Top MBA Colleges Accepting SNAP Scores

15 December, 2023
parthiva mewawala

With over 1 lakh registrations in 2023, SNAP has become one of India’s most sought-after management entrance exams. Conducted by Symbiosis International University, this exam enables MBA aspirants to gain admission to the most prestigious Symbiosis management colleges affiliated with the SIU. Over 16 colleges accept these scores for 26 MBA programs across a variety of streams. The top MBA colleges accepting SNAP scores offer a pathway to fruitful careers down the line with coveted roles and great pay packages.


The first slot of the SNAP exam was held on December 10 2023, while the following two slots are slated for December 17 2023 and December 22 2023.  The official result is expected to be out by January 10 2024. With only a few days left for the results to be declared, students must be fully aware of the available options to make informed decisions. We’ve compiled the top 10 MBA colleges accepting SNAP scores in this blog to aid students in their shortlisting process.


The top 10 MBA colleges accepting SNAP score

SNAP CollegesFees (in lakhs)Average Pkg. (LPA)SNAP cut-off %ile
SIBM Pune26.0926.7798.5+
SCMHRD Pune24.1223.7197+
SIOM Nasik18.4412.3887+
SIIB Pune20.0713.1293+
SIDTM Pune17.0312.7983+
SCIT Pune11.6617.0076+
SIBM Bangalore22.0013.4890+
SIMS Pune12.5710.677+
SSBF Pune18.2310.5660+
SIBM Hyderabad17.478.260+


1. SIBM Pune


The Symbiosis Institute of Business Management is the top choice for most candidates owing to the quality, reputation, and industry perception of the MBA programs offered here. In fact, SIBM Pune consistently ranks amongst the top 20 B Schools in India, beating out many other known names. It has further cemented the position of its two-year full-time MBA program by creating opportunities for its students in finance, marketing, HR, and operations management.


2. SCMHRD Pune


The Symbiosis Centre for Management and Human Resource Development Pune has garnered acclaim for its well-heeled MBA in HR program. However, many overlook the fact that the MBA BM program is equally good and enables students to pursue great careers in finance, marketing, and operations. Situated in the Hinjewadi campus, this college is perfectly situated to capitalise on its proximity to Pune’s business hub while still offering its students a great campus life.


3. SIOM Nashik

SIOM Nashik

The rapid technological development and associated growth in businesses can largely be attributed to improvements in operations. The Symbiosis Institute of Operations Management was established to create operations managers who could continue driving this growth. Known for its operations management program, SIOM Nashik aims to instil an understanding of not just the commercial but also the technical sides of business.


4. SIIB Pune


The Symbiosis Institute of International Business offers some of the most unique management courses in up-and-coming sectors, including international business, agribusiness, energy, and environment. These programs are designed to prepare students for the changing dynamics of international and domestic markets. The program equips students with the international vision necessary to succeed in an exceedingly globalised market.


5. SIDTM Pune


The Symbiosis Institute of Digital and Telecom Management, established in 1996, was the first institute of its kind in the entire South Asia region. The rising ubiquity of digital and telecom technologies such as analytics, cloud computing, smart devices, IoT, financial technologies, cyber security, and blockchain has made this college highly regarded in the telecommunications industry. 


6. SCIT Pune


Representing the confluence of business and IT management, the Symbiosis Centre for Information Technology aims to develop MBA graduates with an in-depth understanding of the entire business-to-technology ecosystem. Established over 2 decades ago, this college has since grown into an IT management stalwart with a good track record of placing its graduates in top firms. 

7. SIBM Bangalore

SIBM Bangalore

Much like its higher-ranked counterpart in Pune, SIBM Bangalore also offers a two-year full-time MBA with specialisations in marketing, finance, and HR. Situated right in the middle of Bangalore’s vibrant technology and startup hub, SIBM Bangalore allows students to gain unparalleled exposure to the burgeoning business world that marks the city.


8. SIMS Pune


The Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies is another leading management college focusing on core management principles relevant to all industries today. SIMS boasts acclaimed faculty, academic partnerships with leading foreign universities, and a vast industry network, making it the right choice for MBA aspirants looking to enter core companies.  

9. SSBF, Pune


Banking and Finance aren’t just two of the most coveted industries for MBA grads but also two of the most dynamic sectors that are rapidly evolving. The Symbiosis School of Banking and Finance aims to nurture individuals who can lead this industry from the front. Despite being one of the newer MBA colleges, SSBF has carved out a name for itself with its leadership, development, innovation, and industry linkage.


10. SIBM Hyderabad

SIBM Hyderabad

Set up less than a decade ago, the Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Hyderabad, has managed to find a place in the top 50 MBA programs in India, beating out many other established names. With a beautiful 40-acre campus right on the outskirts of Hyderabad’s bustling business and technology parks, it offers a residential 2-year, full-time MBA program with specialisations in marketing, finance, HR, and operations. 


The top 10 MBA colleges accepting SNAP scores are some of the highest-ranking colleges in the country overall. While SIBM Pune and SCMHRD are the most renowned, others such as SIOM Nashik and SIDTM Pune, also offer great learning as well as career opportunities for students. 


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