JIPMAT Cutoff 2024: Expected & Past Year’s Category Wise Cutoff

20 April, 2024
Radhika Joshi

Summary: As an aspiring candidate looking forward to getting admission into prestigious IIMs and securing the best place, you may wonder what your chances are. So, to understand your chances of being selected, it is crucial to look for the several factors involved in determining JIPMAT Cutoff 2024 scores. Read through the article to learn about JIPMAT Cutoffs!


After the announcement of results for the JIPMAT Exam 2024, the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Bodh Gaya and IIM Jammu will release the Cutoff scores individually on their respective websites. Candidates wishing to get admission at IIM Jammu or Bodh Gaya must clear the JIPMAT Cutoff score and fulfil other requirements mentioned. According to the previous year’s cutoff data, the expected category-wise JIPMAT Cutoff for general category candidates will be around 350+ (JIPMAT raw score) for both IIM Bodh Gaya and IIM Jammu.


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JIPMAT Cutoff 2024 – Overall (Expected)

JIPMAT is conducted for admission to integrated programmes offered by IIM Jammu and IIM Bodh Gaya. The National Testing Agency (NTA) will conduct the JIPMAT exam as a computer-based test on 6th June 2024.

CategoryIIM Bodh GayaIIM Jammu


Factors Determining the JIPMAT 2024 Cutoff

Candidates who are waiting eagerly to know what the cutoffs are for this year, which is a vital aspect of getting into the prestigious institute. However, the authorities take this process seriously while deciding and preparing the JIPMAT cutoff criteria for candidates, and the authorities consider various factors that are important in determining the eligibility of the candidates. 

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These factors evaluate candidates, and authorities ensure that the cutoff score is fair, reasonable, and reflective of the candidate’s performance in the exam. While considering the accurate cutoff, the factors involved are the difficulty level of the exam, the number of applicants, and the overall performance of the candidates. This gives candidates the opportunity to be selected for admission to the top management institute in the country. The following are factors explained in detail:

  1. Total Candidates: When it comes to the preparation of the JIPMAT Cutoffs, the total number of candidates is considered, and insight into exam popularity and candidate pool size.
  2. Available Seats: The number of available seats is crucially undertaken to understand candidates’ admission chances and competition intensity.
  3. Reservation Criteria: Every student is the same in the eyes of the education board, so as per the government approach, reservation is also included in seat allocation.
  4. Exam Difficulty: When the exams are difficult, it is often the case where the authorities consider keeping the cutoff score lower, assessing preparation needs, and gauging overall competition.
  5. Marking Scheme: This is also one of the significant factors chosen to decide and finally determine the cutoffs.
  6. Highest, Lowest, Average Marks: It offers a spectrum of performance, helping in assessment and concluding expectations of the institute.


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Find below the IPMAT cutoffs for IIM Jammu and IIM Bodhgaya of 2023: 

IIM Jammu

CategoryTotal CutoffWaitlist Cutoff
General Male350333
General Female328311
NC OBC Male303271
NC OBC Female281249
EWS Male318300
EWS Female296279


IIM Bodhgaya

CategoryTotal Score CutoffOffer Count
NC OBC30328


JIPMAT Selection Process 2024

The JIPMAT selection process 2024 consists of three phases. Candidates can find detailed information on the JIPMAT selection process below.

Phase 1: Registration

A candidate who wants to join the integrated programme at IIM Bodh Gaya and IIM Jammu will need to complete the application form for JIPMAT 2024 correctly. This form will be available from March 22 and will close the window for admission on 21st April 2024. Before filling out the application form, make sure you fulfil the JIPMAT eligibility criteria for 2024. Only eligible candidates will be allowed to appear for the JIPMAT.


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Phase 2: JIPMAT Exam (2024) 

The National Testing Agency (NTA), with the collaboration of the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Bodh Gaya and IIM Jammu, conducts the Joint Integrated Programme in Management Admission Test (JIPMAT) for the year 2024. This test is designed to identify and select eligible candidates who are looking for admission to management programmes offered by IIMs.

Phase 3: Releasing of the Final List

Once the JIPMAT selection procedure is completed, both IIM Bodh Gaya and IIM Jammu will release the final JIPMAT merit list according to different sections. This cutoff list will provide a detailed overview of the candidates selected and their scores based on their performance in the exam.


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FAQs for JIPMAT Cutoff 2024:


  1. What is the significance of the JIPMAT Cutoff 2024?

   – As an aspiring candidate looking for admission to IIMs ( Jammu and Bodh Gaya), the cutoff determines eligibility. It reflects the minimum scores needed for selection.


  1. How are the JIPMAT cutoff scores determined?

   – When determining the cutoff scores, authorities consider various factors like exam difficulty, applicant performance, and available seats to make cutoff decisions, ensuring fairness and merit-based selection.


  1. What are the expected cutoff scores for JIPMAT 2024?

   – According to the past trend, expected cutoffs for different categories range from 220+ to 350+, and they can vary based on reservation criteria and competition level.


  1. Can you provide insight into the previous year’s JIPMAT cutoffs for IIM Jammu and IIM Bodhgaya?

   – Yes, the previous year’s JIPMAT Exam 2023 cutoffs for both institutes are included in this article, offering a benchmark for aspirants to gauge their performance and chances.


  1. What is the JIPMAT selection process for 2024?

   – To enter the prestigious IIMs, the selection process includes registration, appearing for the JIPMAT exam conducted by NTA, and the final merit list released by IIM Bodh Gaya and IIM Jammu.


  1. How can I ensure eligibility for the JIPMAT exam?

   – A candidate must fulfil the eligibility criteria and accurately complete the application form, which are important steps to ensure eligibility for the JIPMAT exam in 2024.