus includes a wide range of topics, including grammar, vocabulary, reading comprehension, and critical reasoning. By thoroughly knowing these sections, you can effectively improve your chances of performing well in the exam. So, studying and preparing thoroughly for this section of the exam is important.


Vocabulary (including Synonyms and antonyms)Reading ComprehensionGrammarSentence Rearrangement
Sentence CorrectionSentence CompletionCorrect Usage of words and phrasesVerbal Analogies
Logical ConsistencyDeductive ReasoningInference based passagesPrepositions
ConjunctionsTensesModifiers & ParallelismNoun & Pronoun Errors


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IPMAT Rohtak Syllabus 2024: Logical Reasoning

As you have reached this section of the article, you must know that it is necessary to note that you will be evaluated on logical reasoning, quantitative aptitude, and verbal ability sections of the syllabus. To increase your chances of performing well in the IPMAT logical reasoning section, you must set the alarm and give the necessary practice hours to prepare. Practising will not only help you in improving your logical reasoning skills but also guide you in preparing for the exam. 


To simplify your preparation strategy, we have compiled a table below highlighting the important topics covered under the logical reasoning section of the IPMAT Rohtak Syllabus. Through this table, you will get a better understanding of the topics you need to focus on while preparing for the logical reasoning section.

Syllabus for IPMAT – TopicIPMAT Syllabus: Sub-Topic
Basic LRLogical Sequence Series, Coding, Arrangements

Blood Relations, Input & Output, Binary Logic

Standard LR SetsGames and Tournaments, Cubes and Visual Puzzles, Word Problems,

Sequencing, Grid Puzzles, Linear and Circular Seating Arrangements, etc

Visual PuzzlesCubes and Dices, Venn Diagrams
Sentence CorrectionCritical Reasoning, Statements, Conclusions, Syllogisms, True or False, etc.


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To be fully prepared for IPMAT Rohtak Exam, you must give importance to the syllabus and important topics. By correctly understanding and grasping the IPMAT Rohtak Syllabus, you can develop a comprehensive and effective strategy that covers all the necessary topics and concepts. And you should keep in mind that you practise all the topics beforehand for exams. The syllabus is a comprehensive roadmap for securing admission to India’s most prestigious management institute, i.e., IIM Rohtak. If you are getting stuck in the quantitative ability section, don’t worry. Make a solid foundation and deep understanding of mathematical concepts, and IMS Mentors will always be by your side to complete your examination successfully with top scores. 




  1. Why is understanding the IPMAT Rohtak syllabus important?

Candidates need to understand the syllabus as it is crucial as it guides your preparation, ensuring you cover all necessary topics effectively before attempting exams.


  1. What sections does the IPMAT Rohtak syllabus include?

The syllabus comprises sections on quantitative ability, logical reasoning, and verbal ability.


  1. How can I effectively prepare for the quantitative ability section?

If you want to score well, you must focus on important topics like number systems, data interpretation, geometry, and others listed in the syllabus. Regular practice is key.


  1. What topics are covered under the verbal ability section?

The verbal ability section includes different topics such as grammar, vocabulary, reading comprehension, sentence correction, and more, as outlined in the syllabus above in this article.


  1. How should I prepare for the logical reasoning section?

Allocation of sufficient time for practice is crucial, as well as focusing on topics like coding-decoding, blood relations, logical sequence series, and others mentioned in the syllabus. Practice regularly to improve logical reasoning skills.