NPAT Mock Test 2024 – Get Zero Fee Test by IMS

30 March, 2024
Radhika Joshi

Last year, more than 50,000 students applied to NMIMS, indicating that an increasing number of students are interested in the university’s diverse educational programs. Additionally, NMIMS has an impressive record of providing their students with the best job offers from reputable companies within six months of their studies, including Fortune 500 organisations. These figures demonstrate that NMIMS provides high-quality education and plays a vital role in developing future professionals.

NPAT mock test


So, to make a substantial impact on other applicants, you must prepare yourself well.  NPAT mock tests are valuable resources for aspirants seeking admission to NMIMS programs. They offer a comprehensive platform for practice, assessment, and improvement, ultimately enhancing candidates’ chances of success in the NPAT exam.



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Benefits of Solving NPAT Mock Tests

Learn what to expect on the exam day – Mock tests are designed to resemble the actual exam. Taking mock tests can help you prepare for the exam day by giving you a better idea of what to expect. During mock tests, you can learn about the syllabus, question and mark distribution, difficulty level, and pattern of the actual exam. This can help you feel more confident and prepared for the actual exam.


Continuous assessment of your performance and progress– Mocks can be very helpful to track your progress. By solving mock tests, you can quickly and easily analyse which concepts you are strong in and where you need more effort. Mock tests not only help you revise your entire syllabus but also help you evaluate your preparation.


Effectively manage your time: Practise daily and keep track of time. You can determine your speed in solving tests and identify which sections take more or less time. Knowing this, you can devise a plan to solve each section within the allotted time and continue practising until you achieve your desired result.


Understand various preparation approaches– Planning different strategies when practising for the NPAT exam is vital. Analysing your progress and experimenting with other methods can help you find the best one to use on the test day. So, when you solve mocks and sample papers, try different approaches and see what works best for you. This will help you prepare for the exam and feel confident when the time comes.


Minimises stress before the exam– Mock exams are much like actual exams. When you solve mock exams, you feel like you are taking the real thing. This can help reduce fear and stress, making you feel more relaxed on your exam day. Additionally, if you score well on your mock exams, you can become more confident and perform better on the actual exam.


Monitor your progress consistently– Practising with multiple sample papers and mock tests will help you improve as you prepare for Exam Day. Keep track of your scores and progress to identify areas to improve. Through this process, you can identify your mistakes and weak points and work on them to improve your skills. 


The NPAT mock tests can help you with valuable guidance towards achieving your best performance on the day of the NPAT BBA exam. By implementing these in your NPAT study schedule, you can increase your chances of success and feel confident in your abilities.


Take a deep breath, stay calm and keep pushing forward with your hard work. You got this!



FAQs: NPAT Mock Tests:


  1. What are NPAT mock tests, and why are they important for NPAT exam preparation?


NPAT mock tests are simulated exams designed to replicate the actual NPAT exam environment. They help candidates familiarise themselves with the exam pattern, syllabus, and time constraints, boosting their confidence and preparedness for the exam.



  1. How can NPAT mock tests benefit me in my preparation journey?


Solving NPAT mock tests offers several benefits:

– Understanding the exam day scenario and expectations.

– Continuous assessment of your performance and progress.

– Effective time management practice.

– Exploring various preparation strategies and approaches.

– Minimizing pre-exam stress by simulating the real exam experience.

– Monitoring progress consistently to identify areas for improvement.



  1. What additional resources are available besides NPAT mock tests?


In addition to mock tests, candidates can access supplementary content such as:

– Over 8 hours of SET 2024 video content for quick conceptual revision.

– More than 300 SET practice questions.

– 3 free SET mock tests with solutions.

– Access to the MyIMS portal and exclusive workshops.



  1. How can I register for the NPAT free mock test?


To register for the NPAT free mock test, simply sign up on the designated platform provided by the institution conducting the mock test. Keep an eye out for announcements and registration links on official websites or social media channels.



  1. How can I effectively utilise NPAT mock tests in my study routine?


Integrate NPAT mock tests into your study schedule by:

– Allocating specific time slots for mock test practice.

– Analyzing your performance after each mock test to identify areas of improvement.

– Experiment with different strategies and approaches to find what works best for you.

– Regularly tracking your progress and adapting your study plan accordingly.



  1. Can NPAT mock tests help me improve my performance on the actual exam day?

Absolutely! By consistently practising with NPAT mock tests, you can enhance your familiarity with the exam format, sharpen your problem-solving skills, and build confidence in tackling challenging questions. This, in turn, can significantly improve your performance on the actual NPAT exam day.