SNAP Score vs Percentile 2023 (Updated) – Find Out College Cutoffs

12 January, 2024
parthiva mewawala

With the SNAP 2023 results out, it is imperative for students to get the difference between their SNAP scores and SNAP percentiles. After all, while the scorecards include their scores, admissions across SNAP-accepting institutions are based on the percentile. So, how does your SNAP percentile compare to your SNAP marks? Does it remain constant every year? What does the SNAP percentile tell you? Can you predict your percentile based on your expected marks? And what are the cutoffs for the top colleges under SIU? We’ll answer all these questions and more in this blog – SNAP score vs SNAP percentile 2023.


What does the SNAP marking scheme look like?


Before we delve into the minutiae of your SNAP percentile, let’s take a look at how your SNAP score is calculated. It’s a pretty straightforward process:


  1. For each correct answer, you’re awarded a +1.
  2. For each incorrect answer, you get a -0.25.
  3. For questions you don’t attempt, you will get no marks.
  4. There are a total of 60 questions, bringing the maximum possible marks up to 60.
  5. The SNAP score reflected on your scorecard is called your raw score. While this will be used to shortlist you for the GDPI process, it won’t be used in this form to qualify you for a final admission offer.
  6. For the final admission offer, the raw score is reduced to a score out of 50. The remaining 50 is allotted to the group discussion, the interview, and other factors. Your final admission depends on your score out of 100.


Since this article primarily focuses on decoding the SNAP score vs percentile debate, we’ll only talk about the raw scores for now.


So, what does your SNAP score mean?


Simply put, your SNAP score is a summation of the marks awarded or deducted for your correct as well as incorrect attempts. For instance, a candidate who attempts 52 questions, gets 45 right, and 7 wrong will be awarded:


(45*1) – (7*0.25) = 43.25 marks


How is it different from your SNAP percentile?


Your SNAP percentile is a depiction of where you stand in relation to your peers – a measure of the number of candidates you scored better than. If you are awarded 95%ile, that simply means that your score was better than 95% of all test takers. This percentile number fluctuates every year based on a number of factors:


  • The number of test takers (This number increased by nearly 40% this year)
  • The difficulty level of the paper (SNAP 2023 was easier than SNAP 2022)
  • The aptitude of your fellow test takers (This factor can’t be measured on the metric system)


All these factors combine to result in an upward drag on the SNAP scores associated with the benchmark percentiles. As opposed to last year, corresponding scores for each percentile have gone up by 5-7 marks.


SNAP score vs percentile 2023 – What does it look like?


As mentioned above, the lower difficulty level and significantly higher number of test takers have resulted in a massive uptick in the SNAP marks vs percentile correlation. This year, the 99%ile score was above 45, while last year, the same number the previous year was closer to 40. The 95%ile score for 2023 is 40+, while last year it was around 34-35. Take a look at the table below to get a clearer picture of what’s changed.


SNAP 2023 percentileEstimated SNAP score


What are the SNAP cutoffs for the top colleges?


The higher competition hasn’t just made it harder to score a higher percentile, but it has also made it harder to get into the best colleges by pushing the cutoff percentiles higher. We expect SIBM Pune to close above 98%ile and SCMHRD above 95%ile. We’ve compiled the colleges and their cutoff percentiles below. Compare them to the SNAP score vs percentile 2023 table above to determine the baseline marks you need to qualify for your preferred program.


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MBA collegeCitySNAP 2023 Expected Cutoff percentile for admission 2024
SIBM (Symbiosis Institute of Business Management)Pune98
SCMHRD (Symbiosis Centre for Management and Human Resource Development)Pune97
SIIB (Symbiosis Institute of International Business)Pune90
SIBM (Symbiosis Institute of Business Management)Bangalore92
Symbiosis Institute of Operations Management (SIOM)Nashik87
SICSR (Symbiosis Institute of Computer Studies & Research)Pune82
SIDTM (Symbiosis Institute of Digital and Telecom Management)Pune85
SIMS (Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies)Pune80
SIMC (Symbiosis Institute of Media & Communication)Pune70-72
SCIT (Symbiosis Centre for Information Technology)Pune74-76
SIHS (Symbiosis Institute of Health Sciences)Pune55-57
SSMC (Symbiosis School for Media & Communication)Bengaluru72-74
SSBF (Symbiosis School of Banking and Finance)Pune58-60
SSSS (Symbiosis School of Sports Sciences)Pune50-54
SIBM (Symbiosis Institute of Business Management)Hyderabad60


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Remember, getting a higher SNAP score won’t guarantee you a seat. You must still have a solid academic profile, outstanding leadership and communication skills, and a personable personality. Your knowledge about your domain and the rest of the world should be at par with the expected levels of the personal interview round. Going in unprepared can be disastrous for your academic future. That’s why signing up for a GDPI program such as the IMS GDPI classroom program to prepare yourself to face even the most challenging interviews is a great idea. With over 6 classroom sessions, 30+ live online sessions, 40+ pre-recorded videos, 5 mock interviews, and case study preparation, the GDPI program will ensure you crack your SNAP interview entirely unfazed.