IELTS Exam 2024: Dates, Application Form, Eligibility, Pattern, Mock Test Links

02 February, 2024
Priyal Kakaye

IELTS Exam 2024 – The International English Language Testing System (IELTS test) is the English language proficiency test conducted by the British Council and IDP Education system in countries like Australia, Canada, the UK, New Zealand, etc.

The IELTS Exam 2024 opens up opportunities abroad by allowing you to showcase your English proficiency skills for college-level education. Most colleges abroad compulsorily require students to submit IELTS scores, without which no admission offers can be sent.

Every year, more than 5 million people apply to take the IELTS test. Registration for the IELTS exam can be done through the IELTS IDP website or in person at your nearest IELTS IDP branch. 

In this blog, we’ll break down everything you need to know about the IELTS Exam 2024 

ParticularsExam Details 
  1. Exam name
International English Language Testing System
  1. Commonly known as
  1. Exam Level
International level Exam
  1. Conducting Body
British Council & IDP Education
  1. IELTS Test Modules
  • IELTS Academic
  • IELTS General
  1. Registration mode
Online/ Offline
  1. Exam Modes
Online/ Offline
  1. IELTS test duration
2 hours and 45 minutes
  1. IELTS exam fee payment options
Credit Card/Debit Card, 

Netbanking, Demand draft

  1. Chances for Re-attempts
No limit


ELTS Exam Dates 2024 

The IELTS Exam 2024 offers flexibility with exam dates available throughout the year, encompassing all seven days of the week and three slots per day. Candidates can easily schedule their exams by selecting their preferred dates and test centres. 

February IELTS Exam Dates 2024

IELTS Format Dates 
Academic only8 February 2024

24 February 2024

Academic and General Training3 February 2024

17 February 2024


March IELTS Exam Dates 2024

IELTS Format Dates 
Academic only7 March 2024 

16 March 2024

Academic and General Training9 March 2024

23 March 2024

30 March 2024


April IELTS Exam Dates 2024

IELTS Format Dates 
Academic only13 April 2024

18 April 2024 

Academic and General Training27 April 2024 


May IELTS Exam Dates 2024

IELTS Format Dates 
Academic only4 May 2024 

18 May 2024

Academic and General Training9 May 2024

25 May 2024


June IELTS Exam Dates 2024

IELTS Format Dates 
Academic only1 June 2024 

13 June 2024

Academic and General Training8 June 2024

22 June 2024 

July  IELTS Exam Dates 2024

IELTS Format Dates 
Academic only4 July 2024 

13 July 2024

Academic and General Training20 July 2024 

27 July 2024


IELTS Exam Score 2024 – 


The IELTS examination, overseen by IDP to assess English proficiency, rates candidates on a 1 to 9 grading scale. Universities set varied IELTS cutoff scores. IELTS scores are disclosed on a 9-band scale without total specific marks being awarded. Institutions like Harvard and Stanford typically seek scores of 7 or 8. 

Here are some of the other top universities’ scores and their IELTS cutoffs.


IELTS Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening are considered its components. Universities considering IELTS scores rely on both overall and sectional scores. IDP, responsible for administering the test, doesn’t show their cutoff scores but issues Test Report Forms (TRFs) with the results.  Cutoffs vary among universities and programs. Many institutions may demand scores as high as 7.5, with some exclusively admitting based on IELTS results.


Understanding IELTS Band Scores:

Proficiency in English is assessed through Band scores ranging from 0 to 9, with higher scores indicating superior proficiency and lower scores suggesting the opposite. Each number corresponds to a specific proficiency level, often specified as minimum band scores by foreign universities.

Calculating IELTS Scores:

IELTS results are computed from individual scores in Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking and then averaged to derive an overall score. Universities typically consider these averages to determine cutoffs. 

IELTS Cutoffs for Premier Universities:

Now, we’ll delve into IELTS score requirements for leading institutions in the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia. Understanding university-specific cutoffs is crucial for applicants eyeing these destinations, ensuring compliance before applying.

IELTS Cutoffs for QS Top Universities

University NameCountryIELTS Cut Off – Overall Score
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)USA7.0 – 7.5+
University of CambridgeUK7.5+
University of OxfordUK7.0 – 7.5+
Harvard UniversityUSA6.5 – 7.5+
Stanford UniversityUSA7.0+
Imperial College LondonUK6.5 – 7.0+
ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology)Switzerland7.0+
National University of Singapore (NUS)Singapore6.0 – 8.0+
University College LondonUK6.5 – 7.5+


IELTS Cutoff Score for US Universities 2024

UniversityOverall score on IELTSSectional score of IELTS
Harvard University77.5
Cornell University7.57.5
University of California, Berkeley7
Columbia University77
Yale University7.57.5
University of Pennsylvania77
University of Chicago77
Princeton University7Reading, Writing, and Listening – 7; Reading – 8


IELTS Cutoff Score for UK Universities 2024

UniversityOverall IELTS score
Oxford University7-7.5
Cambridge University7
University of Edinburgh6.5
University College London6.5
Imperial College London7
University of Warwick6.5
University of Bristol6
London School of Economics and Political Science7-7.5
King’s College London7

