NPAT Exam Preparation 2024: Get Expert Tips, Study & Guide

27 March, 2024
Radhika Joshi

If you are planning to take undergraduate courses at NMIMS, you must do well on the NPAT entrance exam conducted by NMIMS every year. This post has compiled some of the best NPAT exam preparation tips for the NPAT exam.


You will find some necessary tips for preparing for the NPAT exam. These tips will help you attempt the maximum number of questions in the NPAT 2024 exam. The tips will help you improve your time management skills and speed and increase your chances of cracking the exam on your first attempt.


So, don’t look further. Check out the NPAT exam preparation tips in this post and prepare to ace it!



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NPAT Exam Preparation Tips & Strategies

You must adopt a structured and focused NPAT exam preparation approach to achieve a top score in the NPAT 2024 exam. Here’s how you can systematically prepare:



Familiarise Yourself with the Syllabus and Exam Structure


  • Initial Step: It is crucial to start preparing for NPAT by correctly understanding its syllabus and exam pattern. This understanding and knowledge are crucial for laying the foundation of your entire NPAT exam preparation strategy. 
  • Identify Important Topics: One effective and helpful strategy to prepare for the NPAT is carefully and thoroughly examining its syllabus and identifying the high-yield topics likely to appear on the exam. By doing so, you can set your focus clearly, and your study efforts on the most important areas, and you can allocate more time and resources to the topics that require more attention. This method can help you maximise your chances of success and feel more confident and prepared on test day.



Watch the Syllabus for NPAT: 


Evaluate Your Current Standing


It is highly recommended that a diagnostic test be taken beforehand. This test will help you analyse your strengths and weaknesses in that subject. By understanding your areas of proficiency and areas where you need improvement, you can develop your study plan more effectively and enhance your chances of success. Therefore, taking a diagnostic test is a significant step towards achieving your academic or career goals.


Concentrate on Fundamental Sections


  • Quantitative and Numerical Ability: Improve your ability to solve mathematical problems faster and more accurately by utilising and concentrating effective problem-solving techniques and mathematical strategies.
  • Reasoning and General Intelligence: Enhancing your logical thinking and analytical skills can help you make better decisions, solve problems more effectively, and increase your overall cognitive abilities. Adapting these skills can make you more efficient, innovative, and successful.
  • English Proficiency: Enhancing your vocabulary and reading skills is always a good idea. Regularly practising reading and approaching different ways to improve your vocabulary can improve your reading speed without sacrificing accuracy. This can help you better understand complex texts and be more effective in your studies or work.


Practice and more PRACTICE!


Consistent practice plays a crucial role in improving your speed, especially in calculations, and it also helps increase your overall confidence levels. Regularly practising and preparing with IMS mentors can sharpen your skills and build your proficiency, improving your accuracy and efficiency. So, incorporate regular practice sessions into your routine and achieve your goals the way you have desired.


Practice past NPAT papers to understand the exam format and question types. You can also learn time management and improve your efficiency with each practice session. It can also help you identify your strengths and weaknesses and work on them accordingly. So, include solving NPAT mock papers in your exam preparation strategy.



NPAT Exam Preparation 2024 in 10 Days


You need to do a proper and consistent to clear this entrance exam.


  • As the exam day approaches, it is common to be worried and feel overwhelmed with information and tips from different sources. However, experts advise you to avoid utilising multiple websites for exam tips, especially in the last ten days before the exam. Instead, candidates should focus on practising the basics and strengthening their foundation.


  • To learn and understand the English section, it is recommended to practise simple sentence formation exercises, tenses, use of adjectives, and adverb exercises from any reliable grammar book. These topics are from the 9th and 10th standard syllabus and form the basis of the language. Consequently, You can easily tackle most questions in this section by mastering them and taking the exam with substantial NPAT exam preparation.


  • Similarly, 70% of the questions in the Quantitative section are based on 9th and 10th standard mathematics concepts. The questions will analyse basic concepts of Arithmetic, Algebra, Numbers, Pie charts, Graphs, basic measurements, and Mensuration. By revising and brushing up on your mathematics concepts, you can confidently answer most questions in this section.


  • Practising as many questions as possible for the reasoning section is crucial. This will improve your speed and accuracy and test your NPAT exam preparation levels. Additionally, You should dedicate ample time to practising different reasoning questions to strengthen your analytical and logical skills.


  • Finally, you should study the basic formulas and trigonometric formulas. Although only a few questions may be asked about these topics, they are vital to understand and cannot be ignored. You can confidently tackle related questions and improve your overall score by mastering these formulas. Understanding these tips will make your NPAT exam preparation the best approach to getting the top score.  



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