SNAP 2018 Structure and Pattern

This test is one of the more popular entrance tests taken by B-School aspirants, with around 50,000 test-takers every year.  The pattern of this entrance test has always bordered on the unpredictable – we have had Data Interpretation questions (normally a part of the Quant section) included in the Logical Reasoning (LR) sections, Logical Reasoning questions making a special appearance in the Quant section and Verbal Reasoning questions (a regular feature of the LR section) being included in The English Language section. So, if you are someone who goes into the test with a fixed mindset expecting only certain type of questions in a particular section, then you are likely to be surprised by this test. On the positive side, this test is on the easier side and if you had prepared well for the CAT then you should be able to put up a decent performance in the SNAP.

SNAP Test Pattern shall continue to have 4 Sections but there’s an introduction of Special Questions* and different marking pattern as these questions shall carry 2 marks instead of 1 mark unlike for all Normal questions.
SNAP Test is an objective test. Each question has 4 responses (Only for Normal Questions). Candidate should choose an appropriate response.

SNAP 2018 structure has changed as per below table:

Section Normal Questions Special Questions* Total Questions Total Marks
General English: Reading Comprehension, Verbal Reasoning, Verbal Ability 30 5 35 40
Quantitative, Data Interpretation & Data Sufficiency 30 5 35 40
Analytical & Logical Reasoning 30 5 35 40
Current Affairs 20 5 25 30
Total 110 20 130 150

Special Questions*: For special questions in each section will have blanks where answers will have to be entered by the candidate by using the virtual keyboard. For example, if question is “What is the capital of Australia?” The candidate needs to enter the answer as CANBERRA by using the virtual keyboard.

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SNAP Exam Date and Time

  • Date: 16th December 2018; Time: 14.00 hrs. - 16.00 hrs.

SNAP Marking Pattern:

  • Normal Questions carry 1 mark for each question and Special Questions carry 2 marks for each question.
  • For Each correct answer 1 mark and each wrong answer attracts 25% negative marks.

Please note that the SNAP 2018 test will be ONLINE. SNAP Test duration is of 120 minutes.


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