IELTS Cutoff Score for Canada Universities 2024

UniversitiesOverall score on IELTSSectional score of IELTS
University of Toronto76.5
University of British Columbia76.5
University of Alberta6.56
McGill University6.56
University of Waterloo6.56
Dalhousie University76.5


IELTS Cutoff Score of Australia 2024

UniversityOverall IELTS score
University of Melbourne7
University of Queensland6.5
University of New South Wales6.5
University of Sydney6.5
Australian National University7


IELTS Syllabus Overview

IELTS Test ComponentBrief DescriptionTime duration
  1. Listening 

(Same for Academic and General Training)

Four sections, 

40 items

30 minutes
  1. Reading 

(Different for Academic and General Training)

Three sections, 

40 items

60 minutes
  1. Writing

 (Different for Academic and General Training)

Two tasks60 minutes 
  1. Speaking

 (Same for Academic and General Training)


One-on-one conversation

11-14 minutes 


IELTS Paper Format 2024

More than 10,000 educational institutions across 140 countries worldwide accept international candidates based on their IELTS test certificates. Therefore, candidates should comprehensively understand the IELTS exam structure and curriculum to enhance their chances of acceptance into prestigious institutions. Below is detailed information on the IELTS exam syllabus and structure:

  • Listening: This section comprises 40 questions and lasts 30 minutes, divided into four sections featuring recorded monologue speeches and conversations.
  • Reading: This segment of the IELTS exam format 2024 includes 40 questions and spans 60 minutes. It encompasses three lengthy reading comprehension passages assessing descriptive, factual, and analytical concepts.
  • Writing: Two brief essays ranging from 150-200 words each. Questions are presented in the form of graphs, charts, or diagrams, requiring candidates to interpret and describe the provided data.
  • Speaking: A three-part individual conversation: one discussion on a familiar topic, a series of short questions, and one discussion on a structured topic.

IELTS Eligibility In India

  • Along with the age criteria for the IELTS exam 2024, a few other mandatory conditions are needed at the time of IELTS registration.
  • The candidate should be a minimum of 16 years. However, there is no restriction on the upper age limit to attempt the exam.
  • Education Qualification – A secondary education qualification like 10th class is a must.
  • ID Proof – You need to upload a copy of your passport during exam registration. It is a mandatory requirement to be able to sit for the test.

How to apply for IELTS: Online IELTS Registration

The online process is very simple. To understand how to apply for IELTS and book your IELTS test, follow these steps below:


  • Visit the IELTS India webpage.
  • Click on “Register for IELTS” or “Book Now” to begin the registration process.
  • Choose the type of IELTS exam you need from the available options: Computer, Paper-Based, UKVI, or Life Skills.
  • Select your preferred exam type: IELTS Academic Test or General IELTS.
  • Choose the city where you want to take the test from the drop-down list.
  • Check the availability on the calendar to find a suitable date and time for your exam.
  • Complete the application form online with the required information.
  • Now, pay the registration fee using your Visa or Mastercard.
  • Note: Are you confused about how to apply for the IELTS speaking section? Then don’t worry; there is a separate registration for the Speaking section.


How to apply for IELTS: Offline IELTS Registration

  • First, remember you must be over 16 years old and possess a valid passport.
  • The information given on the application must match the details of the passport.
  • The passport needs to be carried by you on the exam day, as well as ID proof.
  • You must keep your debit/credit cards handy during registration.
  • To understand how to apply for IELTS and register for the IELTS exam in person, you have two options. Here’s how you can do it:

Method 1: Register at the nearest IDP Branch/Head Office

  • Go to any IDP Branch/Head Office and use their computer /laptop to register online for the IELTS exam.
  • Pay the exam fee and get an instant confirmation of your seat.
  • Submit your Passport photocopy and any observation pages if applicable.
  • Sign the Terms & Conditions document and hand it over to there.
  • Get your acknowledgement letter confirming your test seat.

Method 2: Register at an IDP Office/Input Node

  • First, fill out your application form available at the IDP office.
  • Sign the Terms & Conditions needed with your application form.
  • Submit a Passport photocopy and any observation pages if applicable.
  • Pay the test fee and request the staff to submit your application form, which entitles you to a tentative seat reservation.

Register by Courier

  • Download your application form from the official website – or get it from the nearest IDP branch office/Input Node.
  • Fill out your application form and sign the Terms & Conditions documents.
  • Submit your Passport photocopy and any observation pages if applicable.
  • Pay the IELTS exam fee.
  • Send the completed application form, all necessary documents, and test fee to the IDP Education India Pvt. Ltd. Head Office at the given address.

IELTS Eligibility for Exam Retake

  • Candidates who have scored low marks and are willing to improve their IELTS score can also apply for a retake of the IELTS test. There are no IELTS test eligibility terms and conditions or criteria for reattempting the exam.
  • IELTS one skill retake – There are 4 sections in the IELTS test. With this one-skill retake facility, the candidate can reattempt the one section that scored less in the exam. The candidate is eligible to take an IELTS one-skill retake within 90 days of the IELTS exam results. Rescheduling or cancelling the IELTS exam requires proper documentation to validate the reason; otherwise, the request will be void.

