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What is a good score in CLAT 2025?

31 July, 2023 By Parthiva Mewawala, IMS India

CLAT is India’s most significant law entrance exam. Law aspirants around the country spend months gearing up for this exam. Getting a good score in CLAT can help them land a coveted seat in one of the prestigious NLUs. But that brings us to our question. 


What is a good score in CLAT 2025? How many marks do you need to score to get a seat in a top NLU? While the goal should be to score as high as possible, a deeper analysis of the past years’ trends can give you more clarity about your target score. 


In this blog, we’ve compiled the marks you’ll need to get into the top NLUs by combing through 4 factors:


  1. CLAT score trends
  2. Associated ranks 
  3. Number of seats available
  4. General college preferences of students


A general idea about a good CLAT 2025 score


Considering the fluctuations in scores over the past few years, a common consensus says that anything above 100 is a great score and will guarantee a seat in all the top NLUs. Although, this might not always hold true. 


For instance, for CLAT 2024, the general male cutoff for NLSIU Bangalore was 103.5. 


For other top NLUs, such as NALSAR Hyderabad and WBNUJS Kolkata, a score of 95+ can be considered reasonable. 


In CLAT 2023, students with a score of 75+ could secure seats in one of the 22 NLUs. 


What will a good attempt look like in CLAT 2025?


We’ve broken down the total score across sections to give you a fair idea of a good attempt. This number can vary depending on the difficulty level of the questions in the specific sections. 


Current Affairs/GK Moderate to Difficult  20-22
Critical Reasoning  Easy to Moderate  25
Legal Reasoning Easy to Moderate  35-37
English Language  Moderate 20-21
Quantitative Techniques Moderate 7-8


What is the relation between CLAT rank and CLAT score? 


Every year the CLAT cutoffs and corresponding ranks change based on the paper difficulty level, total number of candidates, seat intake, reservations, and overall performance. 


By studying the rank and score correlation trends, we can distill a basic score range and the number of people within it. 


120-130 1-3 3
110-120 4-6 3
100-110 7-19 13
95-100 20-57 38
90-95 58-173 116
85-90 174-362 189
80-85 363-743 381
75-80 744-1411 668
70-75 1412-2318 907
65-70 2319-3572 1254
60-65 3573-5200 1628


Previous years’ CLAT cut-off marks vs rank


Now, let’s take a look at closing ranks and closing marks of general candidate students for some of the top NLUs. This table will help you determine a target score for yourself based on the college you wish to attend. 


Before we get there, here are a few essential pointers to keep in mind:


  • The number of seats in NLSIU Bangalore has increased from 120 to 180. This opens the opportunity to get into India’s best law college for more candidates. 
  • Most universities now offer domicile reservations. Utilizing the domicile reservation will give you some leeway with the score. Even with a score that may not be on par with the general trend, domicile reservation can get you in. 
  • Last year, the last general candidate to get into an NLU scored 74. With that score as the minimum benchmark, your goal should be to score 90+ for a shot at the top 5 NLUs. 


NLSIU Bangalore 83 103.5 180 135
NALSAR Hyderabad 172 99 132 99
WBNUJS Kolkata 241 96.75 132 91
NLU Jodhpur 356 93.25 120 87
GNLU Gandhinagar 366 93 172 156
NLIU Bhopal 378 92.75 120 60
MNLU Mumbai 453 91.5 150 55
RMLNLU Lucknow 676 87.25 169 81
HNLU Raipur 765 86 170 85
RGNLU Patiala 1075 82.25 180 162
NUALS Kochi 1144 81.5 60 31
NLU Cuttack 1072 81.25 106 79
CNLU Patna 1312 79.75 138 54
DSNLU Visakhapatnam 1473 78.5 138 54
MNLU Nagpur 1448 78.5 120 46
NUSRL Ranchi 1507 78.25 120 60
NLUJAA Guwahati 1659 77 60 31
TNNLS Tiruchirappali 1834 75.75 114 57
DNLU Jabalpur 1949 74.75 120 48


A good CLAT score – some critical insights for the top 4 NLUs


NLSIU Bangalore


It is the highest-ranked and most popular law college in the country. This also makes it the hardest to get into. For general candidates, a good rule of thumb is to score a minimum of 100 even to be considered for admission. Those using the domicile reservation can aim for 96+.


NALSAR Hyderabad 


NALSAR is the third-ranked law college in India, just behind Symbiosis. It is as competitive as NLSIU, with general candidates requiring a 100 to have a decent chance. Telangana domicile students should aim for 90+.


WBNUJS Kolkata


Ranked fourth in the nation, WBNUJS is the most prestigious law school in the Eastern region of India. A good CLAT 2025 score for a general candidate would be 96+; for a domicile student, it’ll be 85+.


NLU Jodhpur 


NLU Jodhpur is the fourth most popular NLU in India. A combination of legacy, reputation, and good placement records have pushed it into the conversation of best NLUs. Highly competitive to get into, general candidates require at least 93 to have a shot, while domicile candidates will require 85+.

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