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02 November, 2021

(w.e.f. 1st April 2021)

Repeat Coaching:

Students enrolled in Blended Classroom Programs can avail of Repeat Coaching @ 40% fees (60% waiver):

Students enrolled in Live Online Programs1 can avail of Repeat Coaching @ 70% fees (30% waiver):

  1. The repeat coaching can be availed for any Blended, LIVE, Test Series, Self-Learning Program or Score Improvement Program (any 1) in the immediate next academic cycle, within the same product2.
  2. The repeat coaching can be availed in the immediate next academic cycle ONLY.
  3. It is applicable only to students who have no outstanding payment towards their program fee.
  4. The student has to provide a copy of the ‘IMS Guarantee Certificate’ to claim this benefit.
  5. It is not required to submit any scorecards to avail the repeat coaching.
  6. No Courseware will be provided to the students again, though all myIMS Online features will be made active for the student.
    There are no additional fees for the transfer of the City/Centre.
  7. It is not required to avail the repeat coaching at the same IMS centre. However, in the case of Blended Classroom programs please note that the fees may differ from centre to centre. Fees & waivers will be based & applied as per the applicable fees at each respective centre wherein the student is re-enrolling for the repeat coaching

100% Refund Guarantee: Applicable to all Blended Classroom Programs.

  1. The guarantee entitles the student for full refund of course fee if the student is not satisfied with the services provided by IMS Learning Resources Pvt. Ltd as a part of the classroom program enrolled for.
  2. The 100% Refund Guarantee is applicable only when the lectures are held in offline mode. It does not apply where classes are held online due to COVID-19 restrictions.
  3. It is applicable to Blended Classroom Programs ONLY.
  4. 100% Refund Guarantee is not applicable on BBA/BMS/Law Crash Course variants.
  5. In case of GMAT Comprehensive, GRE Comprehensive, SAT Comprehensive programs, the 100% refund assurance applies only to the Test Prep component and not to the Consulting Variant.
  6. The Refund should be requested by the student within the first 5 sessions3 scheduled from the date of enrolment and before the start of the 6th scheduled session.
  7. The student is required to fill the “Application for Refund of Fees” form completely to claim a refund of fees, available at the IMS centre. The form has to be submitted at the IMS centre, where the student is enrolled along with the entire set of Courseware provided to the student, failing which the refund will NOT be processed.
  8. The student has to provide a copy of the “IMS Guarantee” certificate, which was given at the time of enrollment, along with the refund application.
  9. The refund, if any, will be made after a minimum period of 15 days, subject to the approval of IMS HO, from the date of acceptance of the refund application.

Disclaimer: This offer may be discontinued without notice in future, at the sole discretion of IMS. All disputes subject to Mumbai jurisdiction


1. ’ Live Online Programs’ include the Comprehensive Online Programs with Live Sessions such as e-CATapult Live Extended, eCATapult Live Focused,GMAT Live, GRE Live, GMAT Advanced Live, GRE Advanced Live,BBA BMS Live Online, CLAT Live Online, etc.
Live online programs do not include Score Improvement Programs or Self Learning Programs.
2. ’Same product’ refers to same product category, i.e., either CAT or CET or CMAT, etc. For eg: a student enrolled for the CAT program cannot avail repeat coaching under CET program. The same is applicable for BBA & CLAT or GMAT & GRE.
3. Session, not Days’ – If there are 2 back to back sessions scheduled on the same day, it will be counted as 2 sessions.


Guarantee Program T&C for enrollments before 1st April 2021.