Rescheduling Policy for IELTS Test

Candidates seeking to reschedule the IELTS test must complete the Test Date Transfer & Cancellation Form and submit it to the test centre at least five weeks before the original exam date. The allocation of the next IELTS date depends on the test centre’s discretion and seat availability.

You’ll be charged a fee of Rs. 2,325 for rescheduling, payable via debit card, credit card, or bank deposit. Requests made less than five weeks before the test date will be considered for rescheduling.

Cancellation Policy for IELTS Test

Applications for cancelling the IELTS test must be submitted to the centre after filling out the Transfer & Cancellation Form and the original payment receipt. A cancellation charge of Rs. 2,325 will be deducted from the examination fee.

If the cancellation request is received five weeks before the exam date, a refund of the remaining balance of Rs. 6,975 will be processed within four weeks from the test date. Cancellations made less than five weeks before the test date will not be refunded.

Documents Required for IELTS Registration

  • Primary Identification Document: Passport
  • Alternative Identification Options: National Identity Card (NIC), parental consent for minor candidates, UKVI IELTS requires a biometric residence permit (BRP) or a valid visa. 

How to Download IELTS Mock Test Free of Cost

IELTS Mock Test 2023 is a PDF accessible online for candidates planning for the exam. Candidates can download the online free material by following the steps specified below. 

  • Go to the official IDP IELTS site –
  • Click on the ‘Test Takers’ alternative accessible within the header area, taken after the ‘Sample Test Questions’. 
  • Select the IELTS exam area from the available options to download the IELTS online test. 
  • You’ll be able to see the IELTS exam test questions on the screen in the form of different task-wise links. 

Here are a few of the key benefits of the IELTS exam mock test:

IELTS online tests with answers offer assistance to candidates who wish to get familiar with the IELTS test pattern and improve the quality of their preparation.

Actual IELTS test questions and past papers are an excellent way to understand the areas you lack and plan your prep accordingly. But this only works if you give the IELTS practice tests in an exam-type atmosphere.

IELTS Exam Preparation Tips for Success in 2024

Preparing for the IELTS exam requires dedication, strategy, and consistent practice across all sections. To ensure a good band score, consider implementing the following essential IELTS preparation tips:

  1. Practice Regularly: Practice is vital to mastering the IELTS exam. Engage with various texts, including newspapers, academic articles, and books. Attempting multiple IELTS mock tests and practice papers will familiarise you with the exam format and boost your confidence.
  2. Time management: Time management is crucial during the exam. Improve your ability to quickly skim through passages to grasp the main idea and scan for specific details. This skill will help you efficiently navigate the reading section and save valuable time.
  3. Expand Vocabulary: Enhancing your vocabulary is essential for all sections of the IELTS exam. Dedicate time to learning and understanding new, unfamiliar words. Utilise vocabulary-building resources such as flashcards, word lists, and context-based learning to broaden your lexical range.

Steps to check IDP IELTS Result 2024 Online

Candidates can easily access their IELTS results online using their IDP IELTS result login credentials. To check their IELTS results, applicants should follow the steps below:

  • Sign in to the official IDP IELTS website –
  • Provide your name, passport number or ID number, and date of birth on the IDP IELTS results login page.
  • Review the displayed IELTS results.
  • Download the IELTS scorecard and retain the IDP result for future reference.

IELTS 2024 Admit Card

The IELTS admit card contains details such as name, date of birth, exam type, test centre, photograph, etc. The IELTS exam organiser issues the admit card at its official website. 

The candidates can download the IELTS 2024 admit card from the website using their enrollment ID and password. This card must be kept safe until the end of the admission process. It is necessary to cross-check the details provided in the IELTS admit card to avoid issues in the process.

In conclusion, the IELTS Exam 2024 is your chance to capitalise on opportunities abroad.  With the IMS Venturi IELTS Classroom program, you can improve your IELTS score to 7+ bands with just 20 hours of prep. The proprietary teaching methodology that focuses on analysing your weaknesses and shoring them up helps fast-track the whole preparation while improving your score significantly. Just fill out the form here to get on a call with one of our education consultants, who will guide you through the rest of the process.


Frequently Asked Questions for IELTS 2024

  • Is the IELTS exam difficult?

No, the IELTS exam is not challenging. If you come from an English medium background at your school, you can pass this exam easily with targeted preparation with the IMS Venturi IELTS program.

  • What minimum band score is required to pass the IELTS exam?

There is nothing to pass or fail in the IELTS exam, but if you score less, you can reapply for the exam and improve your score. The students are allotted IELTS band scores per the IELTS exam syllabus and structure. 

  • Is it possible to clear IELTS on the first attempt?

Yes, it is possible to clear IELTS on the first attempt if you understand the demands of the exam and prepare with good coaching.