SLAT mock test and preparation tips 2024

19 April, 2024
Priyal Kakaye

SLAT mock test – The Symbiosis Law Admission Test is also  known as SLAT is an entrance examination conducted by the Symbiosis International (Deemed University) for admissions into undergraduate law programs offered by various institutes affiliated with Symbiosis.

How to prepare for SLAT exam is one of the most asked questions by all those looking forward to taking admission into Symbiosis International University.

SLAT mock test

That’s why here we have detailed information regarding the preparation tips, steps to follow, implementation of which will lead to better preparations and yield the best results, which you can refer to enhance your knowledge. 

Why SLAT mock tests are important to attempt

SLAT mock test is strategy tools for aspiring law student, offering a simulated preview of the challenges that await in the actual exam. Firstly, it will provide a firsthand experience of the SLAT exam format, structure, and timing of each section. 

This will not only reduces test anxiety but also instills confidence and composure on exam day, crucial elements for optimal performance. Moreover, SLAT mock tests serve as diagnostic instruments, illuminating areas of strength and weakness of candidate knowledge and skills. 

By identifying these areas, candidates can focus on their study plans and improving specific aspects, thereby enhancing their overall practise. Additionally, mock tests facilitate the refinement of essential candidate  strategies, such as time management and question prioritization.

Practicing under timed conditions  will help you during the actual exam. Furthermore, continue practising SLAT mock test will help you to be familiar with SLAT question types and patterns, enhancing accuracy and speed in solving them. 

How to make the most of your SLAT mock test: 

  1. Replicate exam conditions: Replicate the exact conditions of the SLAT exam, gives you an idea how to manage timing and stress during the environment.
  2. Review mistakes thoroughly: Analyze both correct and incorrect answers to understand underlying concepts and improve performance during exam.
  3. Focus on weak areas: Allocate extra time and resources to strengthen areas of weakness identified during mock tests.
  4. Experiment with strategies: Solving questions to determine the most effective strategies for you.
  5. Build confidence: Gradually increase the number of sections completed in each mock test to improve confidence.
  6. Take breaks: Mimic the breaks given during the SLAT exam to maintain focus.
  7. Utilize resources: Make use of SLAT prep materials and guides to supplement mock test practice.
  8. Stay positive: Approach mock tests with a positive mindset, viewing them as opportunities for growth and improvement. And adhere strictly to the time limits for each section. 
  9. Thorough review and analysis: After completing the mock test, dedicate ample time to review answers. Analyze the reasoning behind each answer choice, understand the underlying concepts, and identify patterns in your mistakes. 
  10. Strategic adaptation: Identify the methods that work best for you in terms of time management, question prioritization, and tackling challenging sections. 

Incorporating SLAT mock test into your study routine: 

  1. Schedule regular practice: Dedicate specific times each week for SLAT mock test practice.
  2. Mix with content review: Alternate between mock tests and content review sessions to reinforce learning.
  3. Track progress: Keep a log of mock test scores and review progress over time to gauge improvement.
  4. Vary test conditions: Occasionally vary testing conditions to adapt to different environments.
  5. Review thoroughly: Spend time reviewing both correct and incorrect answers to understand patterns and concepts.
  6. Seek feedback: Consider joining study groups or seeking feedback from tutors to gain additional insights.
  7. Adapt strategies: Modify test-taking strategies based on insights gained from mock test performance.
  8. Adjust study plan: Use mock test results to adjust your study plan and focus on areas that need improvement.

SLAT Exam Preparation Tips: 

  1. Start early: Begin your SLAT preparation well in advance to allow sufficient time for thorough review and practice.
  2. Understand the exam format: Familiarize yourself with the format, structure, and question types of the SLAT exam.
  3. Invest in quality resources: Use reputable SLAT prep materials, such as official practice tests and study guides.
  4. Develop a study plan: Create a structured study plan outlining daily and weekly goals leading up to the exam.
  5. Focus on fundamentals: Build a strong foundation in fundamental concepts tested on the SLAT, such as logical reasoning and reading comprehension.
  6. Practice regularly: Dedicate consistent time to practice SLAT questions and mock tests to hone your skills.
  7. Prioritize weak areas: Identify your weakest areas and allocate extra time and resources to strengthen them.
  8. Utilize official SLAT Prep Tests: Incorporate official SLAT practice tests into your study routine to simulate real exam conditions.
  9. Review mistakes: Analyze both correct and incorrect answers to understand underlying concepts and improve performance.
  10. Develop test-taking strategies: Experiment with different strategies for approaching SLAT questions and identify what works best for you.
  11. Manage time effectively: Practice time management techniques to ensure you can complete each section within the allocated time limits.
  12. Stay calm and confident: Maintain a positive mindset and confidence in your abilities throughout the preparation process and on exam day.


The blog will help you with a structured, strategic, and systematic approach to preparing for SLAT 2024, covering essential aspects like understanding the exam pattern, creating a study plan, mastering each section, practicing regularly, managing time effectively, and staying updated with current affairs and legal developments.