IIFT 2015 Test Analysis & Answer Key

IIFT 2015 – Cut-offs and Analysis


The overall structure of the IIFT exam underwent some changes this year vis-a-vis the structure last year. In IIFT-2015, the Data  Interpretation section was clubbed with the Logical Reasoning section, unlike in IIFT-2014, where the Data Interpretation section had been clubbed with the Quantitative Ability section. The number of questions also registered an increase from 118 in 2014 to 124 in 2015.

The overall level of difficulty level of the questions in the exam was significantly lower as compared to that of the previous year’s exam. Most of the questions were easy to medium levels of difficulty. A summary of the test structure and expected cut-offs is given below for your reference:

Section Area # Questions Marks per Q Total Marks
1 Part 1 Logical Reasoning 20 0.75 15
1 Part 2 Data Interpretation 18 1 18
2 Part 1 English Usage 20 0.75 15
2 part 2 Reading Comprehension 16 1 16
3 General Awareness 28 0.5 14
4 Quantitative Ability 22 1 22
Overall 124 100

The detailed analysis of each of the sections is given below:


This section was characterized by simple and straightforward Logical Reasoning questions and somewhat time-consuming Data Interpretation questions. There were 20 questions on Logical Reasoning and 18 questions on Data Interpretation (2 sets of 5 questions each and 2 sets of 4 questions each for the Data Interpretation sub-section). Questions in the Logical Reasoning sub-section were dominated by questions on Arrangements (total 2 sets with 10 questions in all). Additionally, in the Logical Reasoning sub-section, there were questions on Network diagrams, Grouping & Conditionalities and Verbal Reasoning. One question pertaining to Grouping & Conditionalities was ambiguous

Ideally one should have attempted 22-24 questions in about 40 minutes. Students should have ideally attempted most of the LR Questions .The expected cut-off for the section is around 10-11 marks.

VERBAL ABILITY & Reading Comprehension:

The VA-RC section consisted of two subsections, with the 16 RC questions carrying 1 mark each, while the 20 VA questions carried 0.75 marks each. This section was mostly very easy, and provided ample opportunities to score. The vast majority of the RC questions were direct, and even the inferential ones were straightforward. There were four passages with 4 questions each. Two of the passages were very simple, and should definitely have been attempted. While the RC passages were on the long side (1.5 pages long each), as is common in the IIFT, they were all fairly easy to understand. Only a couple of RC questions were somewhat tricky. The VA questions were also similarly quite easy, though there were a small handful that you might have had trouble with, such as the questions that asked you to identify the oxymorons, or the ones that asked the meaning of French words used in English. Out of the two Jumbled Paragraph questions, only one was somewhat tricky. The other question types – Correct meaning of idiom/phrase, inappropriate use of the word, fill in the blanks, analogies and antonyms were very easy and provided ample opportunities to score. The VA questions should not have taken more than 15 minutes to attempt; two of the RC passages could easily have been solved in 15-20 minutes, or perhaps three in 20-25 minutes. Considering the difference in marks between the two subsections, it would have made more sense to try to attempt more RC questions rather than focusing too much on VA. On the whole, if you devoted around 35 minutes to the VA-RC section, you could have attempted around 10-15 VA questions and 8-12 RC questions. The expected cut-off for this section is 8-10 marks.


The GK section this year was evidently doable as compared to that of previous years. There were 28 questions in total comprising 19 static and 9 current events questions. Furthermore, out of the 28 questions, 23 questions were on world affairs and only 5 on national events. There were a few “Match the Column” questions which were easy because identifying only one correct pair would have given you the answer. However, the Current event questions pertaining to national events were quite difficult – as it asked for answers in terms of numbers. Fortunately there were only two questions of this type. The themes of the questions were mostly on business, science (inventor), headquarters and appointments with a couple from Geography and History. On the whole, if you devoted around 18-20 minutes to the GK section, you could have attempted around 18-20 questions. The expected cut-off for this section is expected to be around 3-4 marks considering the fact that each question carries 0.5 marks.


There were 22 questions in the Quantitative Ability section. This section was dominated by Modern Mathematics (8 questions) and  Arithmetic(7 questions). The questions on Modern Mathematics involved questions pertaining mainly to Probability, Permutation & Combination, Progressions, Logarithms and Set Theory. The questions on Arithmetic were mainly on Percentages, Time & Work, Averages and Mixtures. The remaining questions were on Geometry (3 questions), Algebra (3 questions) and Numbers (Surds and Indices).

Most of the questions were easy to medium level of difficulty. Some of the questions required somewhat lengthy calculations. A number of questions were amenable to option elimination.

Ideally one should have attempted 18-20 questions in about 40 minutes. The expected cut-off for the section would be around 7-8 marks.

IIFT 2015 and IIFT 2014 Results

According to IIFT 2015 results, a score of 60.08 was equivalent to 99.7 percentile, a score of 58.35 was equivalent to 99.52 percentile, a score of 56.85 was equivalent to 99.31 percentile and a score of 55.09 was equivalent to 98.98 percentile.

