MH-CET MS and OMS Categorization

Candidature Type and Home University for Candidates in CAP:

The Candidature Type and the Home University of the candidate plays an important role in the CAP. To be eligible as “Maharashtra State” candidature, candidate should have type of candidature as Type A or B or C or D or E status. Type of candidature further decides their status of Home University. The Candidature Type and the Home University of the candidate can be determined as per the below mentioned details. Candidates have to carefully read the guidelines and select their Candidature Type and Home University properly while submitting the application form for CAP.

Categorization of MS (Maharashtra State) & OMS (Other than Maharashtra State Candidates)

Any Candidate falling in either A,B,C,D, or E type of candidate category then they can be classified as MS Candidate. Those candidates who do not fall in any of the A,B,C,D, or E Category then they can be classified as OMS Candidates.

There are 5 types of Candidatures which are eligible as Maharashtra State Candidates. Following are their eligibility

Click here to know more about the different types and number of Seats available under the CAP Process.

Please Note:

  • Candidate Claiming the Candidature as Maharashtra Type A/B/C/D/E and fails to submit the required documents specified above under the note then such candidates will be converted to All India Candidates and such candidates will be given the benefit of All India Seats Only.

For Certificate of Nationality any one of the following documents shall be accepted:

  • Certificate of the Indian Nationality of the candidate (usually issued by the Tahshildar/Executive Magistrate/Dy. Collector of the concerned District/Taluka.)
  • The School Leaving Certificate indicating the Nationality of the Candidate as 'Indian' Or The place of birth In India.
  • Indian Passport in the name of the Candidate,issued by Goverment Of India.
  • Birth Certificate of the Candidate indicating the place of birth in India.


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