IPMAT Rohtak Cutoff 2024: Check Expected & Previous Years’ Cutoffs

18 April, 2024
Radhika Joshi

After attempting the IPMAT exam, aspirants eagerly wait to get their results. They precisely understand how important it is to get into the IIM Rohtak and be a part of the management program. So, for that, thoroughly understanding the IPMAT Rohtak cutoff is crucial to pursuing a management career through the IPM program. This article analyses the factors that influence the cutoffs, including past trends, and provides insights for aspirants to get into the program. According to the official notification, the IPMAT Rohtak cutoff 2024 for General candidates is 301. 387 candidates have cleared the cutoff and have been invited for the PI round. For a detailed category-wise breakdown of the cutoffs, keep reading below.


ipmat rohtak cutoff


The IPMAT exam for Rohtak efficiently opens doors to the IPM program for those interested in gaining deep knowledge and pursuing it.

Every year, a minimum benchmark is announced based on various factors. This cutoff is an important criterion and a requirement for admission progression.

So, let’s dive into the finer details and factors that determine the IPMAT Rohtak Cutoff!

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Final IPMAT Rohtak Cutoff 2024:

To find out the final IPMAT Rohtak cutoff, refer to the table below:

IPMAT Rohtak Cutoff
CategoryCutoff MarksNo. of Qualified Students


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Previous Year IPMAT Rohtak Cutoff Data 

The IPMAT Rohtak Cutoff refers to the minimum score a candidate must obtain to successfully clear the initial stage of the selection process. Only candidates who fulfil or exceed this cutoff score are eligible to proceed to the subsequent rounds of the selection process.

This is like a filtration process that ensures that only those who fulfil the institute’s standards are accepted.


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IPMAT Rohtak Cutoff 2023 

IPMAT Rohtak’s cutoff for the past five years is listed below in the form of tables.

Check the IPMAT Rohtak cutoff 2023 in the table below:

Category Minimum cut-off marks Female Male Total 
GEN 409 119 204 323 
EWS 376 16 52 68 
NCOBC 349 51 117 168 
SC 274 27 72 99 
ST 201 19 28 47 
DAP-GEN 238 11 16 
DAP-SC 91 
DAP-ST 91 
Total 241 490 731 


The number of students who took the IPMAT Rohtak exam in 2023 was:

Category Female Male Total 
GEN 4819 5872 10691 
EWS 258 504 762 
NCOBC 686 1149 1835 
SC 197 317 514 
ST 34 61 95 
DAP 20 37 57 
Total 6014 7940 13954 


The number of candidates called for IPMAT Rohtak interview:

Category Total 
GEN 323 
EWS 68 
NCOBC 168 
SC 99 
ST 47 
DAP 26 
Total 731 


IPMAT Rohtak Cutoff 2022 

The table below showcases the category-wise cutoff marks for IIM Rohtak 2022- 

Category Cut Off 
General 306 
NC-OBC 219 
SC 154 
ST 66 
EWS 261 
PwD 185 


IPMAT Rohtak Cutoff 2021 

The table below showcases the category-wise cutoff marks for IIM Rohtak 2021- 

Category Cut Off 
General 265 
NC-OBC 80 
SC 119 
ST 52 
EWS 197 
PwD 40 


IPMAT Rohtak Cutoff 2020 

The table below showcases the category-wise cut-off marks for IIM Rohtak 2020- 

Category MCQs Cutoff Marks WAT Cutoff Marks 
General 144 48 
NC-OBC 120 40 
SC 96 32 
ST 96 32 
EWS 120 40 
PwD 120 40 


Cutoff Trends: IPMAT Rohtak

Over the last five years, the cutoff scores for IPMAT Rohtak have increased for all categories, indicating greater competition. This suggests that the IPM program has become more prevalent in Rohtak and is perceived to have improved in value and quality.


As mentioned in the above paragraph, the past five years have seen a gradual increase across all categories. This could mean that…

  1. Over the years, there has been a noticeable rise in the level of competition. 
  2. The Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program is growing in popularity in Rohtak.
  3. A potential advancement in the quality of the program and value in the job market. 

Factors That Are Determined for Cutoffs

  1. Applicants (Volume): When more applicants are looking for a particular opportunity, it is common for the selection criteria to become more stringent. This means that the minimum qualification necessary to be considered for the opportunity of admission may be raised, resulting in a higher cutoff point. Therefore, if there is a larger applicant pool, it can often lead to a more competitive selection process.
  2. Performance Spectrum: The cutoff scores for a particular exam or selection process can be influenced by the combined performance of all the participating candidates. In other words, all candidates’ overall performance can be crucial in determining the cutoff marks.
  3. Available Seats: The possibility of a limited number of available seats may result in an increase in the cutoff score required for admission.
  4. Exam Difficulty: When the difficulty level of an exam increases, it usually results in a decrease in the minimum score required to pass the exam, also known as the cutoff score.
  5. Reservation Policies: As per the government policies, specific categories are marked as reserved and, therefore, have different cutoff scores when it comes to admissions processes.

What are the Next Steps After the IPMAT cutoff 2024 declaration?

Once the IPMAT Rohtak cutoff 2024 is announced, the selection process proceeds with subsequent steps developed to determine the most suitable candidates and get them the best opportunity possible.

Aspiring candidates who fulfil the cutoff criteria are further selected to move on to the next step of the selection process. This step typically involves a Personal Interview (PI), during which the selection authorities assess candidates on various aspects such as their communication skills, knowledge, experience, and aptitude. PI is an important step in the selection process; it helps the candidates get a better opportunity to get admission and helps the selection committee determine the candidate’s personality and suitability.

After the release of a provisional merit list, a final merit list is published, which is prepared after carefully evaluating all the candidates based on their performance in the test. The final merit list is the tool used to move ahead with candidates’ applications for the program.

The admission process commences once the final list is released and candidates are notified for further rounds. It is always good to prepare ahead for the following rounds, keep yourself updated to make a strong preparation plan, and do your best for the IIM Rohtak admission process. 


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Key Takeaways: 

Determining cutoffs is a significant process that is conducted by undertaking various factors, including but not limited to the number of applicants, the difficulty level of the exams, and the performance of the applicants. It is necessary to note that cutoffs are subject to change every year based on the abovementioned factors, making it necessary that applicants stay updated with the latest information.

When a trend consistently moves upwards, it could signify that the competition is intensifying and it is creating “run ahead or leave behind” circumstances.

To make successful progress in the admission process, it is vital for candidates first to clear the cutoff scores administered by the exam conducting body. However, keep in mind that this is just the initial step, and there will be other rounds that follow the initial cutoff. Each subsequent round will likely become more challenging, so staying focused and pushing forward is crucial.


FAQs for IPMAT Rohtak Cutoff 2024:


  1. Why is understanding the IPMAT Rohtak cutoff important?

The correct understanding of the cutoff helps aspirants expect their chances of admission and plan their preparation strategy accordingly.


  1. How is the IPMAT Rohtak cutoff determined?

There are several factors that determine cutoffs, such as the number of applicants, exam difficulty, available seats, and others mentioned in the article above. 


  1. What are the previous year’s cutoff trends for IPMAT Rohtak?

The previous year’s cutoff data is provided in the article above to understand the evolving trends in cutoff scores over the years.


  1. What happens after the IPMAT Rohtak cutoff is declared?

Candidates who fulfil the cutoff criteria proceed to the next steps of the selection process.


  1. How can aspirants prepare for subsequent rounds after clearing the cutoff?

Aspirants are advised to focus on improving their communication skills, knowledge, and aptitude to excel in the subsequent rounds of the selection process.