The 2015 cut-off for IIFT-Delhi and Kolkata campuses is 48.5 for General candidates, 43.5 for OBC NCL candidates and 38.5 for SC, ST & PH candidates (Sectional cut-offs : VARC 8.75 DILR 8.68 GA 0.82 QT 4.34).

For your reference and a better understanding of the test, we have also mentioned IIFT 2014 results.

According to IIFT 2014 results, a score of 48.91 was equivalent to 99.8 percentile, a score of 47.26 was equivalent to 99.65 percentile and a score of 38.8 was equivalent to 96.36 percentile.

The 2014 cut-off for IIFT-Delhi and Kolkata campuses is 38.5 for General candidates, 33.5 for OBC NCL candidates and 28.5 for SC, ST & PH candidates (Sectional cut-offs : VARC 6.50 LR 4.34 DIQA 4.67 GA 2.49).

IIFT 2015 Answer Key

    Questions in order of   IIFT 2015 Set B  
Section Q.No Question Stem Ans Key
DI-LR 1 Who Joined the Electronics Dept C
DI-LR 2 The person placed in the UAE ….. C
DI-LR 3 Out of the following…. B
DI-LR 4 Who joined the IT Dept …… A
DI-LR 5 Which combination…. Dinesh D
DI-LR 6 If the breakfast doesn’t have eggs….' B
DI-LR 7 Who is the third tallest …... B
DI-LR 8 Who is the most qualified ? D
DI-LR 9 What is the rank of Kriti….. B
DI-LR 10 What is the rank of Kamla …. B
DI-LR 11 Number Series - 18,37,76….. B
DI-LR 12 How many countries …. no condition is imposed C*
DI-LR 13 How many countries …. to meet only condition 1 D
DI-LR 14 How many countries …. to meet only conditions 2 &3 B
DI-LR 15 Based …….. W is the niece of Z C
DI-LR 16 Alex walks……How far is he from the starting point ? C
DI-LR 17 Statements - i. Some iphones are mobiles….. D
DI-LR 18 If the trader…….cities that the cargo has to transit ? C
DI-LR 19 If the trader……. required to cross (excluding cities P and U)? B
DI-LR 20 To move cargo from City P to City U………...? C
DI-LR 21 What is the closest average………during April 2014-March 2015? B
DI-LR 22 The absolute difference…….WAC'S tupe is the highest ? A
DI-LR 23 Which type of WAC …………..Half Yearly Sales perfromance ? C
DI-LR 24 In which of the months…..WAC monthly sales performance was the highest ? D
DI-LR 25 Which type of WAC has the least sales volatility D
DI-LR 26 What are the sales of Product A in 2013….. and Product D in 2012 C
DI-LR 27 Annual sales average of all products is least in which year ? B
DI-LR 28 Which product has the least average sales….. …period 2009-15 ? B
DI-LR 29 The difference between average sales……….is the least for which pair of products D
DI-LR 30 If Year on Year ……..then the YOY growth …..maximum decline in which year ? D
DI-LR 31 If Factor performance…….  0.30 * Factor Score…. following has best factor performance ? D
DI-LR 32 If Factor performance…….  { Factor Score 2014 …. following has best factor performance ? C
DI-LR 33 Which of the following factors……………..indices of 2010,2012 and 2014 ? B
DI-LR 34 Which among the following factors….. 2014 versus score of 2010 ? B
DI-LR 35 Which of following Ad Sites……least cost per advertisement ? C
DI-LR 36 Which Ad Site has provided maximum quality traffic ? D
DI-LR 37 Which Ad Site sent traffic to www.jay.com with maximum leakage ? C
DI-LR 38 On which Ad Site is the advertising budget spent most efficiently A
VA-RC 39 Which of the following statements is true ? A
VA-RC 40 Which among  …. both Mittal and Arcelor …… to become bigger steel makers ? A
VA-RC 41 From the above passage,it clearly emerges that : B
VA-RC 42 What are the plausible reasons for privatisation in steel industry ? C
VA-RC 43 What is the remark……..defensible one, rather than a hyperbole ? B
VA-RC 44 In the above passage,Otlet is being credited with C
VA-RC 45 What has been said……early rwentieth-century….worked for a networked society ? B
VA-RC 46 Otlet's original idea of the network can be described as D
VA-RC 47 The author is trying to find the underlying cause of  : C
VA-RC 48 The moral hazard arises because A
VA-RC 49 According to the author the IMF……crisis have been in effect C
VA-RC 50 The Author believes that the cost of crisis is ultimately borne by C
VA-RC 51 Which of the following is the most appropriate title for the passage ? A
VA-RC 52 Who, according …………primary agents of political socialization ? C
VA-RC 53 According to the author the mass media is a powerful political actor because D
VA-RC 54 Which of the following rival theories……in terms of its role in the society ? C
VA-RC 55 S1 : The beginning of the the universe………. B
VA-RC 56 S1: I was so eager not to disappoint……. A
VA-RC 57 To drive home D
VA-RC 58 To have an axe to grind A
VA-RC 59 A: He got carried away with the unruly mob…….. D
VA-RC 60 A: Hang over for a minute, and I will attend to you A
