IPMAT Indore vs IPMAT Rohtak vs JIPMAT – All the Different IPMAT exams

10 January, 2024
parthiva mewawala

The ever-popular IPM program has become the top choice for many students aspiring for top-notch management careers. First initiated by IIM Indore in the year 2011, the IPM program has since been offered by various other prestigious institutions, including IIM Rohtak, IIM Ranchi, IIM Jammu, IIM Bodhgaya, IIFT Kakinada, NALSAR Hyderabad, TAPMI Manipal, and Nirma University, Ahmedabad. Much like the IPMAT Indore for admission to the IPM program of IIM Indore, another exam, IPMAT Rohtak, is conducted by IIM Rohtak for its program. Along the same lines, IIM Jammu and IIM Bodhgaya also conduct the JIPMAT for admission to their college.

IPM aspirants should study for all three exams to bring their management dreams to fruition. But before you start studying, your first goal should be to understand the different paper patterns, shortlisting criteria, and GDPI selection procedures. This will help you direct your energy in the right direction when preparing for the various IPMAT exams.


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IPMAT exam pattern

All three IPMAT exams have different patterns and difficulty levels. While IPMAT Indore is the most challenging exam, IPMAT Rohtak and JIPMAT are at similar levels. On the other hand, IIM Indore and IIM Rohtak conduct a GDPI process for the IPM program after the aptitude test, but IIM Jammu and IIM Bodhgaya do not. The differences go on. IPMAT Indore has higher mathematics from Classes 11th and 12th as part of the syllabus, while IPMAT Rohtak has logical reasoning and reading comprehension. Moving on, the JIPMAT adds data interpretation to its syllabus too. Let’s take a deeper look at the differences in all the patterns.

IPMAT Indore


IPMAT Indore has 90 questions to be solved in 120 minutes. With two primary sections – quantitative aptitude and verbal ability – IPMAT Indore doesn’t have a logical reasoning section. The quant section is divided into short answer or TITA-type questions and MCQs.

Each correct answer attracts a +4, and an incorrect one gets a -1. There is a strict sectional time limit of 40 minutes that all students need to follow. 


SubjectsQuestionsTime (in minutes)
Quantitative Aptitude (SA)1540
Quantitative Aptitude (MCQ)3040
Verbal Ability4540


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IPMAT Rohtak


While the syllabus might be easier for IPMAT Rohtak, the paper is designed to test students on their speed and accuracy. With 120 questions in 120 minutes spread across three sections – quantitative aptitude, logical reasoning, and verbal ability and reading comprehension – of 40 questions each, students have barely a minute per question. You should keep in mind that there is no sectional cutoff, and only your overall scores will be considered for admission.


SubjectsQuestionsTime (in minutes)
Quantitative Aptitude40
Logical Reasoning40
Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension40


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JIPMAT, the entrance for the IPM programs of IIM Jammu and IIM Bodhgaya, also has three sections – quantitative aptitude, logical reasoning and data interpretation, and verbal ability and reading comprehension – with a total of 100 questions to be answered in 150 minutes. There are very minimal sectional cutoffs (around 15-20% in each section). There are no sectional timings, and students can move between sections of their own volition. 


SubjectsQuestionsTime (in minutes)
Quantitative Aptitude33
Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation33
Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension34


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Selection criteria and personal interview process for colleges accepting IPMAT scores


IIM Indore

IIM Indore is part of the venerated acronym ‘BLACKI’, signifying the oldest and best IIMs. Ranked 8th by the NIRF, most students target IPM Indore as their top program choice. It is also the hardest one to crack out of all the colleges. IIM Indore doesn’t give any weightage to academic profiles or diversity and chooses to focus solely on aptitude test scores and personal interviews.


Aptitude Test Score65%
Personal Interview35%


IIM Ranchi

Ranked 23rd by the NIRF, IIM Ranchi has quickly risen through the ranks and established itself as a premier management institute. For its IPM program, it accepts IPMAT Indore scores but with a twist. It also has some weightage for academic profile and gender diversity apart from the aptitude test and personal interview.


Aptitude Test Score50%
Personal Interview30%
Academic Profile20%
Gender Diversity5 marks


IIM Rohtak

IIM Rohtak is the second-highest ranked IIM offering the IPM program. With an average package of Rs. 18-19 lakh, IIM Rohtak is a top institution to begin your career with. It has equal weightage for your aptitude test scores and past academics. This means students must have good scores in their 10th and 12th grades to maximise their chances of admission.


Aptitude Test Score40%
Personal Interview20%
Academic Profile40%


IIM Jammu

Unlike the other colleges, IIM Jammu has no personal interviews after the aptitude test. They do have a small percentage for gender diversity, but for the most part, scoring well on the JIPMAT will get you in. What is to be noted about IIM Jammu is that despite being a new college, it has still managed to bag a maximum placement of Rs. 64 lakh. This makes it a very attractive choice for prospective students.


Aptitude Test Score95%
Gender Diversity (for females only)5%


IIM Bodhgaya

Even though IIM Bodhgaya is the only college on the list here that is not in the top 50 according to the NIRF, it still carries the coveted IIM tag that attracts reputed employers. Students can get in through the JIPMAT exam without worrying about the personal interviews. However, It does offer 10 marks for gender diversity.


Aptitude Test Score100%
Gender Diversity (for females only)10 marks


IIFT Kakinada

Now, we get to the second-best college on this list, purely regarding placement, employer reviews, and peer perception. IIFT is a tier 1 institution by most standards and puts its students in the best possible position to bolster their careers. However, they only take in candidates with maths or applied maths in their +2. Despite its stature, it does not conduct personal interviews and offers admissions solely based on IPMAT Indore scores.


Aptitude Test Score98%
Gender Diversity (for females only)2%


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