XAT 2017 GK answer Key

Q. No. Question stem Ans Key Answer
1 Barak 8 B Surface-to-air missile
2 oldest mountain range E Aravallis
3 Origin of Satyameva Jayate B Mundak
4 Director of movie Gandhi B Richard Attenborough
5 mismatch of old name and new name E Bearing Point: KPMG Consulting Inc.
6 Indian co. in Fortune Global 500  D Rajesh Exports
7 Brand  foreign-company owned B Dettol
8 Chronologial order of battles (Cajamarca, plassey, stalingrad) C 1-3-6-5-4-2
9 Currency country mismatch A Maldives -Maldivian Rupee
10 Invention-Inventor mismatch A Willis Haviland Carrier- Microwave compatible Tiffin Carrier
11 Employees opened accounts without permission -bank D Wells Fargo
12 Outermost reaches of solar system C Oort Cloud
13 TV Show -50th anniversary D Star Trek
14 Capitals of Bogota, Lima nd Quito A Colombia, Peru and Equador
15 Yazidis are C Ethnic and religious minority in Iraq
16 Hadrain's wall location D England
17 Animal under vulnerable  A Giant Panda
18 Tropic of Capricorn and Equator pass through this country A Brazil
19 Indian Booker Prize recipient E Kiran Desai
20 Rodrigo Duterte C Philippines
21 Tamil official language countries E C and D  (Sri Lanka and Singapore)
22 ICJ Headquarters B The Hague
23 not a member of SAARC B Myanmar
24 Bretton Woods institutions E Both B and C  (World bank and IMF )
25 Feb 28 celebrated as D National Science Day



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