VA-RC 61 Not for the last time ,the British……….kind of terrain from Europe B
VA-RC 62 The complicated processes,………………………………….the challenges C
VA-RC 63 Milieu C
VA-RC 64 Gaffe A
VA-RC 65 During the winter………………..because of a food shortage D
VA-RC 66 Though fictional, the story of Shylock  …………………Venetian reality C
VA-RC 67 Choose the option that is closes in meaning to the word ,"Qualm" B
VA-RC 68 Pipes are  safer …………………………mouth cancers than non smokers C
VA-RC 69 The conspirators met………………………..governance of Julius Caesar B
VA-RC 70 Identify the Oxymoron : A: Behave properly B
VA-RC 71 Identify the Oxymoron : A: Original Copy D
VA-RC 72 Although these injuries are not fatal,……………….. B
VA-RC 73 Cacophony : Euphony D
VA-RC 74 Choose the option  which is the antonym of the word "Blasphemous" B
GA 75 Which multilateral development bank…….and the International Monetary Fund ? A
GA 76 Given below are some popular stock indices of the world….. D
GA 77 The remains…….of Machu Pichu in Peru ? A
GA 78 Who is acknowledged as the creator of  Chandigarh's Rock Garden ? B
GA 79 Which is the first Eurozone nation to exit its bailout package C
GA 80 Match the name  of the city with the river on whose bank its is located A
GA 81 What is the motto of the 2016 Summer Olympics to be held in Rio de Janeiro ? A
GA 82 Which film won the 2015 Oscar Award for the Best Animated Feature Film C
GA 83 Who among…………………………..maximum all  time Grand Slam Women's Singles title ? B
GA 84 Match the name of the Multinational Firm………been associated as CEO A
GA 85 A person with AB blood group……………. B
GA 86 Who is the Vice Chairman of the NITI Aayog ? A
GA 87 The first Export processing zone of  Asia was set up in B
GA 88 Who launched a crowd funding campaign …..bailing out Greece ? A
GA 89 Match the name of the book with its author B
GA 90 The US recently announced ………..issued in 2020,will include the C
GA 91 The new Centre State Tax…………..from the increasing the share from A
GA 92 Which of the following countries is not a member of the European Union ? C
GA 93 As per the monetary policy ………RBI is required to maintain inflation in the range of A
GA 94 Who discovered Pluto in the year 1930? A
GA 95 According to the world Investment Report 2015,…..of FDI Inflows in 2014 ? A
GA 96 Euro dollars are C
GA 97 Match the Prime Minister  and  Presidents of India……………... D
GA 98 Mark the wrong combination D
GA 99 Mother Teresa was born in D
GA 100 In 1985-86, an official policy introduced by Gorbachev………. A
GA 101 The British Cosmologist Stephen Hawking …… A
GA 102 Match the name of the organization with the city in which it is  headquartered C
QA 103 The internal evaluation for Economics……to guess randomly on the final quiz B
QA 104 In 2004 ,Rohini……………….In Which year was Rohini born ? C
QA 105 If p,q and r are three unequal numbers…………….   then  p:p:r  is equal to A
QA 106 if   log 5 =a  and  log 15 =b………. C
QA 107 During the essay writing stage……. are not sitting next to each other C
QA 108 The prepaid  recharge of Airtel ……….post paid service of Vodafone A
QA 109 As a strategy……………………….discount availed by him is approximately B
QA 110 A tank is connected with both inlet pipes….,how many of these are inlet pipes ? D
QA 111 In a certain village, 22% …….number of familes living in the village is A
QA 112 In the board meeting of a FMCG  …….who attended the board meeting is D
QA 113 A firm is thinking of buying a ……printed in the year exceeds B
QA 114 In the figure below………then the area of sector XYZ is : C
QA 115 A chartered  bus ………..less than its average speed in the morning by B
QA 116 If a right circular cylinder ……………volume of the cylinder  is : D
QA 117 Seema has joined a new company ……will be Rs 11400 in  : C
QA 118 Sailesh is working as a sales executive ………his total sales were worth D
QA 119 Three carpenters P,Q, and R…..finish the job in approximately B
QA 120 There are two alloys P and Q  ……………I in the newly formed alloy is A
QA 121 A ladder of 7.6 m long……………………ladder shifts by approximately : B
QA 122 The value of x for which the equation sqrt(4x-9)…... D
QA 123 The simplest value of the expression ……….. B
QA 124 In a reputed engineering college………….Engineering College is approximately A
VA  -RC Verbal Ability  & Reading Comprehension
DI-LR Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning
QA Quantitative Aptitude
GA General Awareness
* Ambiguous question .Question should have been In how may ways the countries can be selected
There is high probability that the question may not be considered .However,if the question is considered
C, is the most appropriate  answer


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