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IMS Test Availability Schedule – CMAT

18 February, 2023

The Availability Schedule of SimCMAT & Area-wise Tests for IMS CMAT 2024 enrolled students is updated here. Stay tuned for regular updates.


Full-Length Mocks (SimCMATs):

SimCMAT # Release Date
SimCMAT 1 to 10 Available
SimCMAT 11 to 15 31st December 2023


  • All SimCMATs will be in Take-Home mode format.


Areawise Tests:

Areawise Tests Availability Date
40 Area-wise Tests Available


ADMAT Availability Schedule:

Visit here for detailed ADMAT Availability schedule.



  • The Schedule is subject to change. Stay tuned for regular updates.
  • The Tests will be deactivated on 31st March same year as the Exam year enrolled for.