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The Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) offers 52 Master's Degree programmes from its Mumbai, Tuljapur, Guwahati and Hyderabad campuses and other locations for the 2021-2023 batch. Candidates can apply for a maximum of three programmes across any of the two campuses indicating the order of preference. The merit list will be prepared based on the preferences given by the candidate in the application form.

Candidates applying to the 2021-23 batch for the Full-Time (Regular) Post-Graduate Degree Programmes of TISS needs to take the TISS National Entrance Test (TISS-NET) 2021. It will be held on 20th February 2021 from 2 pm to 3.40 pm in 40 Cities.

Candidates applying for the Flagship programs of TISS Mumbai, i.e., (i) MA Human Resource Management & Labor Relations (HRM &LR) and (ii) MA Organisation Development, Change and Leadership (ODCL) - will have a Management Aptitude Test (TISS-MAT) conducted along with TISS-NET for 50 marks for a duration of 45 mins. The score for TISS-MAT will be added to the PAT score of the shortlisted candidates while preparing the final score for the selection.

IMS Experts shall take the TISS-NET & TISS-MAT 2021 and provide detailed section-wise and overall analysis with expected cut-offs.

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