TISS-NET 2020 Detailed Analysis

Saturday, Jan 4, 2020. 2:00 - 4:30 pm.

In a major change from the previous years, the candidates applying for MA (HRM&LR) and / or MA (ODCL) programmes in TISS (Tata Institute of Social Sciences) this year are required to appear for the TISS Management Aptitude Test (TISS-MAT) in addition to the TISS-NET.

The structure of the TISS-NET 2020 (Saturday, 4 Jan 2020, 2 - 3:40 pm) was the same as that of last year. There were 100 questions carrying a total of 100 marks. There was no Sectional timing. Each question had 4 options. There was no negative marking. The test layout was same as CAT, the only difference was the watermark was present in both TISS-NET and TISS-MAT.
The TISS Management Aptitude Test (MAT) was conducted immediately after the TISS-NET examination. TISS-MAT was a 45-mark, 30-minute test with 3 sections.


Section Subject Area No. of Qs Marks Stipulated
Section I English Proficiency 30 30 None
Section II Mathematical & Logical Reasoning 30 30 None
Section III General Awareness 40 40 14
  • No Negative Marks
  • No Sectional Timing


Section Subject Area No. of Questions Marks
Section I Comprehension 15 15
Section II Management Data Interpretation 15 15
Section III Business Awareness 15 15
  • Each wrong answer invited 0.25 negative marks.
  • No Sectional Timing

Overall, the difficulty level of TISS-NET and TISS-MAT was Easy.
Based on student feedback, we estimate  TISSNET 2020  cut-offs  for the shortlisting of candidates for 2nd stage for the  M.A. (HRM) - Mumbai campus, General Category as mentioned below:

HRM program- Mumbai Campus TISSNET 2020 cut-off
General Category 73-76

Also, as per initial estimates , we expect that an overall score of around 25 marks would be considered a good score for TISS-MAT
Note :The score for TISS-NET will be used only to shortlist the candidates to be called in for stage 2  and will not be added to the final score for selection. The score for TISSMAT will be added to the PIT / PI score of the shortlisted candidates while preparing the final score for the selection .
Kindly refer the link below for more details on the selection procedure for the various TISS programs.



Section I: English Proficiency 

This section comprised 30 questions, out of which 10 questions were on Reading Comprehension based on 2 passages. Most of the questions in this section were easy to medium except for some difficult vocabulary questions.

  Topics No. of Questions Level of Difficulty
Reading Comprehension
(2 passages)
10 7 Easy, 3 Moderate
Fill in the Blanks (Vocabulary + Spelling + Grammar) 7 All Easy
Grammar - Mark the error 3 All Easy
Synonym 2 All Easy
Antonym 2 All Easy
Odd Word Out (Synonym based) 1 Easy
Paragraph Jumble 2 2 Moderate
Critical Reasoning ( Conclusion) 1 Easy
Logical Reasoning (Simple Arrangement) 2 Easy

A good score for this section would be 25-26. A  good student would have been able to tackle all questions within 40 minutes.

Section II: Mathematical and Logical Reasoning
Out of 30 questions in the section, 7 questions were on Data Interpretation (in two sets- the first set on Pie chart with 3 questions and the second set on Table with 4 questions). All the remaining 23 questions  were on Mathematics. The questions on Mathematics were evenly spread across all the areas in Mathematics (Numbers, Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry and Modern Mathematics). Most of the questions were easy and tested basic concepts in Mathematics.

The following table outlines the topic-wise break-up of the questions in this section.

Area Number of questions Level of difficulty
Mathematics (23 questions)
Numbers 2 All Easy
Arithmetic 7 4 Easy and 3 Medium
Algebra 5 4 Easy and 1 Medium
Geometry 6 4 Easy and 2 Medium
Modern Mathematics 3 2 Medium and 1 Difficult
Data Interpretation (7 questions)
Set-1 (Pie Chart) 3 All Easy
Set-2 (Table) 4 2 Easy and 2 Medium

The feedback from the students suggest that for one question of arithmetic and one question of DI, correct answer did not match with any of the four options given.
By allotting 40 minutes to this section, one should have ideally solved at least 26-27 questions correctly and marked the answers to the remaining, as there was no negative marking.

Section III: General Awareness 
This section comprised 40 questions, each carrying 1 mark. About 20 questions were easy, 12 were medium and about 8 were difficult.
A score of 20-23 would be a good benchmark. Attempting all GA questions would not have taken more than 20 minutes.


The difficulty level was easy to medium. A good attempt should be 30 questions across all the three sections with 90% accuracy. So a score of 25-26 will be considered good.

The analysis of each Section in TISS-MAT

Section I: Comprehension - Easy

Topics No. of Questions Level of Difficulty
Passage 1 8 Easy
Passage 2 7 Easy

A good score for this section would be 10. A serious aspirant  would be able to tackle all questions within 10-11 minutes.

Section II Management Data Interpretation - Easy

Topics No. of Questions Level of Difficulty
Set 1 - Pie chart 5 Easy
Set 2 - Two Pie charts 5 Easy to Medium
Set 3 - Histogram 5 Easy

A good score for this section would be 10-11. A serious aspirant would be able to tackle all questions within 12-13 minutes.

Section III Business Awareness - Moderate

This section comprised 15 questions. About 6-8 questions were difficult.
A score of 6 would be a good benchmark. Attempting all GA questions would not have taken more than 5-6 minutes.


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